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how to take good pics for id'ing



we are lucky here, that some members can even id a plant, if the photo is out of focus and shaky...

i don't say, don't post crappy pics, but nothing beats a nice photo!

if members can add a few more tricks please reply to this thread.


1, make sure the pic is in perfect focus.

2, make sure the plant, fills nicly the frame.

3, choose a good backround(color) because, contrast is important.

4, choose the right light condition (mostly that means bright light, but no direct light/sun)

5, avoid shaddows, but aswell avoid facing the camera directly against the light source.

6, hold the camera very still, or use even a tripod. make aswell sure, that the wind doesn't move the plant too much.

7, take quite a few pictures, and than once you uploaded them onto your pc, search for the best ones.

sab is the best ethno forum, on this planet, maybe even in our galaxy,

let's try to have the best pictures aswell, ups probably we already have.

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Cool thread. An ideal set of pics would be:

1. A close-up of a flower

2. Seed pods / fruits

3. Part of a branch with clear leaves - good to see whether it is alternate or opposite branching structure

4. The whole plant

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good idea

Try and get photos of as many parts of the plant as possible: Growing tips, flowers, seeds, etc if possible.

Describe the environment the plant was growing in.

An object for scale is a good idea, something like a bic lighter or pen is pretty universal.

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All of those are valuable suggestions. A person can't take too many pictures or photograph too many parts. Trying to create a standard set of targets is helpful.

If taking flower photos, in addition to anything else, one shot straight down the throat showing the arrangement of stamens and stigma lobes is incredibly valuable for Trichocereus identifications.

A useful trick if trying to shoot something with wind is to grab the part you want to image and shoot it in your hand. The camera can steady against the hand holding the subject if needed.

Its best never to photograph anything in full sunlight but sometimes that can't be avoided. Another helpful suggestion if trying to take a photo of a plant in the sun that has shaded parts which you want to see in detail is to use the flash to even out the illumination.

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