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☽Footsteps along the Acacial avenue..⚡The Amazing AustralAcacian highway path to WattleB Grove☾

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took a pic of the oldest A' dealbata on it's way to 6 feet2017-06-24 19.08.12.jpg

2 A' acuminata broad and 1 A' baileyana2017-06-25 11.48.31.jpgpotted up.. 

2 M' tenuiflora2017-06-25 11.49.26.jpg2017-06-25 11.49.40.jpgand 1 M' ophthalmocentra2017-06-25 11.49.17.jpgpotted on 

and 100 x 40mm tubes thanks to an awesome SABber arrived the other day which is awesome news after the previous ebay supplier in Aus stopped replying ...


boiled up 2 more ophthalmoes, 8 more burkittii, 8 more simplicifolia ...,

and 10 more gundabluey,...

clipped some shell off of 2 phlebajas , bunged em in the soak tub with no boil ..


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outplanted 3 more caishers..

a second mearnsii2017-06-27 11.10.19.jpg

a first floribunda2017-06-27 11.10.04.jpg

and a first obtusifolia2017-06-27 11.09.50.jpg because of this thread

and birthed a live narrow phyl acuminata2017-06-27 13.54.50.jpg


Also decided to boil up 5 A' seyal shitter tree seeds but seems 2 were already dead so far ..http://www.jardineiro.net/plantas/acacia-pompom-vachellia-seyal.html


they're sloughy2017-06-27 10.28.23.jpg like the gundablueys

here's somebody else's pics of Acacia seyal





...peeled coating from those 2 phlebbajes2017-06-27 14.28.03.jpg2017-06-27 14.27.45.jpgbunged in to soak the other day..


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some sprouters2017-07-01 13.07.25.jpg2017-07-01 13.09.05.jpg2017-07-01 13.11.23.jpg

and an 'out'er2017-07-01 14.06.00.jpg

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potted up six more A' floribunda , one more A' phlebophylla, one A' mearnsii , two A' maidenii, 3 A' simplicifolia,

2017-07-09 20.17.40.jpg2017-07-09 20.12.30.jpg2017-07-09 20.12.10.jpg2017-07-09 20.11.54.jpg2017-07-09 20.17.52.jpg

direct sowed three A' victoriae into the garden.. ,

then chipped and cold soaked three more M' ophthalmocentra ..,

and 3 more A' phlebophylla before adding the last bits of inoc from the communacacian bag into the distilled water soak tub,.. and then went on to boil up seven more M' tenuiflora.


seven (so far successful) M' scabrella seedlings looking ok this time round after a start into larger pots (70mm) , just potted two on into 2litre pots2017-07-09 20.22.05.jpg2017-07-09 20.18.46.jpg initially I fluked first time success with scabrella a few years ago in 100mm/1litre pots so perhaps pot size is a thing for them? or maybe something else?..


the only surviving M' ophthalmocentra2017-07-09 20.21.39.jpgis starting to side branch after scorching it's tip outside in the sun


Also, the M' tenuiflora I put outside was overtaken in growth speed by the potted ones so I dug it back up and bunged that in a 2litre pot with john innes #3 and a top dressing of hort gravel too.. 

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Wow what a great collection of acacias, great job dude!


Funny you post that too, I put some maidenii, floribunda, longifolia and baileyana seeds I received from a sab member (thanks!) in pots today, after some filing and hot water treatment. I'd be happy to have even half as much success as you mate haha

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Thanks mate, and yeah the mimosas and acacias have a particularly close significance to my heart and it feels great to finally rebirth to a level where I was at before "the mothers of destruction" revealed their hating campaign..


Good luck MeanGreen ,

I hope they make you some awesome trees to enjoy , look fwd to seeing them develop mate! 


I'd better add some links I just found on the abarácaátinga too


-best bit- "M. scabrella is a fast-growing tree. In 14 months it grows to 5 m; in 2 years, 8-9 m; and in 3 years it sometimes reaches a height of 15 m."




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additional info
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ok update time I guess for the Acacial path is upon one


...one of the 2 Acacia phleb germinates is down and now out.. so luckily there was a nice tail pooper to replace it..

2017-07-20 18.34.04.jpg2017-07-20 18.36.09.jpg2017-07-20 18.23.31.jpgthese phuqen phlebs are quite the conundrum eh? :)


Another strange conundrum I keep coming across in other species, on this go round at the fabaceas is the phenomena of cotyledons growing absent of tap root , or with stunted tap root...

here's an Acacia simplex doing it 2017-07-20 18.44.26.jpg - took ages to develop this root

The tail pooping set up-

(with water changes seeming more important at some times than others - yet to be determined as to why)

... -has been key to their survival in the humidity of a baby food tub giving them time to get a tap root in most cases

2017-07-20 18.21.27.jpg

Third strange thing that never happened before is cotyledon fragility - one knocked off a Mimosa ophthalmocentra still continues to grow although 2 previous occasions did not pertain to the same outcome unfortunately but hey , maybe it will be interesting to see how it does with just the one flap?

-maybe there's something about the water I used?

I can't remember how recently I began using distilled battery top up water but perhaps it's that?


anyhow after last attempt at M' ophthalmocentra with just a second success to add to the windowsill.. ;-


I had sadly and very begrudgingly soak-tubbed 2 of the last 5 M' ophthalmocentra seed I had carefully kept after realizing that I only had one plant after all those tries - 2 of which :never sprouted and look to be on their way to rotting now ... so used distilled water and no boil .. since I also have in the back of my mind that the seeds went up to about 20 USdollars each... so perhaps "special measures" were required to ensure some more success...

-weird because I was always told this species is 100% reliable and thus worth the new pricing with the additional info that the original source trees had been burned and going much further afield was in order.. which was a very sad story to hear and made the seed I did have all the more important and thus the feeling of greater responsibility .. :/


One remaining germinate from 3 ophthalmo tries ago is the one that didn't sprout any root (until today)...


so even more begrudgingly I had boiled up the last 3 the other day and so far have 4 little2017-07-20 18.47.28.jpgpots of last chance to work on : one perfect worker,, the "fallen cotyledon"2017-07-20 18.43.07.jpgone,

and the "non-rooter"2017-07-20 18.43.35.jpgthat finally rooted which I just potted up ...

I saved the fallen off cotyledon seeing as it appears to be very much alive to see what it does.. maybe it will root?

2017-07-20 18.43.47.jpg

so , I dunno if anyone else has found this particular wierd shit happening with these species but let us know eh?

I also potted up 2 very well behaved M' tenuiflora2017-07-20 18.30.11.jpgsprouts to perpetuate the nubality now that their elder siblings are getting a tad heftier


:) And here are some Mimosa scabrella 2017-07-20 18.26.31.jpg2017-07-20 18.25.46.jpg2017-07-20 18.25.22.jpg2017-07-20 18.25.04.jpg2017-07-20 18.24.52.jpg2017-07-20 18.24.43.jpg 7th one is looking crispy and like it might die so I didn't bother photographing it,..

The heftier tenuiflora 2017-07-20 18.28.57.jpg2017-07-20 18.28.21.jpg2017-07-20 18.27.20.jpg

and an ophthalmocentra 2017-07-20 18.26.08.jpg

looking to be well so far :)


Caishers are coming on but much slower than the Mimoes

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..well, this long game method seems to be paying off for phleb..

..just wonder if it's the marriage of the old noc ... or somehow surrogating for it ?

...seems it's worked on one of my stubborn datura metel2017-09-09 17.25.04.jpg.. bit late for season mind..

and a simplex2017-09-09 17.25.20.jpgthat refuses to shoot root

would be nice to have some sorta scope to have a look and see for sure or something but anyhoo..


It looks like there's a 2nd Acacia phlebophylla2017-09-09 17.25.31.jpgto look fwd to adding to

the collection2017-09-10 16.14.50.jpg..

It's what to do with them over winter though ,..

..'tempted to leave them out all winter, seeing as they like Ireland; so why not here?,

but maybe they're too young or something? -so perhaps somewhere protected from the harshest of winter might be the thing..


some photographic updates of progress:- 

[plz excuse the blurry ones it's pretty windy out and 2 were blocked by cacti so; hard to reach]

Mimosa ophthalmocentra2017-09-10 16.15.27.jpg2017-09-10 16.17.02.jpg

Mimosa scabrella2017-09-10 16.16.47.jpg

Mimosa tenuiflora2017-09-10 16.17.20.jpg

Acacia dealbata2017-09-10 16.41.12.jpg

Acacia baileyana purpurea2017-09-10 16.43.25.jpg

Acacia mearnsii2017-09-10 16.40.51.jpg2017-09-10 16.40.34.jpg

Desmanthus leptolobus2017-09-10 16.40.11.jpg

Acacia obtusifolia2017-09-10 16.39.43.jpg2017-09-10 16.37.18.jpg

Acacia burkittii2017-09-10 16.37.51.jpg

Acacia acuminata narrow+broad2017-09-10 16.36.41.jpg

Acacia courtii2017-09-10 16.35.31.jpg2017-09-10 16.34.55.jpg

Acacia simplicifolia2017-09-10 16.34.16.jpg

Acacia confusa2017-09-10 16.33.07.jpg

Acacia floribunda2017-09-10 16.29.27.jpg2017-09-10 16.27.36.jpg2017-09-10 16.25.56.jpg

Acacia victoriae2017-09-10 16.17.45.jpg

Acacia baileyana2017-09-10 16.30.41.jpg

Acacia maidenii2017-09-10 16.24.28.jpg2017-09-10 16.41.36.jpg

Acacia seyal2017-09-10 16.23.02.jpg

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to add tune

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Indoors I find the M' scabrella needs water more than the other 2 M's

...and are rocketing growth-wise =] , never known anything like it for speed cep't brugs when put in the dirt :D


.. meanwhile at the other end of an undisclosed secret subterrainial batcave entrance outside in chillblainia ..

2017-10-23 16.17.18.jpg2017-10-23 16.18.16.jpg2017-10-23 16.20.28.jpg2017-10-23 16.20.17.jpg2017-10-23 16.19.15.jpg2017-10-23 16.18.59.jpg2017-10-23 16.19.26.jpg2017-10-23 16.18.48.jpg2017-10-23 16.21.22.jpg

so 3 sparrows and a blackbird dared me to

plant out the first phleb 2017-10-23 16.21.52.jpg2017-10-23 16.22.40.jpg2017-10-23 16.25.29.jpg ..

and a better looking obtusifolia too 2017-10-23 16.30.36.jpg

to make wattles eleven


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Pic of Mimosa scabrella progress2017-10-26 14.36.02.jpg


Acacia simplicifolia brought indoors to slide with the bannisters at the tropical 'Caapitarium'

2017-10-26 14.41.28.jpg2017-10-26 14.41.39.jpg


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well fack me pink with a 12 foot German whip, these Acacias are harder than an armada :o ..

we see when the temperatures dip . wonder how much further or worse it might get now ..

since the cloud's taps have let rip?


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Go Thunderhorse, great work there : )

Hadn't heard of acacia seyal, thanks for bringing it to my attention, i don't know where i could source seeds in australia but sounds like an interesting plant and looks awesome.

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thanks man , its the shitter tree that the ark of the covenant is made from apparently ..

I might be able to get more seeds too if need em mate

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Thanks thunderhorse, I don't know how they would go getting here but i wouldn't say no if it's not to much trouble, don't go out of your way only if you happen upon some : )



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