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Paricá-branco [white Paricá] / Monjoleiro (Acacia polyphylla)

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I was talking to an old friend who's a freelance shaman of sorts in Brazil, the topic of Yopo and Cebil came up, to which he said both are inferior compared to this other plant he called Paricá, which after a long search we tracked down to the species Acacia polyphylla. He claims the snuff made from the seeds is far more potent than Yopo, as well as being much more like Ayahuasca, and is also less toxic / cleaner feeling, without any nausea. I trust his claims, his life is shamanism, he works closely with different tribes and has ready access to all these plants; scattered around his hut he has whole sacks -tens of kg's each- of these different snuff seeds, as well as all sorts of other crazy jungle products which he consumes like a true fiend.

Apparently Monjoleiro is a very common plant around the area where he spends most of his time, and according to online sources it has a very wide distribution and is also used in forestry, meaning it should hopefully be a more sustainable alternative to Yopo given it works as well as he claims.

Here's a couple general links:

One ; Two

Anyway, before I get too excited over it, has anyone else heard of it? Used it? Know more about it?


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Wow Illustro that's a fascinating tidbit of information.

It's hard to think ANYTHING could be superior to Yopo/Cebil and i never heard about this plant until now.

I found this from a google search:

This is a report of the combination of Macrocarpa and Acacia Polyphylla

?Regular preparation + unpeeling, my standard now.

It took me well about 4 or 5 hours of work in the middle of the night and i was

already tired of the lethargic highs so i wasn’t expecting much out of this. I

decided that if i didn’t break through this time i would quit trying it.

Then i went, macrocarpas first. Feel good hit… strong ‘jabbing’ on my eyes,

strong waves through my limbs. I felt as though I would melt like plastic.

A nice letargo follows with the usual abstract thought patterns and the

mild visions, which sometimes happen to bind to my imagination or to the

concepts that come to my mind… Very cool i thought, stronger than ever but not

really a breakthrough.

I’ve lost track of the time enjoying this like i never did (with yopo) and about

45 minutes after i took the macrocarpas i went to the bathroom and cleaned up my

nose and sinuses, getting ready to try the polyphyllas.

And so I did.

The usual heating and flashes were felt but it was somewhat less painful than

with macrocarpas. Soon a very pleasant letargo took over and i laid back in the

dark. By this time the imagery that was mild with the macrocarpas started to

fuse with the abstract ideas i was experiencing and it developed to the point i

started to see sequential slides of bizarre things. They were some kind of

machinery or industrial machines but they were too odd in appearance because

they would combine the most different designs together, some aerodynamic parts

like 50′s cars, wheels on one side and things like Greek columns in the other,

along with all sort of non related crap all around it. It’s hard to describe.

The slide sequence has finally subsided and at despite of my lack of thoughts

(typical) i was feeling very WOW!.

By then I’ve opened my eyes, feeling really tired all i wanted was to sleep, but

hey, very cool colored visuals with open eyes, specially in the darkest parts of

a dark room. Then i was suddenly hit by a strong feeling of presence. I am very

used to that, Jane does it to me all the time but this time it was very strong a

bit scary. I am a well tripped guy, I usually wouldn’t fear entities or dead

people but it was really solid. I said fuck that, ignored it, went to bed and

had a great sleep. I felt great after I woke up but the presence thing kept

teasing my mind for a week long… ?

From: http://rixonology.wo...hamanic-snuffs/

His method is extremely haphazard but obviously it had some action.

Edit; for those who did not check the link, Macrocarpa is referring to Anadenanthera macrocarpa. It is interesting this is also reported as active but as I mentioned these are not exactly precise investigations.

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very interesting info on this species!

Info I found:

ACACIA POLYPHYLLA action: antidote (philodendron)

family: fabaceae

range: brazil

here we find a report on a combination with Macrocarpa:


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Micromegas: yeah, Yopo really is one of those special plants, incredible potency, but he swears Paricá-branco / Monjoleiro is far superior in every way, intriguing to say the least.

Expect more information in the following months.

If anyone else has more info I'd love to hear it!

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