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  1. spooge

    i, olive........

    Hello, I've decided to formally make a hello everyone thread that I never made when I joined nearly 2 or 3 years ago I'm hoping this will explain to you all why I'm me. I also caution you that this post contains revolting themes. Please understand that whilst you read this i am not seeking sympathy or empathy by posting this, the reason I'm doing this is so you all know why i am me and why i react like i do sometimes on here. Some may or may not agree with some of the life choices i have had to make, i also very much regret many of my actions. I was born to trash. wasn't taught to walk till i was 18 months old. By 2 the parents had separated and us 3 kids were living with the mother. this woman is quite promiscuous and had several relationships with different abusive men. when i was 8 she lost it and we were sent to live with our father in Vic. 6 months later she rocks up and picks us up, meanwhile she has met a new man who is about to change everything forever. This man with the consent of the woman who was suppose to be my mother abuses me physically, emotionally and sexually until i left escaped from home at 17. this man doesn't like little girls so my sister was safe, my brother fought him as much as he was able, he lost as well. I attended 16 schools from year 1. so i literally escape home at 17 and become a junkie and live on the doll etc, trying to kill my self on every drug there is, this is early 90's diff stuff around. I did this until i was 25. then one night whilst dying under someones kitchen table as id just drunk a bottle of scotch and eaten multiple mind altering substances, i realised i want more, i realised that i am worth it and i can make something of myself despite having nothing and being treated the way i had, that i have every right to become. i ween myself from the drugs and enrol in a 4 year adv dip in visual arts. I do very well at this, this 'saves' my life, by graduation i am also working in the art dept. for the next 15 years i built a visual art career whilst working at this govt dept. Ive works in many respected collections, found materials, heavy acrylic use, anti all themes, lge sculpture. I also built a number of public art projects as well as running many state govt art projects. my sister has children, 2 boys and 1 girl, i remind her how i and my brother were treated and she denies all knowledge. I contact the WA police and begin an 8 month long process in creating a statement that outlines the abuse that my brother and i suffered. my brother cooperates but will not admit to any sexual abuse, i witnessed him being abused so i know this not to be true. The police decide the main abuser is the stepfather and arrest and charge him with multiple offences The WA police try these offenders 3 times, so 3 trials and they are found not guilty due to lack of evidence as my brother will not collaborate the statement of him being abused. when i started working at the art school i was the floor sweeper on 14$ hr when i resigned i was on $75 hr casual wage working 40 hr weeks, coordinating the department. i meet my now ex partner during this time. My partner and i buy a house in WA in 2007, we renovate this house and build a beautiful garden. In 2011 the ex partners last living relative dies and leaves him 3mil inheritance. well fuck hey, that some serious cash. we pay off our debts and decide to move to a special place in SA where its green for 9 months of the year we buy a beautiful farm and then hire builders to renovate the house and build a large green house The ex partner manages these projects whilst i complete the sale of the house in WA and kiss work goodbye. It transpires that the builders are unregistered, uninsured and not qualified to build the green house of perform some of the works in the house, 3/4 of the workman shit is no to Australian standard. so I then begin a 3 year odyssey to try and make the builders accountable for their actions through state government organisations, this proves fruitless, none of them will cooperate or help me solve the problem. I can sue the builder, but why should i when have already paid for the work to get done? few weeks ago my partner leaves me partly due to the stress of the building situation, please understand we see and live with these non compliances on a daily basis. I loose it a bit, get off tap and then call the builders for 6hrs on both their phones threatening to kill them in so many wonderful ways, i even told them id drink their blood next morning police turn up and arrest me on 2 counts of threat to kill the builders. I'm mad as a hatter by this stage so I'm cuffed etc........... all this has been recorded on camera and cctv footage which my lawyer has requested. I was assaulted at the police station and put in a paddy van for an hour, double cuffed and in came with a huge guy who had just been sentenced to 5 yrs jail, i expect the police presumed he'd smash me, i used my charm and wit so i didn't get a hiding, he was a nice bloke actually. So i had to break the law for these gov departments to take notice as they all now have a duty of care as i have threatened to kill the builders, over the last week I've had a multitude of gov heads of depts kissing my ass so i don't make complaints to the ombudsman or go to the media. They are all now investigating the claims and are even providing free inspections. The builders will not be allowed their second chance to fix their workmanship as is the law in SA as there is an avo in place. The courts will decide which trades people fix these builders mess, at the builders expense. So thats fucking that, thats my lot and i have to live with it. I just hope my nephews are strong men and survive. the alternative was to kill the abuser, i felt id already spent 20 yrs of my life in 'jail' whilst under their roof and i wasn't going to be incarcerated in prison for another 20 for murder. I have no family at all, havnt spoken to any of them in over 10 years xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The other side......... As you lot may have gathered i loooooove trading. Im building one of the largest cactus and ethno gardens in SA, I've invested a lot of money into this and will continue to do so supporting traders on here and the SAB shop and bobobob As you know I'm an honest person and i do tryn be nice but sometimes i get a bit ugly cuz of what i have been through. Whilst this is no excuse and does not give me permission to break the rules of the site, i sometimes post a bit aggressively and am working on this Anger is the emotion i have used to 'survive' becoming happy won't be happn overnight, but I'm trying guys, i really am. SAB - i love this place, in my short time here i have learnt so much and met many wonderful people sssshhhhh don't tell anyone but i pretend that this place is my family. Please don't 'like' this post, id prefer it doesn't end up in the most popular content etc................thank you guys and girls