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Electrode less Fluorescent Discharge Grow Lamps

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Inda-Gro Induction Lighting Systems only manufactures and sells Induction Grow Lamps. Until now growers have had the tradional choices of HID, fluorescent or LED lamps. These systems tend to be expensive to buy, maintain and the results have fluctuated depending largely on the skills of that grower matching the proper lamp to the plants specific lighting needs.

Inda-Gro Induction Grow Lights provide your plants the best horticultural lighting for explosive growth and high yields from a single lamp source that is used for the entire vegetative through flowering cycle while saving between 60-70% of the energy consumed by traditional lamp technologies.

How does EFDL benefit Plant Growth?

Inda-Gro Induction lamps are a type of High Output Fluorescent lamp that are known as Electrode less Fluorescent Discharge Lamps or EFDL for short. Unlike conventional lamps which require screw in sockets or pins to power up the lamps, the EFDL induction lamp does not rely on a socket or pin connection to power the lamp. Instead EFDL efficiencies derive from being powered by a high frequency electromagnetic field. Without the use of pins, sockets or ballasts to operate the lamp, more energy is converted into usable plant light and not wasted due to the high temperatures and escaping gas inefficiencies that is inherent of lamps requiring electrodes.

First introduced and patented in 1891 by Nikola Tesla, induction lamps, while expensive, were always prized for their; High Lumens per watt, Low Operating Temperatures, Crisp Color, Long Lamp Life and Low Lumen Depreciation over their entire life. Inda-Gro's EFDL Bi-Spectrum lamps have afford-ably combined the proven benefits of this technology with the unique spectral requirements so essential for robust plant development.

Inda-Gro's custom horticultural phosphor blends are designed to be used as a primary grow light from vegetative on through flowering and budding stages. Moreover our fixtures replace the need for higher wattage fixtures and the lamp changes normally associated with different growth periods.

When comparing other types of energy efficient grow lamps, such as LED, your investment in an Inda-Gro fixture will prove to be the longest lasting, most energy efficient, zero stress, zero maintenance grow lamp you will ever own.


Seems that while these lamps have been around for a long time they are only now starting to break into the growers market.

Anybody here have any experience using them?

Or know ov an Australian supplier/manufacturer?

here's a couple ov posts from a guy using the above named brand in a grow.

This one is mainly the vegative growth:


& this one is his final results:


pretty impressive results.

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I know that they've recently been using these as street lamps with huge energy savings and great success. Ah Tesla, you've done it again...

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thank-you for this. awesome. just awesome.

and i thought led was rad !

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yeah i've been looking into LED's & while they seem to do ok w/veg. growth they don't seem to compare too well w/HID lamps for flowering.

these EFDL lamps seem to do a really good job on both, but i think it might be worth waiting a couple ov years mainly to see if prices go down, & also to see a few more peoples results using them.

But if they live up to the hype it would indeed be awesome.

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