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The Corroboree

need advice on shade cloth for pachanoi seedlings!

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Hi guys, i hoped someone here might have abit of expierieance to lead me in a decent direction and save me buying something i mite not need to.

im starting LOTS of pc seeds, and having them in a clear container ofcourse, i want to achieve a procedure that is low maintenance.

My theory is to start seeds in the garage and move outside after 2 weeks then lay shade cloth over the containers and remove shade cloth over time when the seedlings can handle more light.

so i was thinking laying, 90% shade cloth with a 70% shade cloth ontop = 3% sunlight over the containers outside

after a month remove the 70% and left with = 10% sunlight

after another month

remove the 90% and replace the 70% = 30%

i have no idea how much light they can handle i know its not much because they go red quickly but surely 3% filtered sunlight is enough?

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50% to 70%, depending on how sunny the aspect is. Not enough light will lead to them stretching.

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