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Found 48 results

  1. Here are my first efforts at grafting... lophophora var caespitosa on to Trichocereus Pachanoi (possibly a hybrid crossed with Peruvianus)... This one grafted onto a Trich that I grew from seed. This one went very well...
  2. So, early in November (2013) I was inspired to try and recreate the natural habitat soils of Central America. - going only by what I have read and seen in photos of lophs in natural habitat. this article gave me some examples that tipped me over the edge! >> http://www.cactusconservation.org/CCI/library/2009_Snicer_TheLittlestLophophora.pdf Apart from wanting to provide an optimal grow medium, I am also totally taken by the creamy limestone "clay" with the deep cracks emanating from each plant. I have often seen limestone chunks dropped on top of soil in pots but it looks clumsy and I doubt that the low surface area is effective in distributing mineral from the limestone (especially if bottom-watering). Limestone is not freely available where I am and I wanted to use something locally and easily available, so basically I wanted to make a limestone soil, without limestone. Limestone is essentially calcium carbonate CaCO3, so are seashells, so are eggshells, so that's what I used. I decided the medium should be ground finely if it was to produce a smooth consistency that would crack between waterings. The eggshells were by far easier to grind in the mortar and pestle than the seashells (of which I washed the salt off first) but the seashell "flour" is absolutely divine, sings like porcelain when you stir it with a teaspoon! :-) I had also been recommended gypsum, for it's calcium content and ability to turn clay friable. But because of it's neutral pH it would not be a substitute for the slightly alkaline sea and egg shells. (alkaline like limestone) Gypsum did however prove useful in enhancing the cracking effect on the surface... The final mix included: seashells eggshells gypsum clay I kept a fair amount of the plants' previous mix around the roots so as not to shock them, including pumice, scoria, "cactus mix", and coco-coir. I was a bit worried that I was almost setting them in plaster! the medium dries quite hard, but can be broken apart when wet... They are watered with worm tea, and are looking pretty healthy almost 2 months on... here is an example of growth below ^November ^January others... The only variation I have used since, is adding some perlite to avoid compaction, but I didn't like the grey colour it gave... although I am germinating 100 fricii seeds in it with a 41/100 rate so far and all are looking delightfully bright... If anyone has some tips or cautionary advice, please lay it on me! :-) Thanks for looking!
  3. planthelper

    last chance lophophora sale

    I get rid of the collection, so most of the lophophore you can see are for sale. no time wasters please, like 15 replies in a conversation and than no sale (it has happened). I will give them away for cheap, but in return I ask for you to act promt, and don't ask me any other questions. you pm me with how much money you want to spend, and I make you a parcel. I will tell you what you will receive in detail. you have my word you will be a very happy camper! you can ask for lophophore on there own roots (which are small, but good size and ~3 years old) or for grafts, or for both. express postage will be added depending on the size of the parcel. sorry no wa trades. use bottle cap as whats its name (size reference, or?) click on the pic, to get large size and browse!
  4. planthelper

    lophophora pest

    hi! I got this spots on some of my lophophoras, and got no idea, what they are, or how to get rid of them. any suggestions are welcomed. I guess it could be some kind of rust fungus, and maybe treatments with mancozeb would help. loph with spots: close up, sorry for quality, I couldn't find the tripod:
  5. Hi guys, I am thinking of moving my lophs out of pots and into the open garden one day. They are well-established but don't seem to be overly thriving. They are already kept outdoors, in terra cotta pots in part-sun. I like the fact that I can move them into shelter / out of harsh sun when needed in pots, but the open garden would probably allow them to grow bigger, build deeper roots and access a greater variety of nutrients. Has anyone here had success with this? If so, I would appreciate any tips about how best to go about it. Eg., soil preparation, position, fertilising. At present, I only feed Seasol a few times a year over spring / summer. Thanks for your feedback, Cimi
  6. THCixx420


  7. so i grafted this lil dude today do you recon he's an albino ??? i have to say it looks a little bit whiter in person it was pretty difficult to get a shot of i need a macro lens for my camera
  8. small give away! 1, ~50 lophophora seed fresh, mixed which, produced a good percentage of caespitosae plants. 2, one small button, on it's own roots. 3, 6 nice pereskiopsis cuttings. requirements: more than 100 post's, but less than 500. low income member. just reply with one sentence, regarding what you like about sab. and I will pick a winner, within the next 2 day's.
  9. Hello again everyone. In the coming week/s I am looking to buy a heap of different clones to expand my collection. If anyone would like to sell some cuttings, or even seedlings(for my new mini GH) Anything Trichocereus is preferred but I am also looking for some Lophophora as two of mine have just met their demise. Grafted or not grafted. Would rather pay cash, but also may have a couple of things laying around for trade. Just wondering
  10. 4 Headed Turbinicarpus lophophoroides T. lophophoroides with fruit forming next to flower from about 4 months ago. I think its the one I jammed in a L. texana first, so does anyone know if T.lophophoroides is self-fertile or not? most evidence suggests yes i think Dichro T. lophophoroides Turbinicarpus swobodae Mohawk L. texana (Caespitose texana?) Another texana fricii 1 Mutant fricii (Caespostose fricii?) fricii...anyone else think there could be some variegation going on here? Copiapoa hypogea spp. barquitensis bit over a year and a half old and getting quite large and full of pups (will trade pups for other small cacti offsets)
  11. Hi Folks! I have a few lophophora grafted on peresiopsis and San Pedro stalks. I understand San Pedro and Loph like to have a winter dormancy period. When The cacti are grafted does that change anything? I would imagine the Pedro/Loph grafts would enjoy a rest period but what about Pereskiopsis/Loph? Being unfamiliar with the growth cycle of this "tropical" cactus, is it requires to give these a dormancy period? Secondly, is there anyone out there that lets their Lophophora grafts grow year round? Will it weaken the cactus? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Guys!
  12. planthelper

    top areolae pupping

    most of my lophophora are not pupping, but if they do, and this even at an early stage of there life, than it's mostly from the bottom (an old areola). but this young graft shows a lot of pups, emerging out of recent areola! head is about 24mm diameter.
  13. hey guys i got this grafted loph a while back it had a split in it when i got it i wasnt worried i knew it had a split and pretty much got it for nothing from a generous member on here about a month ago i tried to chop out some of the orange rot it had in the split unfortunately it got a little bit more rot on it again anyway not as much as wat it had but the problem is it goes right down to the core of the loph now so i really cant cut anymore out it looks like it should be ok anyway the real problem is that its splitting more and more i've kept it out of any direct sunlight and limited watering to next to nothing to try and slow down its growth but it just wont stop growing and the split is getting worse and worse and its even now showing some small splits on the opposite side of the large split i'm now wondering if i would be better off to try and degraft it wat do you guys think ??? heres some pics
  14. Hey all, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions about the Lophophora species. I was wondering were L. koehresii & L. decipiens fit in with other species? I assume that L.koehresii fits under L.Diffusa, making it L.Diffusa var koehresii? I have also read that L.decipiens is a variety of L. williamsii. Another question was about L.ziegleri, is this now called L.Diffusa? I would like to work this out but read lots of conflicting opinions, so I hoping to get a confirmation from my friends here Thanks everyone Cheers jox
  15. Savage Gardener

    Santa bought me a Loph!!!

    So Santa was a legend this year and on Christmas day, gave me my 1st Loph!!! That is all, I had to share with you all because my friends don't get it.
  16. hey guys looking for a bit of help here this loph has slowly gotten more and more covered in this slightly orangish skin condition as far as i can tell from my experience with orange rot that doesnt seem to be what this is (however im no expert) with a little bit of research im starting to think it may be mites hopefully someone can confirm this for me or if it is some kind of fungal infection it seems to be only on the skin i have noticed the skin has become very weak aswell with som very very light touching and attempting to see if i could rub lightly scratch any of it of the surface when i did this i noticed the skin split straight away this was about 2 days ago within only a few hours the split had dried out and looks fine really you should be able to see in one of the pics anyway wat are your thoughts guys mites or fungal infection ? thanks in advance for any help guys i love having such knowledgable people around to help with these things heres the pics
  17. The_Crack_Fox

    free seeds for aussie members.

    Free small seed packs for the first 5 replys. (if your not one of the lucky ones pm me and ill see what i can do.) Each pack contains; 10 loph. Williamsii seeds, 8 turbina corymbosa seeds (viable!) and 20 datura metal seeds. Buyer pays postage. Peace love and electromagnetic pancakes to you all!
  18. Hey guys and gals. Back in June I sowed a bunch of L. williamsii seeds with the ol' take away tek. They are now all about 2-5mm and looking ok. Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly getting them used to lower humidity by opening the take away box and leaving a little gap for circulation. I have been watering them a little too to keep them from shock (I gently pour water down along the edges of hte container so that it collects on the bottom and wicks up via the soil). The soil is mostly sharp sand, river sand/crushed gravel, and a very little bit of coir (ie; not very moisture retentive). Where to from here? When do I transplant these guys? What's the best way to do this? Should I try to put holes in the bottom of the container so that I can bottom water them? Cheers!
  19. hey all so on sunday i decided to do a loph seedling to peres graft test i only did the one single graft and to my surprise it seems to have has taken without a problem it was a little brown and stressed looking before i grafted it and over yesterday and today it has gone from its brown colour to a much greener healthier looking colour and is actually showing some signs of growth so im pretty happy and ready to graft a whole bunch more very soon heres some pics