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The Corroboree

The story of my little sister.

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Happiness is good, but sometimes sadness can help to appreciate certain things like the joy of spending time with loved ones, every individuals right to say "No!" , and the emotional fallout of ignoring an individuals rights.

I will tell you another story, but this one is filled with heart-break and pain with no real resolution.

All sensitives may wish to asses their emotional well being before reading any further.

It is the story of my little sister.

She was quite little, even smaller than me and I was amongst the smallest in my grade.

We kept close till our family broke apart.

Seemingly the only two people in the world that understood there was something wrong with everyone.

They seemed mentally blind.

Anyway..we were split up and united a number of times.

Prior to her 18th Birthday she had been offered some trip named "Black tiles" (not that I expect the name would mean anything), but.

Three individuals offered her this and she said "NO!".

The individuals acquired the black tiles and on her Birthday each person individually spiked a drink for her.

I was completely unaware what they had done.

We went out with our family and had a meal, I parted ways.

The next thing I hear the aftermath of her passing out and in her words "Dying" She saw herself from outside her body.

She continued to act strange for weeks after that as I'm sure people here can understand,

but I had no understanding of what was happening to her.

So of course she ended up in the psych ward.

Over the years amongst various dramas she met some one in the system..

To cut a long story short, she went through a long abusive relationship including being punched in the face, dragged around by her hair and being forced at needle point to take meth to say the least.

She is currently waiting a hearing for stabbing him multiple times.

She is still deluded in thinking she loves him

He wants nothing to do with her.

The lesson in all this?

There are many, but mostly,

No means NO!


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And also simply, "don't be a dick". Especially to your friends.

It reminds me of the story I read yesterday about 3 friends on a road trip. One guy takes a leak while the others wait. The driver thought it would be funny to take off over and over, pretending to drive off then wait for him. Guy gets sick of the bullshit and stands there. Driver reverses to pick him up, runs him over and kills him. Fuckwit! He's now facing a string of charges for being a cunt to his friend and his friend's family no longer have a son/brother etc.

Its one of the follies of youth isn't it? The self absorption of thinking something you're about to do is a fucking awesome idea when really you're being a fuckwit. Most of us hopefully, more or less grow out of it, but that doesn't change the carnage left behind in the meantime.

Its a sad story Mikey, I hope she finds some peacefulness in amongst the shit she's going through.

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Thanks Simhanda, at least now she is out of his influence she has an opportunity to heal.

And you are quite correct, I only post this story in hope it may make someone think before they destroy the life of another in a single thoughtless/heartless moment.

The 'follies of youth' exist IMO because some where along the line 'adults' stopped teaching children about emotions.

Possibly so they could take the world from their children instead of giving it to them.

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Thanks for sharing this story MM, very sobering indeed. I wish her and the family all the best during this difficult time.

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Thanks HD.

I have other stories, but they can wait for now.

I feel my next thread is going to be about laughing plants.. :lol:

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I was walking home from school one day when I was 16. And I came across this stream of liquid running across the footpath, thinking nothing of it and listening to my music I stepped over it. As I did this I heard 'help, help, help me'. In my mind i was going "I can ignore this and keep walking". However I didn't and I turned around to be confronted by this weathered, haggard, skinny woman urinating in a corner. I asked her how can I help? She didn't specify that I could help but she kept going on about how she couldn't remember her name, she couldn't remember where she lived, she couldn't remember anything. All that she could remember that her boyfriend beats her and abuses her, and that she didn't want to go on anymore. All this wasn't presented to me in a dignified manner, she was EXTREMELY distressed and manic, repeating much of what she had said previously. After trying to calm her down a little I ended up calling an Ambulance (not wanting to get the po po involved). After I called the Ambo's her 'boyfriend' came out of the pub and was smoking a ciggie. He begrudgingly went over to where we were and said to me "she's alright, just leave her be. She always goes off her nut" etc etc.

Now where I found this woman was just behind a pub, and around the corner from where I was walking from is a train station. Through out all this she was moving towards the train line and when a train came and the boom gates came down she stepped onto the tracks. I was on the phone to my mum at this point and I had to run onto the tracks and grab her arm pulling, her off, he BF did too. We were in no danger of getting hit but it was kinda scary. The ambulance ended up coming and talking to her and her BF. She got even more distressed about going with these people that she ran away down the street out of view. The Ambos didn't want anything to do with me, the person that had actually helped her and called the ambulance, they only wanted to talk to her BF. They told him to follow her and he swaggered down street muttering to himself smoking his ciggie.

Abuse sucks a fat one.

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Thank you for sharing your story FFMD, such situations can be very emotionally confronting, tearing all your concepts of 'what should I do?' to slivers.

There have been many times I have found myself in such situations, and it can be very difficult to know what if anything to do.

My father always said, "Son! There are two types of people you will never win an argument with; a drunk, and an emotional person."

The emotional person can be 'stuck' in a memory of an argument with those unresolved feelings, confusing their situational reality.

Abusive people are ALL-WAYS COWARDS!

But it is fear filled people that tend to do the most damage.

So what to do?

It takes a brave fool to even approach such situations (especially if your young)

Once things get that far gone you can no longer communicate on a mental level, their emotional disturbances between how they think they should feel, and how they do feel become so disturbed they enter a state of confusion that separates them from what is really happening.

These are highly dangerous and potentially explosive situations that can erupt at any moment of a threat to the status quo.

Unless you are prepared to defend yourself from an erratic aggressive COWARD, be careful!

Even then the women will often defend the abuser!

Often the women's self esteem is so low that she tells her self "he dose love her" even though her emotions try to say something different.

Its a long hard process to simply separate an abused partner.

It takes a lot of love to heal the damage of long term abuse, and then it's never quite healed.

If only children between the ages of 7 and 14 were taught some basic emotion aspects such as the fact emotions are a self reflective representation of "how we feel about the world we live in" and how everyone has them, how they differ between boys and girls, the emotions that lead to good feelings, the ones that lead to bad feelings, and how these emotions interact and are different from "love".

Now I'm sure everyone would benefit from such knowledge but if boys and girls were shown these aspects of our selves they would be much better tooled to understand what is meant when they are to show "respect" for others.

This would IMO stop a large proportion of abusive relationships at the very least!

Forgetting about all the other flow on affects of improved communications within all of society!

But who wants a better society?

Emotions aren't that important are they?

If you are caught in a situation with an aggressive or frightened person, try to lead them by their emotions!

Find words that will take them to a happy place or at least a safer place then they currently feel in.

Try to calm them by talking slowly and calmly with a friendly smile.

Its unlikely you will be able to "solve" anything between them but it will help pacify a moment.

I wont even attempt to give much more advise than this because it really is a long difficult process that rarely has an easy answer.

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I have found that people will be attracted to those that can help. I have had two little girls ask me for help in dealing with a man who made them feel uncomfortable. I was able to tell them how to protect themselves and they left with confidence and understanding of how to keep safe. I felt like they instinctively knew I would give them useful and straight answers. Even where there parents could not.

If you are approached by someone in need, it is because you have the ability to help them. Please do. Your instincts and answers are what this person needs. Do not feel someone else knows better because they are an authority figure, this is often not the case at all - trust that you are the healer here.

It is an honoured role to be healer. You should be proud of yourself. What a worthy human being you are!!!!

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I believe what you say about people being attracted to those that can help Chrissy.

There is a young girl in my neighborhood that was sexually abused by her father at a very young age.

When the family first moved in, even though I had never spoken to any of them, I sensed something wrong due to a small detail.

A colourbond fence was erected at the front of the house to conceal the housing commission units @4m2 yard for 'privacy' which was already partially concealed by a wooden stucture.

Why would a poor person go to so much cost and effort to conceal 4m2 of 'yard'?

I've never seen anyone else do that.

The 30 something year old woman next door to me would frequently go over there on weekends for drinking sessions with them.

It took years for the sexual abuse to be 'discovered'.

This poor girl had and has been trying to reach out to me for years, in lots of strange ways.

I could write a thread on those stories alone.

All in all I was told firstly, no ignore her, but the feeling of damage that needed healing remained.

Despite the dubious looks I received from anyone I told.

She asked me what a certain sexual term meant one day, I freaked a bit and said she should ask her mother.

Then foolishly thinking I was doing the right thing told her mother about the comment, who obviously just went into anxiety overdrive and banned her from comming anywhere near me.I mentioned to my neighbor my concern for this girl who looked at me like I was trying to find a way to.. *grits teeth (forgive Michael forgive..) holding back bad word* 'harm' the little girl further..

She keeps trying to reach out to me despite the ban and despite me staying well clear of her attempts to talk to me due to the feeling that the mother and my neighbor seem to look at me like a potential predator. EVERYONE I talk to about this tells me I should stay clear of this poor girl.

I failed to heal her, and feel she may never be able to trust anyone else enough to allow that healing, and I fear she is progressing down a slippery slope towards further forms of abuse IMO.

It is a horrible role to be a healer. I feel a failure (again and again).

I am constantly surprised that my heart doesn't just explode in my chest with all the pain it feels of the children in this world(I include adults who in the emotional sense act like children in this term, it helps me resist the urge to make them implode with my words) .

More and more I wish my heart would explode. Maybe then it can rest.

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One day all people will know how perfect and powerful they are.

But how can we remember who we truly are when everybody else is busy telling us all who we should be.

I had 6 unknown men try and rape me one night, but I was not feeling week and powerless this evening and walked out with just a few punches to the stomoch. They had me held by the arms against a wall while the one I had just decked was punching me in the stomoch. They got no real struggle or reaction from me, I just laughed at them and said " If you don't let me go right now I will have to kill every single one of you". I was gleefully smiling as I said it, like I know something that you don't know, my raw, powerful energy was enough to bluff them into letting me go. I sacred 6 large men with words and confidence. (short version)

So how can we come to know this inner power and even use it?

Practice martial arts, even if by YouTube.

Know Your Rights.

Do not fear expressing your emotions, violence is always the last measure.

Know you are all powerful.

Choose anger over fear.

Choose vengence over helplessness.

Be in the now.

Do not picture the worst case scenario.

This does not help with drink spiking, which has also happened to me. (whole other story)

I would suggest not drinking in public places, but remember all to well that a team of white horses would not have dragged me from the bar in my younger years. I do not drink at all now because I link alcohol to intense amounts of misery.

My heart has exploded in pain many times for myself and others Mikey, this is damage that will be stored in my soul forever as a sharply reminder of the human devolution.

I have also concluded that a lot of young people think love=sex but I believe love is universal and sex=children. I think a man can love passionately another man but sex should be reserved only for making children. Man and woman should reserve sex for it's desired purpose, co-creating ( having a child that is the product of both mother and fathers brightest thoughts and desires).

Our current dogma is causing much pain in our society, as we bonk indiscriminately and have children by accident who then grow up not knowing universal love, belonging, or safety. These children will always act through fear and their lives will be marred by terror and mistrust. I have never seen an empty soul become whole again and therefore can not comment on the possibility of long term healings.

So spread the word my beloved barda love = love and sex = child. Once this confusion has been set to rest the debauchery will discontinue.

As you can see by the equations above just because you love someone deeply does not mean you need to have sex with them.

But if you are to have sex with someone make sure you have created first, a (nest) safe place for the child to be born of it's own free will and raised in natural abundance. And ladies only choose sex with a man who is prepared to create and maintain that nest forever.

No point finding out he's a looser after the child is born!

I hope your sister gets off scott free for murdering that destructive bastard. :uzi:

And your neighbour's can learn the above equation a number of ways :scratchhead: .

Thanks for sharin' Mikey your honesty and passion is refreshing. :wink:

This concludes my worldly advice for the day I hope it has made sense to some of you. :unsure:

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^just a footnote on drink spiking.... alcohol is a powerful depressant and if you drink hard and fast without one or more reliable friends you may as well spike your own drink. maybe you are confused about the strength of what you're drinking or maybe one night it just goes to your head faster than normal. maybe you think your friends are solid but during a night out on the piss most people will start making unsound, selfish decisions and may not be there for you. seriously people, drinking in town can lead to all kinds of troubles and there are predators waiting for vulnerable people, if you're lucky you'll get away with a bruise on your head and all your valuables missing.

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