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WANTED: share house Auckland NZ

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Hey guys,

Was wondering if there are any fellow kiwi members in Auckland that have or know of any share/cheap accommodation up that way.

My parter and I are looking for something preferably in Albany close-ish to Massey University, but anywhere in Auckland is ideal. We're both full time students, I'm 23 studying medicinal chemistry, and she's 20 studying philosophy, we'll hopefully both have part time jobs once we're up that way too :P however.. we do receive student allowance and can pay up to $260p/w for a room, although $200 sounds better for us! :)

We have a beautiful black lab x kelpie who is 6 months old and although he's made it extremely difficult for us in finding our own place up that way, we could never give him up! so we need room for our baby! he's very well behaved and is walked at least 2 - 3 times a day so he's not one of those bored, "i'll chew on everything and dig holes in your veggie garden" kinda dog. Of course I also have an ever growing ethno collection that needs space, so a garden is ideal.

We're a pretty laid back couple, into nature and healthy living (without sounding cocky, i'm a pretty awesome vego cook too :lol:) ...so we're basically just looking for like-minded people to live with who are down to earth, respect each other and can deal with us having a beautiful dog. I know it's a long shot considering this is a mostly Australian based forum, but it's worth a try; we've exhausted all of our other options, and lost a few "perfect" houses to other tenants (I think it's because I have a beard!) so we're willing to give sharehousing a go, once again!

So if anyone knows of anything up that way, please shoot us a PM!! it's massively appreciated!!

Sending good vibes your way!!



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