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Cacti For Sale - Rooted Plants and Cuttings, Come And Check Them Out In Person

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Hey, I currently have a whole heap of plants I have just had to relocate and am not sure that I can comfortably fit them all in where I am currently located, so if anyone wants any they are welcome to come and check them out in person, I am located in Melbourne Western Suburbs.

PM me if you're interested in any.

I can take cuts of some stuff for postage if anyone who can't make it in person is keen.

There is too many to go through and take photos of them all individually right this minute, so I have just taken a group shot of the work that lays ahead of me this week.

There is a mixture of stuff like Bridgesii Ben, Roseii 1 + 2, Red Spine Peruvianus, other assorted Peruvianus, Penis, Super Pedro, Yowie, Eileen, Melted Wax, Pach x Bridgesii, Pach x Peruvianus, Scop x Bridgesii, honestly there's so much here that I am not even sure what is in there, so come see for yourself and make me an offer, otherwise everything is $1 per cm.




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