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Hopping Eagle

Shamanic/ Spiritual Experience In Peru ....

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.... I was wondering if anyone has had any experience in the this type of trip to Peru .

I'm currently extremely interested in such a holiday for reasons I cannot explain except that the energy of the direction seems extremely positive.

I realise I have not been interactive with this community for a extremely long time but would appreciate any wisdom that can be imparted


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In case they don't see this thread, ask Gwydion and Brian about this.

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Lo Hopping Eagle,

Basically , best thing to do is to go to a jungle town and ask around. Ask for a shaman that will preform a Limpio for you.

Do not pre plan your trip over the net , usually allot more expensive. (However the Allan schoemaker seems to offer good bang for the buck)

Ask for a good or well known shaman of the region you plan to visit.

Some seem to appreciate, "Aguardiente and tabacco ciggies" others the magic green paper ass-wipes.


I suggest you visit several Shamans on your trip.

Ask what they need or what you can help them with.

If you have a good Idea of the spiritual and you do not feel that you need real healing, do not go for a limpio (cleansin), make it clear to him what your objectives are... why he needs to help yo make teh sacred brew.


If I go to South America... I will probably not vist a shaman for a ceremony.

I would rent a place make my own brew(s) and blissfully trip my ass off in the Andes or Jungles... just to soak up the IRIE power and bring it back home....


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