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Fine for lophs.

But,round pots consume,and waste alot of space.

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I did my first 'closed' cactisowing:

Astrophytum sp [myriostigma , asterias, ornatum, hybrids], Gymnocalicium sp, Turbinicarpus 2xsp, Trichocereus [pachanoi, bridgesii, wendemanianus terscheckii, whatever was left from my last years sowing anyhow], Saguaro, Polycephalus, Melocactus, Stenocactus, Epithelanthea micromeris and propably something else I forgot.

Will be doing one more sowing as soos as I receive some more seed [aztekium, strombo, lopho, etc]

EDIT: what analogy light/darkness do you keep your cacti babies?

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hi eg! you have so many different types of cacti growing! do you grow them all together? plant them out? or in pots?

can you possibly post some pictures of all your cacti growing together?

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I don't want to ask a stupid question but I have several pots of baby cactus now - between 1 cm and 5cm - am curious about how much water these little guys need???

Have been keeping them watered every few days - treating them as other seedlings basically and not letting the mix dry out too much - is this right?? Please help or please point me to the thread with the answer! They have been going well so far but don't wan to loose them! Sorry for the stupid question.

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Flora, i grow the seedlings on shelfs in a room inside my house untill they are big enough. Every type in its own little container. I have one room thats only purpose is to grow Cactus seedlings! In summer, i keep my mature plants in the garden and i take them in the cellar during the winter. I rarely post pics but i will do so in May when i take them outside again.

Fractal, there are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers. O´d definately let them soil dry out between the watering cycles. That helps to prevent moldy soil. Water them with a sprayer and dont water too much at once. Just what is needed to make them moist for one day. And spray them on a religious basis. As soon as you forget watering for a few days, you´ll have to expect minor losses. Some types can take dryness longer than others. Bridgesii is the one that forgives the most. bye Eg

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Thanks EG!! What do you know - all of my little pots are full of baby Bridgesii and spray bottle in hand it seems I'm on the right track! Very reassuring to know. With these temps we've been having lately they dry out by the afternoon daily. Watering them is now the best part of my pre-work ritual! Did have a pot full of Peruvianus but they seemed a little reluctant to live. Hopefully more luck with round two, three, four...

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I couldnt help myself.....


T. glaucus

pach X ss02



Whiora X pach (got around 40% variagation in the last lot amongst other mutants)

echinopsis x

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These are going down today

E. peppermint dreams X tech grandia crass (??)

E. voliptous(?) X huascha

E. huascha v. macracanthus X daemonomania

E. spiny yellow X dusty rose

E. andalgal. X grandia crass


I had a wee bit of trouble deciphering EGs labels, tell helga to pick up her act EG :P

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fuck planting any more seeds...I have a couple hundred seedlings to find homes for now, from sowing in June...

I need some seed sowing contraception or they will over take over my yard and then come inside and kill me in my sleep.

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finally got around to putting down some seed that's been building up..

J1 x pach

psycho0 x pach

pach x J3

super pedro x J3

super pedro x psycho0

bridgesii x Luther Burbank

Sausage x scop

knuthianus x (formally known as scop x)

Loph w

Ario retusus

T. sp. Andacollo

T. sp. Las Coimas

andalgalensis x grandiflorus v. crassicaulis

pink echinopsis hybrid

Ferocactus glaucescens

Cleistocactus sp.

and most of this lot i started in spring last year are ready for potting on, grown in straight sand , + 1/4 - 1/2 strength hydro ferts every few weeks..

A. retusus

L. williamsii

L. koehresii

T. bridgesii x pachanoi Fugushi

T. glaucus

T. pachanoi (open pollinated) Fields

T. pachanoi (open pollinated) Prier

T. knuthianus (open pollinated) Prier

T. pasacana (open pollinated) Prier

T. knuthianus x (formally known as scop x)

T. peruvianus KK

T. macrogonus KK

T. terscheckii KK

T. bridgesii

Los Gentiles

+ a few T. boliviensis that have refused to grow since germinating 7 months ago! Have any luck with these EG?

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I sowed seeds of Trichocereus peruvianus var matucana. Eleven days passed and no one is germinated.

I saw similar posts on macrogonus and peruvianus on their poor germination.

Peruvianus no germination after two months, macrogonus one germinated.

But bridgesii and pachanoi well germinated in a week.

Maybe those species need special treatment like stratification or the seeds were non viable at all.

I put my sowed seeds in cold store (wet) and planning to hold in it for two weeks at +5 C,

maybe then after this treatment they show better mood to germinate.

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Seeds I recently purchased and put down ( Last couple of days) each one x100 seeds.


#26-fissuratus /16/ rough tubercles, purple flowers

#31.8-kotschoubeyanus v macdowellii /17/ pink fl, tiny star stem

#36.9-retusus 'furfuraceus' small densely packed tubercles

#24.95-agavoides /14/ deeply seeted stem, slender tubercles

#40-trigonus /14/ long grey tubercles, yellow flower


6.4-roseiflora /14/ short yellow spines, super pink fl


#48-asterias 'Superkabuto', densely covered with white woo

62-myriostigma v nudum /15/ smooth pure green stem

70.64-X MYR-OR hybrid, myriostigma x ornatum

70.1-capricorne -myriostigma-ornatum-senile, all hybrid mix, weirdos

#47-asterias /16/ small smooth green stem, shiny fl


72.396-hintonii LH442 El Rio, NL, wooly areoles in youth


74-liliputana stem with soft white tufts of wool

74.36-subterranea tuberous roots in rock cracks


76.36-senilis /14/ tall stem covered with long white hairs


82-strausii many white spines, long red flowers


85.89-tenuissima thick soft almost black stem, wooly crown


298.49-dichroacanthus N83.022 Guanajuato/San Luis Potosi border

299.14-phyllacanthus 'grandicornus' SB437 /16/ Huizache, long sp


353-micromeris /17/ tight white spines, tiny button-stem


#397-sneedii SB173 /18/ Dona Ana Co, NM, mostly pink flowers


4.77-lanata slender branching white wooly stem

416.608-nana short stem, super white wooly


434.11-asterioides Arapey, Salto, flat shiny reddish stem

Leuchtenbergia, /3,6,8,13,16/ long tubercles, deep taproot

522-principis /17/ long thin papery spines, deep taproot


1033.26-napina ssp lembckei KK113 Maitencillo 500m, tiny spines

Obregonia, /3,6,13,14/ flat stem from Mexico

#1086.3-denegrii green incurved tubercles, white flowers

Ortegocactus, /3,6,8,14/

1123.294-macdougallii icy blue stem, rusts in age


#1246.6-disciformis Xichu, Gto, 'pulcherrimus' dark red fls


#1292-polaskii tiny stem with broad fat tubercles

#1290.5-lophophoroides Buena Vista



1316.6-schooneesii DT4869 Springbokvlakte, pebbled leaflets

1311.5-luckhoffii e Kamas, rough concrete chunks

1313-malherbei /17/ fan-shaped warted leaves, orange fl

Argyroderma, /C,15/ thick leaves, flowers when small

1320-congregatum HH5032 near Vredendal, elegant eggs

346.27-mix smooth rock-like plants, wonderful pastel flowers


1352.1-cana CM32 Prince Albert, delightfully unequal


1435.3-obcordellum 'declinatum' BM7928 Botterkloof, spidery fl

1473.4-spp olla podrida, full mix of species


1570.9-dorotheae F357 large open red-orange window

1596.9-hallii Klippunt, Upington, wonderful bluish reticulate form

1616.08-hookeri C110 deep dark red jagged lines

1774.3-mix stone plants, colorful faces, variable colors + patterns

Seeds I just purchased and will be putting down in the next couple of days...

LOPHOPHORA koehresii 10K, Encarnacion

100 Seeds

LOPHOPHORA jourdaniana 10K

10 seeds

LOPHOPHORA fricii 10K,El Amparo - v La Pa 10K

100 Seeds

LOPHOPHORA alberto-vojtechii 10K,SLP

10 seeds

LOPHOPHORA diffusa 10K

100 Seeds


100 Seeds

LOPHOPHORA williamsii 10K

100 seeds

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Just sowed the following bunch of seeds that have been accumulating. Uncertain of freshness of most of these, so it will be fun to see how many germinate. :blush:

Trichocereus bridgesii 'Psycho0' x Trichocereus pachanoi 'PC'

Trichocereus pachanoi 'PC' x Trichocereus bridgesii 'Psycho0'

Trichocereus pachanoi 'Super Pedro' x Trichocereus sp. 'J3'

Trichocereus peruvianus

Trichocereus peruvianus 'Icaro'

Lophophora mix

Lophophora (nothing more written on seed packet, assuming williamsii)

Lophophora williamsii

Lophophora williamsii 'White Flower'

Lophophora diffusa

Lophophora fricii

Lophophora koehresii

Astrophytum asterias

Astrophytum myriostigma

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Mac, those are some great crosses! I´m looking forward for mine too! If you look at those great parents, the resulting seedlings can only be good! Micromegas, you make my heart go boom! :wub:

just a quick update on the sausage X looks like its showing some bruce yowie ? traits but aint gonna guess PC X Bruce,? PC X Sausage Plant, OR PC X Yowie and Bruce X Sausage Plant.? hahaha :scratchhead:




would like to hear from Micromegas he may be able to clear up this one, it was the one seedling i grafted to peres from his giveaway of PC X Bruce, PC X Sausage Plant, OR PC X Yowie and Bruce X Sausage Plant ??? lol msmith should like this post :wink:

all super healthy seedlings grafted & non grafted but need a ID 4 her Micro :worship:

Edited by mac
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A few more gone down today:

Lophophora mix

Lophophora williamsii v cedral

Lophophora williamsii v cuatrocienegas

Lophophora williamsii v decipien

Lophophora williamsii v El milagro de guadelupe

Lophophora williamsii v est vanegas

Lophophora williamsii v Mex 54

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aztekium hintoni

ariocarpus fissuratus

ariocarpus furfuraceus

ariocarpus scapharostrus

ortegocactus macdougalli

trichocereus bridgesii

astrophytum asterias "big supa"

a. asterias "super kabuto"

4 types sceletium

more to come :D

Edited by solomon

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Hoodia gordonii

Astrophytum Caput-medusae

Epithelantha micromeris

Mammillaria heyderii

Sceletium varians

Sceletium tort

Re-arranged my setup and I am getting much better germination rates :)

Tried something different re-sterilization of the medium that I'd like to share. Made a mix of crusher dust - 1 part, washed river sand - 1 part, dry peat moss (minus the stringy stuff) - 1/2 part. Plus a small amount of dry red dirt that had some decomposed concrete in it (Don't ask me why, I just did).

Mixed in a bucket, sprayed in some water and mixed until evenly moist, loaded into new chinese containers and nuked for 2 minutes. Removed and let cool. Seed sown while mix warm and then I watered in with some of that Sanitizer stuff used for cleaning bottles in home brew, diluted of course. Its a mix of 3% H2O2 and stabilized silver ions. Figured the peroxide should kill any nasties before the seed germinates then it should be decomposed by the heat from the heat mat before germination takes place. The silver ions hopefully will hang around longer and run interferance with any other nasties that may have escaped the previous sterilization methods.

So far have better germinations than ever before :)

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I only use fungicide when sowing cacti seed





some Turbinis

a Mammi


all my own seed except

some EG's T.glaucus and kk339 peruv [will show more in a different setup as I think trichos don't like the take awya tek]

I opened the containers up today [astrophytums are sprouting] cause I thought there was too much humidity in there, I will let it evoap a while. also I brought nearer to the heating

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I've received lots of seed in the mail in the last few days. yesterday and today sowed:

scopulicola x juul's

scopulicola x superped

cuzcoensis x psychø

psychø x cuzcoensis

ecuadorian pachanoi x psychø

pc pachanoi x cuzcoensis

its my first tricho seed grow, and i'm eagerly awaiting the results!

have a good one


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ecuadorian pach is also called yowie...

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I might as well make a post in this thread.

----Sowed Jan/Feb 2011----:

-Trichocereus peruvianus (alleged Icaros) [as of 26/03/11 - maybe one germination of 10 seeds, very unhappy]

-Trichocereus bridgesii [as of 26/03/11 - one germination of 7~, growing has stalled however :( ]

-Trichocereus pachanoi 'Omar' X peruvianus [as of 26/03/11 - 7/8 germinated, some pink/redness to seedlings, I think it's probably from lack of sun rather than sunburn]

-Astrophytum asterias 'Superkabuto' [as of 26/03/11 - 6 germ'd, 5 still alive, seem to be doing quite well]

So if anyone has any tips on stalled growth (have been spraying with dilute c&s ferts for a week now when the soil gets dry-ish), and how to tell if a seedling needs more sun or less sun - I'm all ears. Thanks. :)

----Update for May 2011----:

The seedlings from above are doing well, but are growing very slowly (as it's winter I suppose). The stalled bridgesii has not grown at all, and it might not make it [:(].

-Sowed 30-40~ Trichocereus open-pollinated seeds mid last month. Very high germination rate, and very vigorous growth (despite it being winter). Can't wait to see what plants are in this tray.

-Sowed 10 Turbinicarpus Lophophoroides seeds 3~ days ago - testing the use of cottage cheese containers with these. I think they will work out great.

Edited by βluntmuffin

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Counted and sowed 2000 PC x Psycho0 today :drool2:

Aiming to select out the best 4

... yes really :P

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Mostly cold hardiness. Last year I sowed out 600 of the same cross (smaller number because I did a mass-bridgesii grow too). 451 grew and after they grew bigger and went dormant I used progressively intense sub-freezing temps to kill all but 12 of them (if you want your ass to pucker tight just try killing only 97% of plants at -16°C :lol: ). This year those critters get to meet the outdoors. This new batch gets essentially the same treatment but I'm gonna try to get it down to the coldest 12 out of an expected 1300 plants :devil: I previously said 4 because eventually I'll select for other criteria and maybe more cold from those 12.

Someday the cold selected crosses and cold selected bridgesii will be crossed and those seed will suffer the same fate. I'd like bridgesii that can live outdoors in washington state or germany :wink:

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