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figured I'd add 2 pics of the collection now in their humidity configuration for the thread because piccies are fun :3 

2017-08-15 19.49.41.jpg2017-08-15 19.51.01.jpg

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:3 this is gna have to stop but this one was very hard to resist... 

2017-08-23 17.21.02.jpg

Also seeing as bark is so :uzi: furkern pricey ...

I figured I'd repot the olde 'biddies 2017-08-23 17.24.04.jpg in a mix of the bark stuff and coco coir seeing as i bought a smallish block years ago and am still only a quarter way thru it ... 


I did the same with the Zygo a couple of weeks ago, and then the arachnis arse-floss ; pertaining toward a slower drying mix [for some respite on the waterload this summer so far] and also pertaining toward minimizing work/effort to results without cost to the plant's welfare or ;) emotional stability ...cuz what with them being orchids :P ya never know eh? 

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