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Well I have looked around couple of sites now, i carnt seem to find what I am after.

I just watched this video HERE and IIRC about the 1/2 way mark they had some monks or similar in a hall chanting. Not words but just sounds, well it shoot tingles down my spine, almost to the point i couldnt move. The closest that ive experanced that before with music, is when listen to lateralus - tool. But this was just unbelievable. I have to investigate this more, but i don't really know were to look.

Could some one shead some light on where to find some, maybe sound files of this. Or point me in the right direction of where to look?

Thanks J.

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i remember reading about how some monks (tibetan? or buddhist at least) could chant two notes at once, an octave apart i think, and how more recently they were able to do three.

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