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Ed Dunkel

Journals lucky dip

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My work library is opening up a selection of journals (see below) for grabs.

If there are any interests in selected volumes I'll mail them too you. Unfortunately I can't mail of the whole journal selection as this would be a logistical strain (some of these stacks are several meters high and would require 6-7 box loads to pack them easy.

I might not be able to get certain copies as other vultures will be pecking into the stacks as we speak.

So email me volume number(s) that you would like of the journals and I'll see if I can source it.

Abstracts of mycology vol.9-34, 1974-1999

Aqualine abstracts vol.1-17, 1985-2001

Bibliography of systematic mycology 1943/46-1994

Biodeterioration abstracts vol.1-10, 1987-1996

Index of fungi vol.1-6, 1940-1997

Microbiology abstracts Section A vol.9-34, 1974-1999

Review of agricultural entomology vol.79-81, 1990-1993

Review of applied entomology Series A vol.63-78, 1975-1989

Review of plant pathology vol.49-73, 1970-1994

Wood industry abstracts vol.4-13, 1975-1984

The trading is open...

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I don't think I know any of them, but how relevant are :

Abstracts of mycology

Index of fungi

and what is Aqualine??

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I'm very fresh on them as well. I just saw them being laid down for people to take and noticed that some of these journals might be of interest to people here.

It is a lucky dip really. Unless you know what you are looking for.

The Index of Fungi one I think are the index volumes for the relevant journal(s), again I'll check.

Abstracts of mycology, I recon says it all really. What sort of relevance are you looking for?

Aqualine abstracts, I'll have a browse next time I check them again to see what that one is.


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