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WTB Pereskiopsis or trade

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Hi everyone, just seeing if there is anyone with some spare peres they would be willing to sell or trade.

I have just put down some seed & really need to start organize some grafting stock.

I would prefer to trade as I'm a bit tight on $ but If you can only sell, I will find some $ as I need to get some stock together.

I have a few acacia obtus & phleb seeds, varies cacti seeds & little tricos, Cereus monstrose cuttings (size of 1.25ltr bottle) & maybe more I can trade.

Help would be much appreciated.



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Hey mate I put some in with your package, sent off yesterday. You should get it tuesday I recon! There will be enough to plant and if you half em and plant them out, youll have 10 or so pieces


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