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Soil science advice? Lagochilus

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Having trouble getting my Lagochilus inebrians to grow. Possibly it's not just the air moisture content.

One thing I'm considering is the substrate composition. In the past I've used a balanced mix based on IVS ( In Vitro Soil )- appox 33% large perlite, 33% large vermiculite and 33% good quality peat moss + 1g/L lime. It's been good for most things

But maybe it's too balanced.

The Wiki entry for Lagochilus states:


  • Intoxicating mint is widely distributed in the Samarkand and Bukhara provinces of Uzbekistan. It is also found in some areas of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. It grows on the piedmont plains and low foothills, dried up streams and rubbly slopes, on gravelly slopes, on scree and gravel and in dry grassy-sagebrush and sagebrush-grassland steppes

Now I understand that some of those terms are soil science terms, ie piedmont plains and somewhere in my searches the word 'sierozem' turned up as a possible suitable base

Tried to do some data crunching to see if any of those terms could help me put together a propagation mix which would mimic their natural environment but all it did was put me in a flat headspin with all the options

Any soils scientists out there who can hazard a better quality guess as to a potting/ prop mix which would sort out the problems? Even at the basic pH level some readings I find give me the idea the soil needs to be acidic, and others that the gypsum content would make it high alkaline

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If mine are the real deal, they are going well in 50% washed river sand and 50% gritty seed raising mix. Seem to be going real well now, I let them dry completely for 3-4 days before rewatering, no ferts thus far besides what's in the seedraising mix. Sorry for the none science lol but they seemed easy to me which makes me think they're bodgy labeled seeds (imported from brazil and on sold to me, that's how the story went by the seller anyways)


In the pic the organic matter has risen to the surface as you can see, so they are probably growing in a much grittier mix than I describe

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Has there been any progress with this plant? I started a couple this winter. 

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