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Black/ brown bolete, white underside- Tylopilus?


Found this beautiful one on leaf litter last week in NNSW. There isn't a scale in the pic, it was approx 100mm across at the cap and about 150mm long overall


The cap colour was closer to black than brown, and definitely became black after picking. So ignore the colour in the pic below, flash washed it out. Cap texture was mildly velvety


At some point I took spore prints and notes on the staining, which was initially red, but I can't remember how fast the rxn was, nor if the colour deepened to black. The notes and spore slides are in the kitchen, so it's quicker and safer for me to ask you here than it is to go find them, if they still exist

Am thinking Tyopilus sp, possibly Tylopilus alboater, because staining, and cap/ pore contrast. Any other ideas?

Right into the boletes atm, mostly because I didn't think we had any here. Would be nice to find a safe, tasty one, I hear rumours of them out closer to the coast

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We have one collection of Boletus badius in the herbarium from wa and edulis is now quite common in the adelaide hills with rumours about the yarra ranges each year.

Birch boletes are an ok substitute on the meantime

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