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The Corroboree

Snu Voogelbreinder's Garden of Eden

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Snu recently commented that work on a second edition has begun.


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On 09/08/2014 at 12:17 AM, trucha said:
The PDF of Snu Voogelbreinder's work Garden of Eden just went online as of last night.




That link is dead, just checked it


This is the current one




( Posted cos I caught up with an old mate at a party last night who is happy to pay for a copy rather than pirate. $AUD 12 for what's still the definitive reference for psychoactive plants is the best value ever )


I have both the pdf and the tree-book. I word search the pdf for references but I fondle the tree-book randomly for inspiration. You will only ever pry my treebook copy from my cold dead hands )



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