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cacti Field collector and field number data


found this one today, though it might be useful to people on here.

Field collector and field number data

Ralph has set up a WWW field number data service whereby you can enter a field number, e.g. "KK 2005", for a field collector's number for a plant, and details of the plant, where it was collected, and other notes will be returned to you.


There is also a complementary WWW field collector data service whereby you can enter an acronym, e.g. "KK", for a cactus and succulent field collector, and the collector's name is returned to you, possibly with other notes. This service knows about more collectors than the field number service; it may also return useful general notes which help to interpret the results provided by the latter.


Finally, there is a field number finder service where you may enter the name of a cactus or succulent species e.g. "Rebutia heliosa", and find field numbers corresponding to that species.


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