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Found 2 results

  1. Am a huge fan of commercial Trichoderma spp blends as a liquid fertiliser addition to my home garden. The commercial products are usually sold as dry powders- spore mixes treated for storage. I have run right out of these and need some soon. I have Trichoderma spp cultures in my library, and I can easily do liquid cultures based on my standard fertiliser blend. Would the shock of throwing a growing but otherwise sterile culture, even at log phase, into the wild to compete with other organisms potentially any advantage? What sort of optical density of the LC Trichoderma would I need as a fertiliser base, to add as 10x, 100x or 1000x. Can I wing it or do I need to switch the spectrophotometer on? Anyone had any experience trying this?
  2. SOME PROBLEM SOLVERS AND ADVICE REGARDING GROWING POPPIES   The biggest problem people encounter trying to grow poppy begins with watering. Most people, as with most seeds plant them and then get out the trusty old watering can. This is a fail to begin with as poppy seeds need a combination of sunlight, water, with a loose growing medium and if either of these three conditions not being met re not being met or other water dispenser pushes the seed deep into the ground. Surface sowing or broadcasting is the way to go. The seeds need light, you should spray with a spray bottle, this is the most succesful method of germinating poppy seeds. Also, planting at about 5 o'clock in the evening can help. Ants absolutely love seeds, especially poppy! I have watched ants taking my seeds as I am planting! Once they come up overwatering is bad. Fast draining soil is important, giving them a decent water to encourage healthy root growth. I use numerous watering cans and spray bottles including a big two and a half litre mister that works by pumping it, building up the pressure sending a lovely mist over a fresh patch of soil or a bunch of pots. Once the seedlings germinate It is best to use a small watering can with a long thin spout allowing one to direct the water exactly where it needs to go . In this way soil is soaked round the seedling encouraging the tap root to move lower. The third watering the soil is soakedsoil is soaked companion in my system is a regular plastic watering can. In this way I conserve water as it is distributed exactly as desired without any wastage at a very low cost, I must add. Transplanting poppies has never been all that successful in my journey but I have heard of a method that sounds like it may have merit. The method that I am talking of is that of planting a bunch of seeds in a pot, container, peat pot, something that can be placed directly into the ground with minimum interference. Keep the medium moist. As poppy likes a well draining, ph. neutral soil nearing acidic there are alot of options. For seedlings soaking the medium in a combination of something like Seasol always scores me healthier looking seedlings. It is worth experimenting as there are an increasing amount of beneficial products coming out all of the time. I have a worm farm so I like to use a very light combination of diluted (very diluted, like 5 times as much as one would normally dilute it for use 10 parts water to one part worm juice so that would be 50 parts water to 1 part worm juice.) Experiment with these amounts but don't go too hard, seeds are packed with a fair amount of proteins to get them started so they don't actually require any help to sprout bar water and light so the nutrients are for the seedling. Seeds are amazing little packages of life! It never ceases to amaze me how the tiniest seeds can grow into the most beautiful, complex expressions of life. Peat pot are possible to us but I find that I nust "loosen" the peat inside or else the peat is too compact and will not let the roots pass through. Loosened, this is entirely different working well, planting numerous seeds so that the seedlings on the oustside will always protect the ones on the inside. My advice, as far as soil mix would be to use chook manure (cow manure is good also,poppies love a soil that is highin phosphorus, any type of manure is good, maybe not mushroom manure because one thing you definitely don't wantis any fungi problems. Fast draining soil is probably the most important factor. You do not want to see water sitting on top of your soil. I found a type of seeds they sell in Bunnings. If you have any soil you are not entirely happy with buy a few packs of soil conditioning seeds. They contain barley, legumes, and a few other types of plants that convert nitrogen from the air intonitrogen for the soil ! This conditions it, creating really good aeration. I am an eco-warrior so I will grow lettuce, let it grow outand then the soil is ready for a plant that needs phosphorus (such as poppy!). When the poppies have grown out their life cyclethe soil is ideal for lettuce, basil, any leaf bearing plants you can think of, virtually! MY GOLDEN RULE : Plant the seeds on top of the gound. If you have to sprinkle some soil across it then it will not harm anything but is not necessary. Poppy seeds need light to germinate. Use a mister, I use a 2 and a half litre super mister that puts out a huge thin mist. You can use a spray bottle, I like themister because I can mist over a large area. Mist the soil until seedlings appear. Once seedlings appearwater them, keeping the soil dampish but not too damp. Water, making sure that the watergoes at leastas deep as taproots and deeper to encourage the taproot to grow. Plant more than you need, that way you can thin out the bigger ones, keeping the more uniform plants.That way you end up being able to grow more. One per foor is the generlally given rule.