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What did you do in your mycological space today ?

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In the quiet words of the virgin mary... x]

after much lavish adoration of the daily cactus and non cactaceal sacred garden activity threads,

I walked the same thought path as the artist formerly known as dood and wondered why there wasn't a daily tracker for our sacred myco gardens.... also ;-) both wild, domestic and cultivated :wink:

I intend this to be an anything goes fungally thread , so even slime molds and dry rot :drool2: all valid.

obviously within the site rules they have here :innocent_n: ...

I'll begin by rewinding back a few days , and rush in before contemplating anything else.. arse first ;)

- quoting myself... :lol:

Posted 14 March 2015 - 03:07 AM in the sacred garden today thread:

Today in my portable alternative emergency gardenpods :rolleyes:

i added some mosses and a small grass plant each to provide my first ;)

shroom grow project. :3 with its own oxygen supply
i gave them a blast of medical oxygen too :P

I had initially sliced some supermarketpost-14443-0-66146500-1426551765_thumb.jshroomcap-tips and bunged a stem cutting into some petshop woodchipspost-14443-0-79619700-1426551633_thumb.jthat had been 6%bleached for 24hrs and killed with power in thepost-14443-0-59642500-1426551692_thumb.jnukerowave, cooled downpost-14443-0-00738500-1426551816_thumb.j..
I then hoped with power... So yeah... Lol

shiitake , grey oyster, buttercap?, king oyster,
and bought 4 more pods for a blast at shimji, reishii, enokitake and turkeytail
which i had just bleached uppost-14443-0-02727400-1426551920_thumb.jready for the day after posting the above initially

the next day, I rustled up the four morepost-14443-0-32798700-1426552006_thumb.jpost-14443-0-35074000-1426552053_thumb.jpost-14443-0-04486000-1426552082_thumb.j

I'm really excited that I might get good enough to grow some cordyceps and keep silk moths as pets for the cordyceps substrate...

Anybody ever kept pet silk moths? or wiichetty grubs?

I would love to know about it and anything else toward your sacred shroom gardens.


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today I checked the pods and found that four of them were sprouting myc , woooten!!

so i took some pics

blue terqpost-14443-0-22201600-1426553494_thumb.j

king oystpost-14443-0-91976900-1426553506_thumb.j

white shimejipost-14443-0-47753500-1426553511_thumb.j

silver/grey oystpost-14443-0-89553700-1426553522_thumb.j

and the grass plants and soil for microbes experiment with the buttercapspost-14443-0-98503800-1426553527_thumb.j

still nothing on the flammulina...

nothing on the rei shi which I had had in the cupboard for maybe a year or two before slicing them up the other week for tea...

nothing on the shiitake yet....

maybe soon ...

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I intenf this to be an anything goes fungally thread , so even slime molds and dry rot :drool2: all valid.

So, anything fungal eh? Well...

I dug the crud out from under this toenail and bathed it in a 50:50 mix of listerine and apple cider vinegar and then sealed it in with Vicks vapor rub (as advised by dozens of people on google).


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lol , yeah the body can count , why not..

nice one for for adding another dimension I hadn't previously thunk myself !

maybe I'll give that a try too B)

mind you , I wonder if the future holds any pics of mushrooms growing from someones cock x]

or any other funky bodily parts x]

.. cordyceps penensis purpurea i reckon it'll be

or mebbeh arrasole mushrooms :innocent_n:

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Got my greenhouse set up again today and put in some king oyster bags to fruit, 12 in total.

Knocked up another batch of white oyster G2G and am boiling water as we speak to pasteurise some sugar cane bagasse. Gonna use my left over w.o grain on it and put em aside for when the kings are done.

Put heaps of old grain jars outside to fruit, basically just procrastinating from cleaning the jars hahaha. I don't clean lids anymore tho, they cost 0.10c and it's easier to just punch in two holes and cover with micropore tape each time!

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gna go out and hunt turkey tails on the way back from hospital to me mates pad tomorrow

will take pics of the way ...

: 3 - excited x]





























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Pooh corner. :excl:


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Went for a walk in the backyard to find mycelium growing out of the mud everywhere


A few more steps and bumped into these



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in different mates kitchen .... some maitake i had ordered from usa... that id picked up last time i checked the plants,

went into one of two freshly prepped sawdust pods .....post-14443-0-10664700-1426993310_thumb.j

after finding another branch of the hardware store that id previously wiped their stock of tubs a certain size out...

I wiped this second store out of all their stock of the same sized tubs/pods..... :devil:


i heard a rumour that they might be discontinued .... :( ... unless they were blagging me... :angry:

into the second tub went the stem butts and hunk of myc from the wild flammulina velutipes / velvet shanks i had previously ensnared after planning to let them spore first... , the caps went into a nice pan of broccoli and leeks.... :drool2:

decided to learn about agar...

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Was thinking about taking my big boy and turning it into a monster boy!!

Chop the bottom off the PC and weld it to a 50L keg

One can never have enough PC room imo..

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first ever inoculation loop arrived...

first ever set of petri dishes arrived

checked the maitake pod - no signs of life, same with reishi..

myc growing from the wild flammulina velutipes stem butt pod :D!

ordered some edible prints x]

heres some pics from 2 long myco walks last week















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threw away 2 contaminated pods in some woodland, was a pretty turquoise mold tho still...

and I took some pics along the way

was nice to reminisce the years I used to be all year round myco hunting and find fruiting bodies in spring

watched some king fishers...

and i located 2 nice eucalyptus trees on the way back to me mate's pad

in case i need some in the subways of the future B)

collected some delicious cardboard box too ~ :drool2: ~










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still sofa surfin atm in limbo bruv and tryna do what i can to help get thru the bad times

but you can bet ya bottom dollar i shall be taking ya advice soon as my feet hit the ground : )

will just have to drool over op's for now and enjoy these little batch of supermarket mushy's teachings

probably bit a little more off than i could chew with the extra 10 plastic pods :rolleyes:

but i kinda knew id have to throw a couple away at least..

im tempted to buy a panellus stipticus culture tho still , hehe

a pocket pet to light the way fwd eh?

lol just for gigz n shitz... does anybody know what mushrooms can grow off of human poo x[ ? lol

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Earlier today I spawned aprox 5 pounds of Psilocybe Allenii mycelium all over woodchips at my old highschool , and after dinner I will be making a few new tubs of Spawn and Woodchips so I can start my backyard patches.

Great thread thunderhorse

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Soaked pine bark mulch, spread on garden bed

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