Hola Amigos Today I am going to show how to make cuttings of B.Caapi. B.Caapi is as easy as P.V to propagate. This is a good thing Being a large liana vine B.Caapi in its normal habitat has no problems "multiplying" Most of its runner vines put down roots and even larger sections of vine put out aerial roots. Here is a picture of a caapi putting out aerial roots. Because of the nature of this liana propagating it is a very simple process if we stick to simple techniques. I am going to use a heap of red caapi that came down when the tree it was loving fell over. Ideally the best pieces to propagate are woody sections. The thicker the better. However I can understand and emphasize if you want to keep the really thick sections to admire on their own! While you can use "green" sections the thin green parts they are much more hit and miss and lack the vigor of woody sections. In the tropics I can take any woody section, put it vertically in soil and within a couple weeks it will out roots and new growth tips, The piece doesnt even need any nodes. I mostly get 99% strike rate. I know we don't have me tropical growers here so I have adapted it slightly for people who are in less ideal conditions. Take a piece of vine and cut it into "T" sections like so: Simply place these cuttings in your prefered potting medium, In my case I use coco peat but any moisture retaining medium will work. I dont use any rooting hormones however they might help your rates, This again totally depends on your location. Place the cuttings somewhere shady with filtered light and be patient. It can be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months until you see progress. If you do this correctly and depending on the temp and humidity of your location you should achieve at least 80% strike rate. My favorite place to put them is under a larger caapi plant and use it for shade. Air layering is also very successful but more work and slower results. Most experienced caapi growers are probably are aware of all this, However I think this information will be help for most Saludos
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