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The Corroboree

Humidity in My Greenhouse

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What are ya growing at 28 degrees?

I've found my oyster straw logs contaminate

As soon as it gets that hot!

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Try using an ultrasonic fogger in a bucket, with a fan pushing the humidified air into a PVC pipe and into the greenhouse.

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Hey guys,

If you order any electronic equipment online from overseas be careful. Although someone already mentioned buying a converter for the voltage which will be fine for going from America's 110 volts to Australia's 240 volts, you also need to take the frequency into consideration. America uses 60 hz and Australia uses 50 hz which might give you some issues if you are running things with motors, such as humidifiers etc. You can buy frequency converters as well but when you start buying equipment like this then it can end up being more trouble and cost than it is worth.

Some things might work fine without it or they might still work but not give you optimal performance and in some cases it might even be dangerous. The products were designed with overseas specifications in mind so you are generally better off getting something made for the Australian market if it runs on mains power (AC). If you check the manual before buying it then you might find that it will be okay.

If it is a small product like a humidifer etc then it is probably not worth shelling out more cash for voltage and frequency converters. However, if you are running something more large scale and the equipment you need is essential then I guess you would have no choice but to fork out the money for frequency converters too.



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Not a bad idea,but the fan is most likely to condense the mist in the pipe depending on the diameter and length,bends.....:scratchhead:

If you're going for one of those mini-greenhouse arched shaped jobs,they work REALLY well.

Condensation runs down he sides and doesn't drip onto the produce(turtle wax the inside first).

A shallow tray at the bottom,larger than the perimeter of the stands with an aquarium heater and an air-stone will blitz it.

Just add some peroxide every now and then..Mist the inside walls with H20 and H202 spray and use the zipper as your vent.

Perfect for small shallow tubs,the 2 buck cheap shop jobs or if it's test/small batches then Foil Trays with the fold down lid work great to incubate,then flush simply by opening the top and place in the greenhouse.

I want to go somewhere in between :lol:

Ironically as a Fridgey,I built an indoor large scale button mushroom farm using cool-room panels with reverse-cycle commercial blowers and condensers to keep the temps and humidity spot on for commercial sale.The same with meat rooms and fruit storage.

Actually wrote a programme in Basic on a C64 to do the heat load equations based on air-changes,ambient temps,how many pickers,when....man so long ago.

If I had the dosh I'd build a cool-room on the back of a trailer for fruiting :rolleyes:

EDIT:Finished writing before Migraineur's post.

Sound advice.

Edited by mescalito

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