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Guest Warrioe-Sage

Charles T Russell

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Guest Warrioe-Sage

Charles T. Russell Gravesite

Russell's Instructions for his funeral

I desire to be buried in the plot of ground owned by our Society, in the Rosemont United Cemetery, and all the details of arrangements respecting the funeral service I leave in the care of my sister, Mrs. M. M. Land, and her daughters, Alice and May, or such of them as may survive me, with the assistance and advice and cooperation of the brethren, as they may request the same. Instead of an ordinary funeral discourse, I request that they arrange to have a number of the brethren, accustomed to public speaking, make a few remarks each, that the service be very simple and inexpensive and that it be conducted in the Bible House Chapel or any other place that may be considered equally appropriate or more so. (from Watchtower Reprints, 12/1/16)


for those wishing to visit the gravesite:

The area is the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. It is in the "Rosemont United Cemeteries at Allegheny, in the Bethel Family plot, according to his request." (Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose, 1959, p. 62)

The street is named Cemetery Lane. It is where BABCOCK BLVD and MCKNIGHT RD intersect. McNight Rd is a large freeway. There is a Babcock Blvd exit off of McKnight Road. Go West on Babcock Blvd. Cemetery Lane will be a left turn off of Babcock. The pyramid is BEFORE you get to the top of the hill on the right side. You can see it from the road. It is maybe 30 to 40 feet into the cemetery. Or, simpler directions for others: Take Interstate 179 to Exit 12, which is Cemetery Lane. Follow Cemetery Lane to the gravesite.

United Cemeteries

226 Cemetery Ln.

Pittsburgh, PA 15237-2722

Tel (412) 931-1017

You can also see that a nearby road is called MASONIC WAY

14. Continue on I-80EAST 76.1

15. Continue on I-76EAST 51.2

16. Take the US-19/PITTSBURGH(I-79) exit towards ERIE, exit #3 0.5

17. Continue on US-19 1.1

18. Take the I-79SOUTH ramp towards PITTSBURGH 0.4

19. Merge on I-79SOUTH 4.8

20. Continue on I-279SOUTH towards PITTSBURGH, exit #72 7.4

21. Take the PERRYSVILLEAVENUE(US-19) exit, exit #12 0.3

22. Turn Left on CEMETERYLN 0.9


Above is the headstone above Russell's grave. Note that he was viewed as the seventh, or "Laodician Messenger" to the Churches (Revelation 3:14) The first six are listed as: St. Paul, St. John, Arius, Waldo, Wycliffe, Luther. (The Finished Mystery, Karatol edition, 1918, p. 64)


Watchtower's pyramid memorial, with cross and crown emblem and capstone. Note Russell's headstone in background.


Close-up of pyramid with cross and crown emblem, and "Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society" carved in stone.


"Risen with Christ" carved in stone on another side of the pyramid. Cross and crown emblem is on all four sides.




Russell and Pyramids-- Russell introduced occultism into his religion by teaching that the pyramids in Egypt are divine omens. He taught that they contained prophetic secrets known only to him. So convinced was Russell of their mystic power, and his exclusive knowlege of their secrets, he and his followers spent a small fortune trekking to Egypt to observe them. (see photo below-Russell second from left) According to Russell, only by reading his books could one understand the pyramid mysteries and how they fit into the "Divine Plan." One of the strangest "revelations" from the pyramids was his calculated date of 1914. The date was based on his measurements of the interior passageways of the pyramids. He said that 1914 would be the end of the world and God had revealed it to him exclusively. However, when his 1914 date for the end of the world failed, he tried to cover his tracks. The calulations were first printed in 1897 where he stated: "...this measurement is 3416 inches, symbolizing 3416 years.... This calculation shows A.D. 1874 as marking the beginning of the period of trouble...." (Thy Kingdom Come, Series III, p. 342, 1897 edition) Then in the 1916 edition it was changed to read: "We find it to be 3457 inches, symbolizing 3457 years....This calculation shows that the close of 1914 will be the beginning of the time of trouble...." Russell's pyramid actually grew 41 inches in 19 years!

See for yourself: Scanned pages of Studies in the Scriptures: Before and... After!



Their Connection to Freemasonry and the New World Order

Better Known as The Jehovah's Witnesses

By Robert Howard




See an early edition of the Watchtower

with this Masonic crown and cross on its cover

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Guest Warrioe-Sage

The above picture was taken from a Masons site in Texas. They have since removed the picture after this article.


The above crown with the cross is very much a Masonic symbol. A close up of the plaque below reads "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society".


The All Seeing Eye




Notice the surrounding wreath. Yes Gene Rodenberry creator of Star Trek was a mason. Yes the United Nations is made up of the same people who want to bring about a New World Order.

"The Cross and Crown may be said to be confined almost exclusively to the historical degrees in Masonry as exemplified in the various orders of knighthood of York and Scottish rites. In Gaul we find the cross to have been a solar symbol when it had equal arms and angles; to the Phoenicians it was an instrument of sacrifice to their God, Baal; and to the Egyptians, the crux ansata was his symbol of eternal life." (Ray V. Denslow, Masonic Portraits, Transactions of this Missouri Lodge of Research, vol. #29, p.7---emphasis in the original) http://poweredbychrist.homestead.co...1/seminary1.htm External Link

Now that we have established that Russell was a York Rite Knights Templar, same as 32 or 33rd degree Freemason. Lets look at Enochian Magic. What is Enochian Magic? Have you ever heard of Aleister Crowley? He was one of the most evil men besides Hitler to walk this Earth. In his book "Confessions." Crowley claimed that he had been initiated as a 33-Degree Mason in the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Masonry (A&AR). He probably did this in Mexico, where he went after the break-up with the Golden Dawn. To learn a bit more about Crowley start here. Aleister Crowley. See also illuminati_faq.htm The Order Of The Golden Dawn Golden Dawn - Ubermen von der Golden Dawn - Hitler

There are books on the subject available to anyone who wants to learn this Enochian magic. Learn the laws of Enochian Magick, how to use the Watchtowers and the six forces of Magick, learn Enochian Yoga and travel in the Body of Light.

more here.


1872 Charles Taze Russell, Founded International Bible Students Association. Forerunner to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Known as the Jehovah's Witnesses. Was a Knights Templar Mason of York Rite, in Allegheny Pa. Confirmed Mason. Also Russell had a secret Rosicrucian membership with the Quakertown, PA group of Rosicrucian's, as revealed by the pyramid he ordered erected over his grave site. His use of the Winged-Sun-Disk. Russell owned a cemetery in Pittsburgh. Leading Satanists try to own cemeteries for several reasons. First, it facilitates the disposal of human sacrifices which are buried in pieces below the fresh holes dug for someone else's burial. When the casket is placed in the hole, it would be rare for anyone to dig below the casket level ever again. Second, magic power is associated with cemeteries.

The spiritual power of the dead is pulled up by making a circle of light over them then within the circle a naked Satanist lays. Third, specific bones are sought such as the skulls and left hands. Left hands are preserved in order to hold candles for certain ceremonies. The_Russell_Bloodline

I am very glad to have this particular opportunity of saying a word about some of the things in which we agree with our Masonic friends, because we are speaking in a building dedicated to Masonry, and we also are Masons. I am a Freemason. Charles Taze Russell. Secrets Of The Watchtower And Bible Tract Society [ http://www.geocities.com/lord_visio...asmasons_1b.htm

http://www.geocities.com/lord_visio...asmasonspt2.htm ]

The Occult connection

We see the occult everywhere nowadays. The most common symbols are the illuminati pyramid and the all-seeing eye of Horus. You see friend, 2nd Corinthians 4:4 reveals that Satan is the god of this world’s wickedness. Satan controls the world through occult (secret) organizations, who’s members are devout followers of Satan. “Illuminati” is a term used to refer to the occult-inspired leaders of this world. Hitler was infatuated with the occult, as were many of histories top leaders. George W. Bush and John Kerry are BOTH members of the occult group, Skull and Bones (represented by the official symbol in the photo to the right). What’s even more disturbing is that we see the exact same Satanic emblem displayed on the Catholic cross below…




One of the biggest occult groups is Freemasonry, who’s false god is Baphomet, pictured to the right. Few people know that Charles Taze Russell (founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses), and Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) were BOTH 33rd degree Freemasons



Mormons/masonic apron

JW are trapped in the matrix of dogma...

most rot in the fundamentalist cage of Jehovah’s Witnesses cult that they where raised in

JWs are deceived without any education because its fear based religion which is worst then any occult practice as it brainwashing the children into bull**** they have no dystiny of choice, as is the way of the NWO.

No way they can squirm out of it now.

The reason the Watchtower sect came into existence in 1880 was to declare that Jesus was to have his second coming in 1914.He never came then and he never made the watchtower cult the boss.

Jehovah's Witnesses are false prophets of a man-made religion.Jehovah's Witnesses originally called by their proper sect founder the 'russellites' are a spin-off of the William Miller apocalyptic movement of 1842.

We have nothing to fear from an obnoxious religious cult and 99% of the worlds' population already knows it.What they know is of a pesky annoyance,what needs to be defined is that JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES are an ABOMINATION


Jehovah in the Bible is in fact 'Satan' the adversary

When you pray to the 'God" of the Bible you are in fact praying to Satan. No one is more deserving of the title of 'Satan' (adversary) than Jehovah

Organized religion is a nefarious design by the 'Dark Overlords' to imprint upon

us the 'Big Daddy' archetype which has collectively wreaked havoc upon our civilization.

Jehovah is the ultimate 'Big Daddy' who is portrayed in the Bible as a bloodthirsty

warlord hell bent on enslaving and destroying mother Earth and humanity. This reinforces our patriarchical society which suppresses women through organized religion...

Examples of other 'Big Daddy' archetypes include the likes of John Wayne, Moses (Charelton Heston) Ronald Reagan, GW, Arnold Schwartzenegger, etc.

There are entitites which pose as 'god' or 'gods' but are extremely negatively polarized, and in fact, do demand blood sacrifice, etc, the same as 'jehovah' of the old testament, who was many believe a babylonian war diety. michael tsarion refers to them as 'the macrobes'...

any christian or other religious person who confuses the Source of all with these archons is lining themselves up with evil.

one might ask: why are now christians who believe in such things acting crazy.

my response is that one has to be crazy to believe that the source of love and compassion is the same entity as one who is bent on revenge, murder and blood sacrifice.

The reptilian eye that you see at the top of the dollar bill's pyramid, at the top of this pyramid, you see a two-dimensional eye. And, it has always been put before us that this is the Eye of Ra, or the Eye of the Sun, but it is not. It is Eye of Jehovah. It is the Eye of the Nephilim, the Fallen Ones who rule over all of mankind above the thirteenth level. So, this is another of these strategies that they are ready to employ

Aton is, Jehovah. And Jehovah is the Phoenician-Persian Yawnah, the Welsh Jawnah, the English Jon, meaning "sun." Aton is Adni or Agni, the Sun-Lord of the Hindus. He is Don of the ancient Celts and Phoenicians. The latter had founded the cities of Thebes and Avaris in Egypt. The Druids at these cities, and at other locations, brought the world the Solar Theocracy, one which was corrupted later into Atonism and into Judeo-Christianity. Akhenaton not only brought political havoc to his country, he brought theological havoc to the world of religious ideas also. He and his coterie, the "Brotherhood of the Snake" (Bramley), did not worship light in the manner of the Druids. Their understanding of the sun and of light was not akin to that which we possess today. Judeo-Christianity is the child of Atonism, and is also controlled by those elites, involved in the worship of the dark side of the sun. Another word for this kind of worship, that a true Christian might use, is Luciferianism. Lucifer is a god of light, or rather, of the dark side of light. The secret fraternities, which preserve the most antique doctrines of the Chaldeans, Druids and Medes, are also responsible for turning the gnosis of light into a travesty, in order to deceive the human race and cause metaphysical incongruence. If one was to say that Aton was Lucifer, they would not be too wrong. If one was to say that Jehovah was Lucifer, the Martian god of light and war, they would also be correct

Michael Tsarion - Akhenaton and the Dark Side of the Sun [Part 1]


Jehovah's Witnesses - Watchtower Cult


history of shame.





threads titled Why Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong



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