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Mimosa Hostilis seeds

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hello all.

i came across a mimosa hostilis tree with seed pods the other day. i cant grow anything here, coz im in a shitty lil flat. i hate cities.


if you feel that the world owes you i will give them to you :)

if you feel you are equal to the world in relation to giving and receiving, then i will ask you for something that you consider to be of equal value, monetary or in relation to its potential for enjoyment provision, or its potential to help create things that provide enjoyment...such as mushroom spore prints... they sure are pretty with that microscope arent they! :)

if you feel that you owe the world, go do something nice.

there are 5 seeds.

i like mushrooms.

PM me.

Shine on you crazy diamonds!


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are you sure they are hostilis, its my understanding that this tree is not a common plant to be able to just find seeds or plants wild.do you have pics so that people who are interested actually get the real deal, and not a miss ID.

its a nice offer. but i would hope it is actually hostilis. and not some other mimosa.

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