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The Corroboree
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G Dawg

Amanita pics

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Just a couple of Amanita pics from the ACT







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was in a rush and have dialup so they are a bit small

took them last weekend in cork plantation

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Wow.. that grove is producing megatonnes..

foaf hauled over 3 fabric shopping bags full from there.. which dry out to be only half a pasta jar of matter.

I think a decent area (my guesstimate) like this can produce year long tonic supplies for maybe 1-2 dozen people. Thats a fuck load of natures msg.

For anyone who picks, I suggest what foaf has done, and never take more than 1 shopping bag at a time. Even on a 3 shelf (non-fan) average oven, you'll be hard pressed to dry that much in under 10 hours. 5-6 in a fan forced.

Using this ettiquette, I believe this area will happily magic many ppl who give the teacher and its ecosystem due respect.

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