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Found 58 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am currently looking for fruits because I want to make a comparison in my SAN PEDRO book and my THE GENUS TRICHOCEREUS. All Trichocereus fruits welcome. In particular I am looking for fruit pics of Tr. huanucoensis, TJG, Tr. santaensis, Tr. validus, Tr. taquimbalensis, Tr. terscheckii, Tr. uyupampensis, Tr. cuzcoensis, Tr. bridgesii, Tr. glaucus etc. I just realized I am looking for all. :-P So please let me know if you have pics that might look awesome in the printed books. Thanks. bye EG
  2. courage

    Acacia obtusifolia seeds

    Looking for acacia obtusifolia seeds. Can only offer cash right now.
  3. At Oliveton We have a number of quality items for sale. Prices are the same for everyone - 1 post or 50000000 posts means shit to me, fairs fair and you will receive, very well packaged trades sent on time, regardless of wether you have just joined or been here here for yonks. Prints and swabs are for microscopy only All seeds, Trichocereus and herb seeds are fresh and viable Choice of Trich cuts and seedlings We've a web page being constructed now so this will be one of the last opportunities to acquire quality items at non vendor trades and prices. Please pm for information Thank you.
  4. I was idly looking through the posts & my eye fell upon a relatively recent post by someone wanting rose seeds. I logged in & was redirected miles from the post I wanted to post on & couldn't find it again. Hopefully whoever posted that will read this: I have some Rosa gallica officinalis plants with rose hips on them right now. The thing with using rose seeds as opposed to cuttings is that they may produce 'sports' (different types from the parent plant) plus I've never had much luck getting the seeds to grow. But if you're willing to wait until after the first frosts, which is when the seeds will be viable, I'm happy to send you some. R. gallica off. is the "Apothecary's Rose"; it is an ancient single flowering rose, first introduced into Britain by the Romans. It is one of the major scent roses & still used in perfumery. As far as I know the best way to extract the scent is by enflurage. Cheers.
  5. Matt1208

    anyone grow roses and have seed?

    looking to buy some rose seeds, preferably in bulk, really anything over 50 seeds will be good. cash and trade Pm or post here Cheers
  6. I'm Tropical Fruit Seeds supplier,especially fruit seeds of Borneo(Indonesia) such as Artocarpus species,Baccaurea species,Mangifera species,Nephelium species,Durio species,Stelechocarpus burahol and others. I live in Indonesia. I can provide many tropical fruit seeds when the fruiting season started on about January - March,and right now the borneo fruiting season has started. I've sent seeds to Australia,China,Taiwan,France,Germany,Slovak rep.,USA,Rusia,Greece,South korea,Africa and others,if you want to buy seeds please check the quarantine database whether the seeds you want to buy are allowed entry because some species are not allowed. Sending seeds to Australia are okay as long as the seeds are clean and the botanical name is written on seed packet,and also using vermiculite(Not sphagnum moss). Please feel free to contact me. +6286725507258 Maryoto1981(at)gmail.com
  7. Hey folk Done the very last of my sowing out for this year and have a handfull of seeds left to giveaway so they dont go to waste. They are - Papaver somniferum "Gigantheum" - approx 50 Mimosa hostilis - 4 Desmanthus illinoensis - 6 Datura stromomiun - approx 50 (thx doublebenno! but you sent way too many!) Happy to post to anywhere. Only want to send out in one lot because I'm pretty fucken lazy at the moment. So if your interested, post here and in 24 hrs I will randomly pick one person to take em off my hands. ALSO ......if anyone wants to donate a cut or two of dragon fruit and is happy posting to Perth then feel free to PM me. Will pay postage of course. Thanks to an awesome member I should be right on the dragon fruit for now.
  8. Matt1208

    wanted sarracenia

    looking for sarracenia seeds or plants of more unique varieties, have $$ or a few seeds to trade. cheers
  9. Matt1208

    Free pitcher plant seeds

    Just got about 20-30 seeds from one of my pitcher plant flowers 10 minutes ago, I have no need for them so theyre free to anyone who wants them, First come first serve Will have more in about a week when the seeds mature on the other flower
  10. Sorting thru my seed stash for the start of spring and came to the realisation I have way more than I'm ever gonna get around to growing, or have the space to grow. So rather than leave them lying around gathering dust for a year, thought i'd give something back to you SABers. Unfortunately its gonna have to be Australian members only due to a lack of funds for international postage. Anyone who's interested please post just once below and I'll use a random number generator with the post numbers to pick a winner eg first reply will start at No 2 (post number) then onwards. There'll be 2 x First Prize, and 2 x Second Prize. So a total of 4 lots to giveaway. All items are seeds, no plants involved. FIRST PRIZE x 2 Acacia floribunda x 20 Acacia acuminata Small Seed x 20 Acacia acuminata Narrow Phyllode x 10 Phalaris arundinacea Turkey Red x Big Medicine x 50 Rivea corymbosa x 10 Capsicum annum mixed x 20 Hawaiin Baby Woodrose x 4 Trichocereus pachanoi OP x 30 Trichocereus bridgesii x Trichocereus pachanoi x 50 Psychotria viridis x 3 Lophophora williamsii x 20 Cereus hildemanianus monstrose cross x 5 Nicotiana rustica x 50 Heimia salicifolia x 50 SECOND PRIZE x 2 Acacia floribunda x 20 Acacia acuminata Small Seed x 20 Acacia acuminata Narrow Phyllode x 10 Phalaris arundinacea Turkey Red x Big Medicine x 50 Rivea corymbosa x 10 Capsicum annum mixed x 20 I'll finish it at midnight Friday 29 August east coast time, and post the results sometime next weekend. And finally, thanks to everyone who's sent me stuff through trades, giveaways or just the goodness of their own hearts. If you recognise some seeds then theyre most probably from you. Without this great community I wouldn't have any of these to giveaway to begin with.
  11. Im after some plastic plant labels maybe 100 or so, I have some spare seeds that are just laying around I can offer; Phalaris aquatica x50 Mixed papaver somniferum x500+ Turkish purple papaver x25+ Datura stramonium x 15 Jap maple x5 Sida cordifolia x15 Henbane x15 Wormwood x50 Nicotina tobaccum x100+ Californian poppy x100+ cordyline x26 Black and pink hibiscus *alyogyne hakeifolia* x25 all this for 100 plant labels sounds like a fair trade to me? I understand I don't have the best rep so I'm more then happy to send first.
  12. BORNEO rare fruit seeds for sale(Durio Sp & Artocarpus Sp): 1. Artocarpus Rigidus Local name:Tempuni,Kundang,tempunai,mendeleka(mendeluka),perian,tampang,tampaneh,tampunet,tapuret,jelatoh. The fruit has a sweet taste with a slight mixture of sour taste. Price : $2 2. Artocarpus Anisophyllus Local name:Mentawa,Mentawak. Spread in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, and the smaller islands in between. The fruit has sweet taste. Price:$2 3. Durio Kutejensis Local name:Lai,Nyekak,Pekawai. This Durio has almost no smell,has a chewy texture. Price:$3 4. Durio Oxleyanus Local name:Kerantungan,Kerantongan. This durio has spines that are a little longer than usual durian,one fruit has only 2-3 seeds. Price:$3.5 Send mail to Maryoto1981(at)gmail.com to order.
  13. Hi All, ***** (1) Pavilions at Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens being burnt down: So it's true? The Tecoma Pavilion wasn't burnt? Anyone been there to have a look-see since mid May? Even so, I'm thinking that the officially scheduled demand for Tecoma will shoot way up (for weddings, anniversaries, etc.) because the others were destroyed. Meaning (especially in winter) we'll probably be sitting around in the rain, looking at others who are under cover. ***** (2) A new (better) venue from now on: An alternative venue may be called for. Someplace cheap, not too far from the "centre" of Melbourne, with ample parking and weather cover. Glen Iris has been the "centre of population" for Melbourne since the 1990s (q.v. Wikipedia). The Monash Freeway, Metro stations, and bus lines are all close, and I'm sure the parking would be better. It seems the fairest and most democratic place to shoot for, and may result in an increased turnout. Anyone live in that local government area, and want to check out cheap meeting hall rentals? I'm happy to pay $2 to $5 for a warm dry place with a kettle. It's not like we get together all that often. (3) Next actual meeting: When ARE we gonna meet again? I really miss you guys. My propagation successes are still overwhelming the capacity of my garden, so I've got lots of established plants to give away. (4) A name: Maybe change our name from "the melbourne botanical garden ethnobotanical appreciation group" to something a bit less "botanical garden", and maybe with the word "growers" added? (We are uniquely interested in the practial aspects of cultivating and propagating very challenging species from all over the world.) Cheers, Old Man Carl
  14. Hi guys! I'm kinda new on here I guess, a long time lurker. I saw the recent post on peoples opinions on the Koehres seeds and the opinion is the same as mine, pretty average at best. What other sites would you recommend for purchase? Thanks for your time, and I hope to share a few pictures soon and get to slowly know people Thanks in advance!! JT
  15. Hey everyone, I picked up a few macadamia nuts whilst near Main Arm last year for Bluesfest, and upon arriving home I threw two into gardening pots, not expecting much of anything. To my great surprise, one of them took off and I now have a foot high macadamia plant growing in my collection. Given that maccas prefer sub-tropical climates and are native to northern NSW and QLD, can I ever (10 years from now) expect anything from this plant, and will it tolerate Melbourne's chilly winters and frost? Wikipedia states: "Macadamias prefer fertile, well-drained soils, a rainfall of 1,000–2,000 mm, and temperatures not falling below 10°C (although once established, they can withstand light frosts), with an optimum temperature of 25 °C," but I don't necessarily regard Wikipedia's word as law. My one nut (ha!) took off some time after spending winter on the surface of soil in my garden, and by summer's end, was demanding to be noticed. Will it cope with impending winter, or should I bring little mate inside? Thanks for reading! I've attached pics because proud parent. Anyone willing to take a stab at its species? Dunno whether integrifolia or tetraphylla, or a hybrid...
  16. how long do you soak your seeds in Gibberellic acid prior to planting?
  17. Kepel(Stelechocarpus burahol) seeds available for sale,origin from Indonesia. Payment methode:Paypal or western union. Seeds price $4 USD per one seed(Can be negotiated). Discount and special price for wholesale buyer. Offer closed in the end of april. Send message to Maryoto1981(at)gmail.com to order. Information about kepel fruit: Stelechocarpus burahol, known as the kepel,kepel fruit,keppel fruit,kepel apple or burahol is an annonaceous plant from the humid evergreen forests of Southeast Asia,known for producing an edible fruit.The fruit is grown only in central Java. The plant is an evergreen,with stiff,elliptical,glossy leaves. The fruits of Stelechocarpus burahol grow on the lower part of the trunk,on the larger branches.They have a spicy flavor akin to that of the mango.They are greenish-yellow and oval,3-4 centimeters long.The new growth is bright pink or burgundy,known for producing an edible fruit. One can propagate S. burahol from the seeds of ripe fruit. The fruit of this species has traditionally been known in Java to have value as an oral deodorant.Out of the pulp, seed and peel, the peel has the best adsorbent ability. A 2012 study showed that it reduced the odor of feces by activating the probiotic bacterium Bifidobacter.Stelechocarpus burahol is also an antihyperuricemic and has traditionally been used to treat gout. This fruit is an identity flora of Daerah Istimewa Jogjakarta.Stelechocarpus burahol was loved by Javanese princesses because it was a symbol of unity and mental and physical integrity.Because it functioned as a deodorant,many common people did not have this tree planted because they believed they would get cursed.That made this tree rare. This fruit was also believed to be used by Javanese Princesses as contraception.The fruit is believed to have the function of preventing kidney inflammation.The wood can be made into house tools,the leaves used to lower cholesterol. This rare fruit can be found at Keraton Jogjakarta Area,Taman Mini Indonesia Indah,Taman Kiai Langgeng Magelang and Kebun Raya Bogor.
  18. :)ALL DONE FOR NOW. Thanks all.
  19. Hi there, I've just been organising the next planting season, and have some excess cultivated seed. I also have some seeds suitable for bonsai. There's not a lot, so first in first serve. All are for giveaway, no payment of course, but I could never say no to the offer of a nice spore print ([psilos, pans, gyms - for microscopy], edibles, medicinals). PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SEEDS ARE NOW GONE Thanks for your enthusiasm and positive response guys!! Cheers!
  20. Hi there, I've just been organising the next planting season, and have some excess cultivated seed. I also have some seeds suitable for bonsai. There's not a lot, so first in first serve. All are for giveaway, no payment of course, but I could never say no to the offer of a nice spore print (psilos, pans, gyms, edibles, medicinal). PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SEEDS ARE NOW GONE. Thanks for the enthusiasm and positive response guys!! Cheers!
  21. I'm looking to buy Trichocereus seeds/seedlings/cuttings of all species, please let me know
  22. AVAILABLE : KEPEL(STELECHOCARPUS BURAHOL) SEEDS FOR SALE Kepel(Stelechocarpus burahol) seeds available for sale. Able using paypal payment. Discount and special price for wholesale buyer. Send message to Maryoto1981(at)gmail.com to order.
  23. TROPICAL FRUIT SEEDS FOR SALE:Sandoricum koetjape,Diospyros blancoi and Nephelium lappaceum 1. Diospyros blancoi(Velvet apple) - $1 USD per one seed 2. Sandoricum koetjape(Wild mangosteen) - $1 USD per one seed 3.Nephelium(Rambutan) - $0.50 USD per one seed Send PM or email to order. Discount for wholesale buyer(More than 100 seeds)
  24. alexho

    Fresh Durian Seeds ?

    anybody ? i want to try growing these :D pm me if you have eaten fresh, not frozen durians, save them for me please lol. durian nutter
  25. whitewind

    Christmas Seed Giveaway

    There, that got your attention, didn't it? But are we really giving away the right kind of seed this holiday season? Read on to find out more.. http://theconversation.com/wash-and-go-for-a-weed-free-christmas-holiday-20920 23 December 2013, 7.44am AEST Wash and go for a weed-free Christmas holiday Authors Catherine Pickering Associate Professor at Griffith University Micheal Ansong PhD candidate at Griffith University Disclosure Statement Catherine Pickering has received funding and/or conducted consultancies from the Queensland Government, Brisbane City Council, New South Wales National Parks and the Australian Alps Liaison Committee,,the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility and the Cooperative Center for Sustainable Tourism. Micheal Ansong does not work for, consult to, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has no relevant affiliations. While native in Europe, gorse has become one of the world’s worst weeds, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Flickr: orangebrompton As Christmas and summer holidays approach, many of us are packing our bags, ready to drive off on holidays to see families and friends. Those long car trips are often to coastal towns, national parks and other stunning landscapes. But before we all set off, it’s worth giving a thought to what else may be coming along for the ride. There are more than 625 species of plants worldwide that have seeds that can attach and be dispersed by cars, according to our recent systematic review, published in PLoS ONE. Nearly all of these plants (96%) are considered a weed somewhere in the world, and 370 of them have been introduced to Australia and have now spread to a wide range of habitats. Why does carrying weed seed matter? In Australia, weeds threaten many natural ecosystems as well as invade our gardens, and are a major threat to biodiversity globally. They are also very expensive to manage, with the estimated cost of weeds to Australian agriculture a massive $4 billion a year. Worst weeds to watch for Nine of the worst weeds in Australia have seed than can be carried on cars. Weeds growing on road verge in Kosciuszko National Park. Click to enlarge These include boneseed, Chilean needle grass, serrated tussock, gorse, two species of willows, parthenium weed, blackberrys and mediterranean broom, which are all considered to be “weeds of national significance”. Gorse alone is thought to cost well over $1 million a year in lost productivity, mainly in Victoria and Tasmania. With its masses of bright yellow flowers, this tough prickly shrub can produce up to 6 million seeds per hectare each year, which can then last up to 30 years. As well as dominating old pastures, riverbanks and roadsides, gorse is a flammable species that is becoming an increasing problem in national parks, including the Blue Mountains, Barrington Tops National Park and the Australian Alps. One car, thousands of seeds Although individually our cars may only carry a few seed, collectively it all adds up. With more than 12.7 million passenger cars on the road in Australia, we estimate that there are between 25 million and 51 million seeds carried on cars on any given day in Australia. In one of study by Nigel Wace that we reviewed, the sludge from just one car wash in Canberra was found to contain an astonishing 18,566 viable seeds. Cars can carry seeds long distances, much further than by many natural means such as wind and water. Although most seed is likely to be dispersed at shorter distances (up to 40 kilometres), some seed is transported more than 250 kilometres on cars. Weed seed hiding places So where on your car might all these seeds be? Seeds can be found in lots of places, including wheels, wheel rims, under the chassis, front and back mudguards, and in the interior, particularly the floor mats on the driver’s side of the car. They can also travel on arches and bumper bars. Where and when you drive matters too. Driving on a paved road collects less seed than driving on an unpaved road. When it’s dry, fewer seeds may attach to your car, but they may then be carried further than driving on a wet day. If you get lots of mud on your car, it’s likely it will contain a lot of weed seed, particularly if you drive across paddocks, road verges or go four wheel driving. Carrying weed seed may not be such an issue when you’re driving in cities, but when you’re heading into remote natural areas, you may be bringing weeds with you. So what can you do about this problem? It’s easy: just give the car a quick wash before you head out on that holiday. Then pack your bags, drive safely, and have a great summer break.