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Found 8 results

  1. ShamanRus

    Medicinal Cultivation Laws

    Does anyone know of a good place to find out what medicinal fungi are legally allowed to be cultivated in Australia. I was recently in touch with Aussi Mushroom Supplies were he mentioned that lions mane is not allowed to be grown and sold in Australia, I assume this goes for other more exotic species like reishi for example ... I always wondered why you only see cultivators growing Oysters/Shiitakes. Any help would be great!!
  2. I am taking a flight down south soon. I want to bring about 20 grams of Syrian rue seeds with me on the flight. Is this really dumb or perfectly legal?
  3. watch this, here are notes to go along with it: no wet blue signature = no credibility bankers do acceptance's. blacks law dictionary defines HUMANS as bankers.? you can do anything a banker can do. banker, one who is engaged in the business of banking, banking, issuing notes for circulation, so if you put faith in a note then you are a banker?... Accept means you will pay the document. If you pay the document/ negotiable estimate, then obviously it belongs to you. anyone who sends you a bill and does not send you the check to pay it with, has created a liability witch they did not provide the remedy. "everything in commerce is in the mirror" - winston shrout uniform commercial code doctrine: in order to create liability you have have to make presentment (give it to them. hand them paper). That's why in court if you don't have your "ticket" they hand you a copy, if you take it you "consent", so best thing you can do is say "no i dont have it" and keep saying that???..... If they made presentment then they have to provide a remedy for it cause they just created liability in the public..... "we use to get presentments from the irs and they wouldn't send the check, so we use to write back and say thanks for what you sent but where's the check, and then after a period of time they then started to send the check" winston shrout. Acceptance: "Write all below on a bill its considered a MONEY ORDER it must be Diagonally (historical significance / how bankers use to do it)" _____________________________________________________ Accepted for value ( you give it faith as a banker, you are a banker) Exempt from levy (because you are a banker/stock trader) [SIGNATURE] [date] Exemption id # (for account identification): Deposit to The Department of the Treasury Charge the same to FIRST LAST (the account ID not the strawman?) ____________________________________________________ FIRST MIDDLE LAST (the strawman/private entity/company ?) FIRST LAST (the account ID at treasury, or do they use cooperate strawman entity?) When you accept this as a banker (and that you are) you turn this document into currency. every piece of paper that is backed by the faith and consciousness is something you can then use to exchange for energy with. Faith in credit, if there was no faith in Australian currency then it would be no good. all currency in the world is debit, there is no gold? http://www.treasury.gov.au http://en.wikipedia....%28Australia%29 The Commonwealth Treasury was established in Melbourne in January 1901 http://www.butt-onz.com.au/ Definition of BANKER A private person who keeps a bank; one who is engaged in the business of banking. People v. Doty, 80 N. Y. 228; Auten v. Bank, 174 U. S. 125, 19 Sup. Ct. 628, 43 L. Ed. 920; Richmond v. Blake, 132 U. S. 592, 10 Sup. Ct. 204, 33 L. Ed. 481; Meadowcroft v. People, 163 111. 56, 45 N. E 303, 35 L R. A. 176, 54 Am. St Rep. 447. Definition of BUSSINESS This word embraces everything about which a person can be employed. People v. Com’rs of Taxes, 23 N. Y. 242, 244. That which occupies the time, attention, and labor of men for the purpose of a livelihood or profit. The doing of a single act pertaining to a particular business will not be considered engaging in or carrying on the business; yet a series of such acts would be so considered. Goddard v. Chaffee, 2 Allen (Mass.) 305, 79 Am. Dec. 796; Sterne v. State, 20 Ala. 46. Labor, business, and work are not synonyms. Labor may be business, but it is not necessarily so; and business is not always labor. Making an agreement for the sale of a chattel is not within a prohibition of labor upon Sunday, though it is (if by a merchant in his calling) within a prohibition upon business. Bloom v. Richards, 2 Ohio St. 387. Definition of BANKING The business of receiving money on deposit, loaning money, discounting notes, issuing notes for circulation, collecting money on notes deposited, negotiating bills, etc. Bank v. Turner, 154 Ind. 456, 57 N. E. 110. See BANK; BANKER.
  4. qualia

    articles on drug prohibition

    i thought i'd start this thread as a repository to put in articles discussing drug policy, failings and successes etc., so just add as you wish.
  5. Hi all, Hope this is in the right part of the Forum, and meets the standards. Very sorry if it's not. Regarding today's (3 Apr 2012) press release, of drug law reform (DLR) statements by a wide range of powerful celebrities on both sides of politics: True, there's a risk that no real legislative change will come of it. But much of that's because DLR organisations have not conducted themselves as efficiently and effectively as possible over the past 40 years. I see a solution to this (below), based on my recent brief employment in DLR (and a study of the current scene), my Masters in Public Policy, my Honours in Commerce, and numerous little successes in strategic and tactical management in the private and non-profit sectors. The Australian drug law reform (DLR) movement seems to suffer from some worrying patterns: -- Each organisation is noticeably lacking in some professional-level skills necessary for optimum performance (e.g. finance, lobbying, recruitment, PR, records, IT, strategy, etc.). -- Most DLR groups work in isolation from the others. i.e. There is little coordination, synchronisation, or collaboration between DLR groups. -- Too many DLR groups talk too much and/or do too little (or at least too little of what proves to be effective at altering public opinion). -- I know of no DLR groups that have viable and active chapters outside of its home state/territory. (Please advise me if you know of any.) -- I know of no DLR groups for certain key professions that would assist the movement (journalists, writers, marketers, accountants, academics, IT techies, teachers/principals, etc.) -- There are gaps and overlaps in the areas that DLR groups cover. -- No DLR groups appear to have carefully analysed all aspects of the successes of DLR in the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, etc. Instead, they just copy the decades-failed tactics of US groups, or think up things that seem logical to the uninitiated, and then suffer R&D failures. On the other hand... The DLR movement does =not= need yet another organisation saying "we're doing this better than anyone else, because of XYZ, so leave them and come join us". It also does =not= need a group trying to be the umbrella or biggest group, led by someone with a God/Goddess or King/Queen personality. So I propose a secretariat, one which works behind the scenes, never making public statements of its own, and never lobbying on its own. It provides support services to all eligible DLR groups that request them. e.g. It will help facilitate collaboration between DLR groups; will evaluate and despatch volunteers with different skills to the groups that need them at the time; will arrange an annual round-table members-only conference of DLR groups; will maintain (or direct member groups to) a repository of resources and background info (drug-related and non-profit-lobby-group related); and other support services, as decided by the member-organisations. Let's face it. The anti-DLR groups (governments, churches, political parties, etc.) are better-organised, and they're winning. I'm not ready at this time to help bring this secretariat to life. But I expect to within a few weeks or months. (The members of one well-managed DLR group, with quite enough on its hands already, has seen a preview of this. I don't expect them to divert their resources to it.) If you are a qualified, experienced, and successful (former) general manager (like me) or broad-range senior administrator, with time on your hands: I'm happy to help you take this idea off me and run with it. But otherwise: Just think about this, with an open mind, and await further announcements about it. I'm sharing this idea with you, now, for these reasons: -- Today's DLR PR announcement looks like the biggest since I returned from overseas 7 months ago. -- You may have some special skills that various DLR groups need (web site authoring, bookkeeping, graphic designing, marketing, librarianship, call centre, writing, etc.) - so consider volunteering. -- You may be the officer or member of a DLR group that would benefit from such services - so consider asking for help. -- You may be in a DLR group that is dwindling and has had no real successes, and would benefit from a friendly confidential "business audit" to help point out your weak points and strengths. -- You may know of DLR groups that didn't receive this email, and should get a copy of it - so please forward it, and CC me for the new address. -- You may find errors, overlaps, or gaps in this proposal - so discuss it in the forum (or email me, if you must). -- To let you know there ARE things DLR groups are doing noticeably poorly, and there ARE solutions to those shortcomings. Cheers, Carl Turney Belgrave, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Mobile 0427 024 735 p.s. Keenly need a job and/or clients in the Melbourne area. Specialise in management, research, analysis, writing, training, clerical, etc. Happy for part-time and casual, too. More info is on the About page of my company website: www.boms.com.au Willing to consider relocation, under certain limited circumstances. Also happy getting exercise... So have a construction-site White Card, ute, PPE, hand tools, and some building/demolition experience.
  6. Hey guys, Finally we have made a great start in a long term dream and purchased 110heacters in NSW (near Glenn Inns, amazing land, very beautiful ) to build a ecovillage/community (so to call it) apon. Land is perfect many natural resources , springs, creeks, deer, goats, wild foods already there for a start. Problem we are facing is with local shire laws and the steps needed to take to officialy start the ecovillage down the right tracks. Our basic accommodation module has been developed by a specialist architect, and we have no problems with getting ONE of these units built on the land. a 2 bedroom cottage made from hay bails and cob (claymud/sand/straw), the plans have been drafted to NSW regulations and Australia building standards and is guaranteed to get passed by the architect. The land has a current building title for the next 5 years. (ok to build) Problem we face is there is a multi occupancy clause that makes it so other occupancy's must be attached to each other and in this shire sub division's must be 500acears and our block is 300, i assume if we declair it a village as such we dont have to worry about this restrictions? all this is great in theory with common law so the speak but in practice what form do i start with? Or really in common law we just start? but i would rather the shire on my side and not against me.... So what steps must i take to somehow declair the land as a village under law or freeman / common law, legitly I first register a Co OP and then the transfer the land into the Co Op's name???? What are my REAL options to get this achevied? selling the land and buying elsewhere is not a option. I have spoke to the town planer and they are "ok" with this but they cant change the restrictions ( they are attending expo's with plans to try change it), a loop hole they subconsciously suggested to me was to declair all "homes" as rural sheds and apply for a exemption every 12 months. Any more ideas? Any lawyers would like to offer there services at a Discounted price to help draft a few contracts and help set up a Co OP or Pty Ltd to manage / own the property would be much appreciated, please forward quote to me. It will be a Trading Co Op Group ( i think will be best), not non for profit co op, we have 2 members required for Co-op Group or could get 5 if required for the co-op. Thanks again, Any help / ideas would be greatly appreciated. Or any questions on any thing to do with our planing don't hesitate to ask. Confused once again.... V
  7. The Victorian drug statistics handbook 2003: Patterns of drug use and related harm in Victoria http://www.health.vic.gov.au/drugservices/downloads/hbook_2003.pdf Not much use, messy and inconsistent stats - sometimes MDMA is included as a hallucinogen ( eg for health reporting purposes), sometimes not 2007 National Drug Strategy Household Survey http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/phe/ndshs07-df/ndshs07-df.pdf Form of hallucinogens used, recent users aged 14 years or older - Datura/angel’s trumpet comes in at a staggering 4.7%, but they admit there isRESEARCH CHEMICAL DRUG USE a "Relative standard error greater than 50%." AUSTRALIAN DRUG TRENDS 2010 Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDR http://ndarc.med.unsw.edu.au/NDARCWeb.nsf/resources/Conference1/$file/IDRS+&+EDRS+2010.pdf - Not a lot of people using tropanes, though why it was included under the heading of "RESEARCH CHEMICAL DRUG USE" is a mystery...(Thanks for this qualia )
  8. Louisiana State law banning a number of plants, including such deadly varieties as Mugwort, Lions tail and Damiana: http://www.legis.state.la.us/billdata/streamdocument.asp?did=722309 and their law that banned Salvia Divinorum, plus datura, galangal (yes, that's right), Calea and many more. But don't feel left out, our glorious federal government is giving their own band of stupidity a red-hot go