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E-Type Jaguar

Chunk 'O' Cereus

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Have for trade an 11" (8" circumference) Cereus pup, taken from a 20+ year old mummy plant. This 'lil fella was left dangling by a dried-out thread from it's home by some friend of society, whom I hope went away from the experience with a very sore hand. It sustained some damage (was almost mush around the bottom) so I have cut it cleanly above the damage and let it callous.

I'm looking for the following for trade, but will take just about anything, PM with offers.

Seeds / Plants / Cuttings:

Ipomoea Violacea - Flying Saucers esp.

Psychotria Viridis

Nepeta Cataria

Pach / Spach / Bridge pups / cuts

Jessamine (Cestrum nocturnum)

Black Cohosh

Lion's Tail


Lactuca spp.

Any edible herbs esp. Basil


Plant matter / smokeables / teas etc.

Lion's Tail


Blue Lotus (flowers or extract)

Black Cohosh

Also interested in cube prints if anyone has em :)



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