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The Corroboree
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Have you a lonely cactus? I have loving home..

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Dear Cacti enthusiasts,

I have some beautiful, caring garden patch surrounded many other new cactus friends.

Have you got a lonely cactus that needs a home?

I am looking to buy or trade a lots of cactus to fill up my cactus quarter of my garden. I have heaps of panchanoi, would love some more bridgesii clones or peruvianus or anything interesting I can play with and learn to grow. I am after about 6 cuts.

I have heaps of interesting seeds from acacias and some cool cactus seed and other stuff for trade or I would love to buy some to support a fellow cactus grower.


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PM me in the morning and I'll throw you a TBM segment and a few other odds and ends.

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