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Guest degrussa

plants wanted

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Guest degrussa

hi I'm new to ethnobotanicals, I'm interested in using them for stimulating the imagination and focusing/expanding the mind. Does anyone have any suggestions and cuttings etc as to what I should try?

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hi degrussa,

just have a look in the "goamos garden" thread and see if there's anything you like...

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Guest reville

Dude. Esperance

I used to live there - great place

In your climate youll find you can have most things that i have and even some more

after you check out gomaos' garden, take a look at the AFSR off the community page

Also check out the local nurseries

Some things are dual use

Mexican tarragon (Tagetes lucida)

Salvia splendens


and the herb section might have some of the memory herbs like gingko, brahmi and gotu Kola

In your climate i strongly suggest you explore the meditterranean herbs

I think Ephedra and khat would love it there.

And definitely get a cactus garden going though you will need to make sure it doesnt get waterlogged in winter and you feed them and water them in summer

The easiest to grow would be Trichocereus species. T scopolicolus can be found easily in WA. Otherwise buy some seed or contact me for some Pachanoi cuttings

Im sure you find plenty to keep you occupied

PS dont forget to put in plenty of acacias like A obtusifolia and try a maidenii - most things like esperance

good luck

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