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Corydalis yanhusuo & Rhodiola rosea or St. Johns Wort

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Hello there,

I would like to let others know that when I take 10g Corydalis yanhusuo whole rhizome ground to a powder with 2 grams of Rhodiola rosea I get a very nice relaxed energy which I find very useful for working long hours. I have found a similar effect when combining Corydalis with St. Johns wort. Has anyone else had this experience or can anyone else confirm this effect? The only other supplement I have taken while taking this was Piracetam/choline, Ginkgo, wild Ganoderma applanatum & wild Fomitopsis pinicola, how this influences the effects I don't know.

If I take this mixture anytime after midday I cannot sleep but don't feel worn out, just alert and awake.

The fungi don't influence the effects as far as I can tell. Ginkgo adds a clear calm energy of it's own that I can always feel when I just have it by itself (5-10grams dried)

So I think anyone wanting relief from sore muscles plus anti-anxiety effects would enjoy Corydalis/Rhodiola together.

edit: I just noticed another post asking about the best way to consume corydalis root slices, I just powder it in the coffee grinder get a heaped tea spoon full put it on your tongue and press the powder against the roof of your mouth to control it and then just wash down with water or something sweet if you can't stand the taste. Holding your nose and breathing through your mouth for 30 seconds will disable your taste buds till you let go of your nose.

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Thanks for writing this up :)

I'm about to start experimenting with yan hu suo rhizome slices for pain relief and hopefully for the muscular antispasmodic effects. I wondered if anyone knows about MAOI interaction? You've used St Johns Wort with it, and I wonder about other more stronger maois such as caapi, particular used alongside in the Amazonian traditional medicine brew.

Only 4 small slices of YHS were used in a tea with ginger and cane sugar and a TCM medicinal mushroom granule blend. Only about 45g of caapi would be added.

But of course the gist is, is Corydalis safe to use with MAOIs?

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I'd be careful. I stopped using Corydalis when my research/readings into it found that it can be hepatoxic in doses only a little higher than standard...I value my liver too much for it to be worthwhile in my case, and am always wary of hepatoxicity

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