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The Importance of the Receipt Keepers

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Many folks keep records of their discoveries, such strange and obscure inventories of personal expressiveness have formed and founded what we know today as folklore...

This site may infact be the most valuable of such 'receipts' that i personally have access to...

It seems that when such incantations and masterfully masked wisdom has been compiled and is being maintained and commonly referred to religions are born... alternatively to the formulation through a divine figurehead...

I am curious as to some spells, remedies made lyrical and or pictorial depictions of such...

I would advise(?) that all maintain a book of things having been known such that the folk culture and customs of our AuShaman Assoc. may be made 'reality' and useful in a tangible sense...

I will find some books in a format suitable for such a purpose and ink of similar quality and maybe we can collect a library of thought and idea's to be used to define WHO WE ARE as a people within our multiculture.

Our diverse beliefs and interactions with the perceptible realms available to the mind make us shaman and that is not tainted nor dependent on our religious affiliations.

So... think more on this and let me into your noosphere through the artful expression of the truths you have gnown...

If there was such a plan... it would be to store such sacred documents for the sake of posterity in a building known as the "Temple of Drawing and Quartering the Head".

Which will be the sole place of affiliation for all AuShaman Assoc. members...

If people are interested in further discussing this concept.



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