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  1. Never got an ID on this guy. Methinks stenocereus of some sort... Any help is appreciated.
  2. Today I sowed my first seeds. I purchased them from SAB as Ech. Lageniformis x Ech. Peruviana 'KK1688' and sowed 12. I used a cactus soil mixed with about 50% perlite. Unfortunately the perlite wasn't as coarse as I would have liked. I then mixed and added some water before sterilising in the oven (100C) for 20 minutes. I purchased a small seed germinating box which should help increase humidity with spraying. I added my soil mixture to each of the 12 sections and then bathed the base in water before putting the potted area into the bottom covering. Next came the most exciting sowing. I sowed the seeds by just placing one in each section and then lightly misting before covering the germination box. I have sat it outside but out of direct sunlight. I may consider changing its position depending on temperature and sun. I still have enough seed to retry if I fail. Any advice welcome. I am very excited.
  3. I have some more of my seed grown cactus for sale. Price is 50c/cm, postage is $18 to anywhere on mainland Australia only. PayPal gift preferred. I have more that I'll add over the next couple of weeks. edit because I forgot to mention - the pach x super Pedro looks more like a Cuzco. I continue to call it pach x super Pedro because that's how the seeds were labeled.
  4. Bush Turkey

    Bridgesii sale "cliff"

    ALL SOLD see here for more info about Cliff.... http://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43421-introducing-cliff/ All buyers to pay postage. Standard post from WA 1. 40cm mid (has scarring) = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 2. 55cm tip = $40 (has scarring) SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 3. 40cm tip (has a hole from rot) = $25 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 4. 55cm mid = $40 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 5. 58cm tip = $50 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 6. 39cm tip = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 7. 35cm tip (has scarring) = $30 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  5. After winter hibernation I would like to start the growing season with a bit of a giveaway. Simply reply to this thread and your post number is your entry number (ie this is post number 1, so my number is 1). Winners will be chosen at random using a rng. I'll give away two trichocereus cactus parcels for free, including postage. Each parcel will contain at least 50cm of random seed grown trichocereus plants, lovingly grown by me. Australia only, entries close 2 September.
  6. I did a big clean up of my cactus this weekend and I have some grafting rootstock that I'm almost giving away. you pay just over postage. i have 4 packs, each containing 1 x spachianus 1 x ?* 1 x a. Horridus * this cactus was grown by me from seed labelled pach x superpedro. It looks more like a Cuzco tbh. All plants seed grown by me. each pack $25 including postage to mainland Australia. That's 3 seed grown plants for $25 including postage.
  7. Hi all - thanks for taking the time to look at this post. Hopefully you guys can help me find a solution for the issue I am having with a number of my ornamental plants. Essentially I think I have two types of problems going on with my cacti. 1# Scale bugs and #2 - Mites. Please see attached images. (Thousand words). #1 Scale #2 Mites?? (Patient Zero?) As you can see, it's a cactastrophy. I have left it for a few years, hoping that the problem would go away - but now it has shifted into the next gear and I'm worried that I might lose my entire collection. These plants have never been treated with any form of insecticide, and I hesitated to do that for obvious reasons, but now I'm prepared to pull out the big guns if need be, use systemics etc, and even cull / sell infected stock to any interested buyers. These guys have been a part of my life, and I feel like I have let them down. If possible I would really like to rescue this collection and keep the genetics for the long haul. Help please! Kind regards, tedzr
  8. Hello folks and moos! I am about to move interstate, so I am clearing out my garden. Ihave lots of cactus that I am going to have to part with. There is all sorts here, bridge, pach, scop, peruvianus, spach, grafts, loph, eileen, psycho0, bendigo.. you name it. there are many large potted or rooted items i am willing to part with, also lots of cuts. There will be spare pots and nice cactus soil and rocks, all sorts of things. Ican assure you they will be extremely cheap and there will be freebies for anyone who takes the time to check it out. Iam available most days after 5.30, and I will be home all weekend on July 2nd and 3rd. This weekend will also be anice time to come say hello if you want to before Imove away. I do like to see my fellow SABers. If you cant attend in person let me know if you are looking for anything specific and ill try to sort you out. I have attached some photos to tantalise you with.
  9. MrDuke

    IMG 0111

    Peru pups
  10. Hi, Im new here, didn't know where to begin so I thought I would start with a few photos of my plants. I'm mostly a cacti and succulent collector, and my selection is pretty modest but I have plenty of cuttings to strike this Spring and I'm trying out germinating from seed for the first time. I'm from WA so we have a hard time getting any decent plants here, so Im really happy to join SAB and hope to connect with others in our beautiful nanny state. Anyways, heres the ethnobotanical portion of my garden, as a way of introduction. The pachanoi family, I dont know what varieties they are, they have been picked up at markets and random gumtree opportunities. A 54cm spineless scopulicola, with a bit of sunburn from the previous owner. A somewhat etoliated bridgesii I bought from a long time member here who says he doesnt really use the forums much any more. Urban Tribes sourced, grown from cutting, almost 2 years old. Two baby TBMs Cuttings for spring rooting, this is a fat spined scopulicola, its really thick like 12-15cm across depending on the section, I have a few of these from moving a big plant that broke in transport. The roots and stump are buried in the garden. Another piece of that fat scopulicola More fat scopulicola. And more.... Ive even sold a few pieces, theres just so many. Psych0o bridgesii cutting, very pretty clone. Eileen bridgesii clone, apparantly the mother plant randomly goes spineless or monstrose all the time, and it looks like it was doing the spineless thing here before this cutting. Gnosis cuzcoensis clone, Im not to familiar with this clone, dont know much about it but it looks great and those spines are pretty mean. (just found out its a cuzco, thanks SAB.) I guess it is obvious looking at it now from the knobbly shape 'S' form between areoles. The rest of my garden is ornamental stuff, mostly cacti/succulents, pretty modest compared to the some of the stuff ive seen, but i hope it keeps getting bigger and more diverse. Anyways, glad to be here, thanks for having me, from WA.
  11. trichpach

    Cosmic cacti sale

    Hello SAB'ers! Long time member here, have been in somewhat hiatus since having kids. The limited yard space we have has to be utilised for the bubbas now, sand pit going in etc. so i have to downsize a little bit! I thought i'd post a pic of some of my most beloved Cacti (some pretty old & interesting varieties in here) to gauge interest. If there is interest, i'll starting edit this thread post and start posting up some individuals with prices. cheers!
  12. irabionist

    Land to rent to set up Greenhouse?

    Heyo! So I recently bought a shed frame in order to build a large greenhouse, however the land that I was going to rent in order to set it up fell through. The frame can be set up in 5 sections, each one 2m long, so whether the land is small or large the dimensions can be one of below: -Width: 4m -Height: 3m -Length: 4-10m I've looked on Gumtree and posted in other places but no luck. Pretty much just asking if anyone here know's someone or who has a bit of spare land that they'd have a lend of to me I would prefer it to be in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, but North West or North East is also good. Looking to set up a small nursery so I can propagate some of the tasty cacti specimens that I have Cheers!
  13. trichpach

    Cosmic cacti sale

    Hello SAB'ers! Long time member here, have been in somewhat hiatus since having kids. The limited yard space we have has to be utilised for the bubbas now, sand pit going in etc. so i have to downsize a little bit! I thought i'd post a pic of some of my most beloved Cacti (some pretty old & interesting varieties in here) to gauge interest. If there is interest, i'll starting edit this thread post and start posting up some individuals with prices. cheers!
  14. _Cursive

    My home made greenhouse.

    Hey guys! So I thought I'd finally get on to posting my greenhouse I made. I decided to make one as I was sick of having to re-shore up my POS Bunning's one after heavy gales. So, staying true to my frugal traits, I was thinking "best size vs. cost analysis" for the build. Over here most lengths of timber are 4.8m long. I was thinking 2.4m, but for the area, it was a little too big. So I thought 1.6m lengths - that was I can get 3 cuts from one length. This method will suffice for the roof and flooring which will be assembled as solid pieces (if I have to move house). The floor is made from premium grade pine H4 150mm x 25mm that was left over from our house decking. Screwed down with stainless steel screws. The wall framing is also screwed, so I can disassemble it if need be. The framing is H3.2 rough sawn 75mm x 95mm all over. The grading of the roof slope is 2.2m sloping down to 2m at the rear. - I had to break away from the 1.6m for obvious reasons The roof is tinted UV resistant corrugated plastic. The walls, due to the cost of using plastic sheeting are only greenhouse plastic wrapping - 25m for $10 I think. I used a staple gun to apply it. Next is the shelving... Using L-brackets for shelving support. For the shelving I used H3.2 pine decking timber. 90mm x 20mm. The shelving will consist of 2 tiers. So... I am very pleased with it at this point As you can see I utilize all the horizontal space for shelving. Left over decking timber is used where I can I decided to use really bright Caribbean colours as a nice contrast, I think it's worked well.. The paint is a Resene High-gloss enamel for outdoor with extra anti-mold additive. The surface was primed, then sanded lightly with 180 grit, then 2x coats of top coat. And thus concludes my cactus abode of colour. Ha! Hope you enjoyed
  15. grafter

    Loph graft for sale

    Grafted Lophophora Button Cactus For Sale. Graft is approximately 65mm in diameter as you can see in the attached photos. There are 7 pups growing from the Button, some with their own small pups on them. There are also several others starting to emerge. There is a small blemish because a bird decided to try a little bit, it has completely healed and the Cactus is in excellent health. Plant Rootstock is a Trichocereus pachanoi. Graft is a Lophophora williamsi.var.caespitosa. The Catus has been organically grown outdoors so it is already hardened to outside conditions. Cactus will be sent bear rooted, using Registered Post, to the lucky recipient in a well padded tube to ensure it isn't damaged in transit. Price - $130 ono Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  16. I do not know much about growing cacti, but i am going to start growing soon. Ive bought a bridgessi and am looking for tips on treating it well. Some questions i have are.. How should i make the soil? I have perlite and am going to get shapagnum moss and good soil aswell as coir. Should i use a fertilizer, if so what should i use? Should i use something like osmocote? And any general tips would be greatly appreciated.
  17. New pics and prices in the post below.
  18. WANTED: Lophs- grafted/non grafted I am in NSW and i am real keen to expand my loph garden, i would prefer big mother clusters also!!! But i appreciate anything, really Let me know! Big love!
  19. I am looking for Cylindropuntia leptocaulis, it is a woody pencil like cactus with big ass sharp spines, it grows to be a woody bush. And it produces fruit. I would be very happy if someone had this, it is also called Christmas cactus. Thanks for your time. Below are some pictures of it.
  20. looking for a small - medium loph cactus for a pretty reasonable price or we can discus a trade, anyways comment or pm if you have any of these you can spare
  21. Stumbled upon this beautiful thing today while out walking. Such sexy ribs and it did look a little bloated but what do people think it is? Going to ask the owner for a cutting soon, too sexy not to have!
  22. AZS

    Hedge Hog Cactus in flower

    this Hedge Hog cactus is blooming at Usery Mountain, East of Phoenix, Arizona

    © Please request permission

  23. Hello one and all! i could not find an introduction area so i will jump right into things. I am from the USA and have been avidly collecting cacti for almost 2 years now though i have been growing plants and cacti my whole life i only recently got into the psychedelic ones. last year i joined a different psychedelic plant forum(not sure if i can name names?) myctopia and i really enjoy it there and i here that it is just as good here. My favorite species of plant is Ariocarpus and now to the cactus porn. This is a Peruvian torch(trichocereus peruvanus) which was grown from seed back in 2007 from wild harvested seed from peru. It is one of the more "true" peruvian torches i have seen. It does not show signs of being a hybrid other than what may have happened in the wild. This second picture is of my Aztekium Ritteri scion grafted to a myrtillocactus geometrizans root stock. it was originally a 14 headed cactus but 4 heads went to a friend who grafted them. 2 of the 4 took. one was on a Ming thing(cereus forbesii monstrose) and the other was on a pilosocereus azures. Third picture is of my second aztekium ritteri graft which has over 36 heads, most are small and just starting to form. im working on grafted the larger pups so that i can graft the main head to a new root stock. The old one is brown and almost used up, when i cut it there was still green flesh under the skin so im leaving the aztekium on it till the rootstock dies. i hope to graft the stump of the aztekium ritteri that is left over once i remove the main head. I will take the small aztekium stump still attached to the root stock and graft it upside down to a new root stock to try and pup farm it. second picture is of both aztekium echinocereus rigidissimus ssp. rubispinus or the rainbow hedgehog cactus. this is just a little picture of it. water added for effect Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus triplet grafted to a stenocereus root stock. this one recently put off new growth not shown in the picture but it is doing quite well. after 2 months of rooting i checked on it to find more roots than i could hope for, glad the stenocereus is working good. Ariocarpus Retusus sub species confusus grafted to pereskiopsis (supposedly) spatulata. the pictures are a minor show of its stages from being grafted. I have had so many people try and tell me the color is sun damage/stress. its not, its from being grafted. the last picture shows the recent growth. its about 2 months old grafted and 9 months old as a seedling. My two lovely Trichocereus Bridgesii Monstrose cacti aka penis plant or penis cactus. I have both clone A and B in this picture with one of them pupping picture is about a month old This is supposedly a san pedro i grew from seed. grafted it a couple months ago and its looking really nice. but its 5-7 spines per areole. even seedling pachanoi dont have that many spines. so im guessing it is a random hybrid like most trichocereus are. I have way way more to show just waiting for someone to comment.
  24. So I recently visited the kind and caring Cok Grootscholten in Netherlands and enjoyed the company of his ridiculously sexy as all hell nursery. He's been collecting cacti since 1952 and fuck.... No words just wet dreams, again I didn't want to leave and struggled not to kiss every cacti that he owned. Not only was his nursery beautiful, but he was willingly giving me cactuses that I would've either had to pay much money for or killed to get, for free. Even offered me a cutting of his crested lophophoa.... (which we decided not to because it was winter and we didn't want the cactus to die). He said that he was happy to do it because he knew one day I would do the same to another young cactus lover..... :') ( bless his soul) Not only this, but he gave me a pup of a rare Gymnocalycium brucii that had dark flowers (which supposedly in longer exists in the wild?) sowed by the one and only Alberto Vojtech Fric himself back in 1935... ANYWAY TIME FOR PHOTOS BECAUSE THEY EXPLAIN BETTER THAN WORDS! GET YOUR TISSUE BOX READY!!!!!! That last photo is what keeps the greenhouse warm during the winter. There was still so much more that I didn't take photos of......