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I am starting this thread to make others aware of how they can support this wonderful community. I've recently messaged Evil Genius and Torsten about my desire to donate to SAB. Torsten had this to say...

"I really love the idea members want to contribute to SAB, but as we do not have tax-free status it means about half of your donation goes to the government in tax.
On the other hand, I donate a lot of money to registered charities like erowid.org, prism.org.au and entheo.net

So if you donate money to me the community only benefits half as much as if you donate to one of these organisations. And if you let me know what you've donated and where, i can then donate more elsewhere to spread the support around.

If you don't like any of these organisations there is also the ethnobotany group at kiva microloans, or a local kids charity The Smith Family that I regularly donate too and encourage others to do so too."

I would like to encourage others who have the means/desire to make a donation in the name of "SAB Community". If you make a donation, please post about it here so that we can get funds to the appropriate organizations. However, please do not post the donation amount, this is not a competition! If your favorite organization isn't listed, feel free to suggest it.

  • http://erowid.org - We are a small nonprofit that runs the #1 drug information website in the world. We have only 4 staff but serve 12 million users, and have costs like any other big website: servers, power, office space, programs, and staff. To protect our independence, we don't run ads or take government funds. If Erowid is useful to you, take a minute to keep it online and ad-free another year.
  • http://prism.org.au - PRISM is a non-profit organization that relies on community support to fund our research. Become a PRISM subscriber and help us establish psychedelic compounds as legally available medicines. All donations to PRISM Inc (ABN 96 575 647 082) over $2 AUD are tax-deductible in Australia.
  • http://www.entheo.net/ - For close to a decade the EGA conference has provided a major meeting place for ethnobotanical enthusiasts and specialists in Australia to share information and celebrate community. The EGA conference consists of lectures, workshops, discussion panels, cinema, performance, music and art. The event hosts an array of speakers from across Australia and abroad, and aims to address the issues relating to drug use from social, cultural and traditional perspectives. The EGA conference program draws on therapy, biology, pharmacology, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, botany, visionary art, culture, politics, law and more, to provide a realistic context of the role drugs and altered states play in the modern world.
  • http://www.treesforlife.org - Most gifts go to just one person. But give someone a Trees for Life Gift from the Heart, and you make the whole world a better place. Your friend or loved one will receive an acknowledgment of your gift. Gifts from the Heart are perfect for holidays, birthdays, weddings, baby announcements, anniversaries, memorials, and other occasions. These are gifts of empowerment and hope.
  • http://www.kiva.org/team/ethnobotanists - We are a loosely affiliated group of people who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our common passion is the recognition that humans, as a species, have evolved alongside plants to get where we are today, and that we could not have done so without them (whether it be for food, medicine, spiritual or cultural development, shelter, or even just aesthetics). We cherish the ongoing roles these plants play in our lives, and defend our right to continue and nurture this relationship. Lenders from this team make loans with the goal of improving the lives of people less fortunate than themselves. A significant portion of the funds raised for these loans come from selling, trading, and sharing plants, with the vision of further extending the growth these plants have brought to human existence.

  • http://www.thesmithfamily.com.au/ - Help break the cycle of disadvantage. More than 638,000 Australian children are living in jobless families today1. These young Australians need your support to participate fully in their education and break the cycle of disadvantage. You don’t have to live in one of the 96 communities we work in to show you care. From volunteering in one of our retail stores to holding your own fundraising event or running the famous City2Surf to raise money for us, there are lots of ways to get involved. Join the thousands of caring Australians who are passionate about helping disadvantaged children create a better future for themselves through education.
Today, I donated to both Erowid and Trees for life.

SAB donation

One last thing...

EG has sexy buttocks.

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Why can't we just keep donating a private thing.

Sounds like boasting.

But good idea listing some worthwhile beneficiarys, why not a thread- organisations worthy of donation if you can afford it"

Good idea but boasting about donating money sounds wack or maybe that's just me.

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I like the idea of a handy reference list of ethnobotanical etc organisations for when we want to donate. I would've forgotten about PRISM, for instance. And we can still help support Torsten by buying stuff from him I guess.

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I can't see any real need to publicise donations either. An alternate idea for getting money to the organisations that need it most might be this: have a thread (like this one) with relevant charities listed, then post updates when one of these organisations is trying to raise money for something. So when Erowid needed cash for a project to archive Shulgin's lab notes, they put out a request for funds - stuff like that. And when a cause reaches their target or receives mass funding from another source (like Sashas medical bills) and no longer needs our small donations, that info can be posted as an update too.

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Hookahead posted this at my request. I get a lot of enquiries of how to donate to SAB and as you can see in the top of the original post there are good reasons why I am hesitant. It just seems a waste to lose half the donation to tax when I spend a lot more money donating to related causes myself. So it makes sense for SAB members to donate direct to the other causes instead.

By posting where the donations have gone I can then target the less popular recipients with my own donations. Others can similarly adjust their targets on the basis of who has missed out. eg, I give equally to prism, ega and erowid, but as many people don't know what prism is they probably get less than the others. So by posting where you have donated it allows me and others to make sure no organisation misses out. In fact, I would have preferred amounts to be included in the post for the same reasons, but I can see why others don't.

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