Hi Guys, this is my first competition and it´s basically my way to say thanks to all my friends here who helped me throughout the years. Either by sending me seeds, positive energy or kept me motivated. You know who you are, so take this as my way of saying thanks. I´ll be giving away some of my seeds. I actually wanted to simply make a give-away thread but I did that so many times that I felt like it may be a good time to try something new. As I´d really like to see some of the plants that will grow out of the seeds, I thought a grafting competition would be a nice way to get that accomplished. What everyone will get to get started: 1 x 30 seeds Trichocereus Peruvianus from Matucana. This is fresh from 2015 and it´s the seed I have in the Trichocereus seed shop. It´s among the best Trichocereus seeds I ever had and I am so happy about it that I want to share some of them with you guys. This is confirmed Matucana seeds, that produces some of the coolest Trichos ever. Good examples of Matucana Perus are Trichocereus Rosei, Sharxx Blue, and some more. 1 x 30 seeds Trichocereus Tarmaensis This is Trichocereus Tarmaensis, which is some kind of Cuzcoensis relative and has some amazing long spines and grows into a really impressive plant. 1x 30 seeds Trichocereus Knuthianus This seed probably belongs into the Knuthianus group. That´s all I know and I am really interested to see how it will turn out. 1 x 30 seeds Trichocereus Peruvianus from the Lurin Valley. Well, this is an extremely strong growing form and I can´t wait to see your seedlings. Really rare and some of the best quality seed I ever had. Well cleaned and just very viable. The competition: I will send out 10 packs to some skilled growers on SAB. Everyone who participates should have access to some grafting stocks because the purpose of this competition is to get the coolest grafting until the end of the competition on April the 1st, 2016. The SAB members will vote the most badass pics by liking the posts. The winner is chosen by the most "Likes", though I originally wanted to make it about length. But many men will probably agree that length isn´t everything.
As I´d like to see as many successful graftings as possible, I´d prefer if experienced growers participate in this competition but I will definitely not say no to someone that is not really great with grafting and just wants to give it a try. For everyone else I will probably start another giveaway in 6-12 months. Shipping will probably take up to 4 weeks, which is why I chose a longer duration of the competition. But everyone who once sent me seeds and is interested in growing some of them too, let me know. The prize: The winner gets another 300 of the Matucana Peruvianus seeds, 30 viable seeds of Trichocereus Taquimbalensis plus three different bags of my most valuable hybrid seeds. I will also showcase all of the participating plants and winners on Trichocereus.net and the Trichocereus Facebook group to give this competition some exposure. How to participate: Please send me a pm with your complete address, including the name and the country just to make sure I dont send them to the wrong country by accident. Shipping and Labels: I am sending from Germany and want to make sure that everything is correctly labeled for Australian quarantine, which is why I´ve labeled them according to their Import conditions lists: Here and here Trichocereus Tarmaensis . Echinopsis Tarmaensis Trichocereus Knuthianus - Echinopsis Knuthiana Trichocereus Peruvianus - Trichocereus Peruvianus