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problem with using the big 2volt batteries is chaarginging them and keeping them equalized .They are great if you know

how to matain them . my battery bank came from a ericson tower as it was the wrong unit so it was a awesome score .

it is also good to check out your local scrap yard as some batteries can be easily salvaged as some companies change them

every 3 years even though they have a five year warrenty and a 15 year life .if you look after them

I have a 7 kva lpg generator it costs about 12 dollars a day in lpg depending on what your powering

generators are a must for stand alone systems .I have been using/building them for the past 15 yrs

when batteries get to a certain voltage the damage the cells so to newbs or people who cant be fucked

sealed agm batteries are awesome just never let your voltage drop below 12 and you will get a great life

from your battery (currently working on a 200a/h cappacitor battery bank )

Also try using 24 or 48 volt systems as they are much much more efficent

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