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    goddamn storm cell

    sunny coast used to get pretty regular hail back in the 80's & early 90's, weather cycle might just be coming round again, I remember mini cyclones regularly coming up from brizzy with crazy winds & hail for only 15-20min. It was always the storms coming from south or south west that packed a punch.
  2. Leaves

    Which chilli leaves are edible?

    It was a chilli plant, I can't remember its origin, somewhere like pacific islands, it was labelled Capsicum sp. (Unknown), the chilli's were so small & I have a decent tolerance to chilli's that I might have just swallowed them before I could feel the heat. I just ate one of my Butch T chilli leaves and they have a little heat in them, warming the stomach more than the mouth.
  3. Leaves

    Which chilli leaves are edible?

    Pretty sure the capsaicin type compounds are the toxins, I have been eating the leaves off lots of different chilli plants for years because I just throw different types of basil which have the same looking leaves when young, I never got any ill effects. I ate 2 of the tiny (smallest I've seen) chili's at Sydney botanical gardens mark 'Unknown', they didn't burn my mouth but 15 min later my blood pressure dropped, I couldn't stand up, had streams of sweat pouring off me & felt like I was going to die.
  4. Leaves

    Looking for Chaya/Tree Spinach...

    Spring Fields Garden Centre, Paradise Road, Wacol (07) 3271 2360. Try there
  5. Leaves

    The good vibes generator

    WB, get the job? Who needs + vibes now?
  6. Leaves

    Slug Wars: A New Hope

    If you water from a hose or can the cinnamon just washes away, it works just like talc, which works also. I get 5kg bags of spices so I use quite a bit, high enough they cannot climb over the line. I use the cinnamon for ants all the time & for slugs (if with pot plants) the slugs are always hiding just under the pot around the drainage holes so I just grab them a throw them next door.
  7. Leaves

    Grow morels

    Grow them, they are worth a lot here.
  8. I have noticed some peps are able to post pic's without them first showing up in the recent gallery images, can someone please explain how this is done? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks Sally & Got & tarenna for the ID, I don't mind the plant pics coming up in recent pics but would rather keep some of the less ethno stuff off there.
  10. Leaves

    Synthetic drug stores to be shut down in S.A.

    I would have thought the analog laws in Australia would have covered the synthetic drugs that previously were getting around & sold at many tobacconists, maybe not the cannabinoids.
  11. Leaves


    I cut my lawn with a thin whipping stick & rip any of that grass that wants to grow tall out with a pick. I hate the noise of 2 stroke garden tools - leaf blowers in sydney at 7am in the morning, every morning. I would really like to get a scythe
  12. Leaves

    Sunshine Coast meet (QLD)....

    Might have some luck fishing if I pump up some yabbies but otherwise not much luck there during the day, seems to be a fish nursery, heaps of baby fish. Anyone need some Withania somnifera or Cats? There is Sida cordifolia growing down from Muller near Twin Waters, might see if it has seeds & put some around Muller.
  13. Yes when it is close to the Sun it wont be visible to the eye but when it travels further away it could be more visible with a huge tail stretching back to the Sun (Jan 2014). Why would a spaceship have a huge trail of stuff flying out the back? Wouldn't a spaceship, once up to speed not need to use any propulsion? I doubt anything much would happen if it does slam into the Sun, since it is only 3miles across.
  14. I put a Rivea cory... in Fred Hollows reserve in Randwick sydney. It should be pretty large by now & should be flowering, I put it in to compete with the massive Ipomoea indica weed smothering the reserve. If you know anyone around there grab some.
  15. Leaves

    Sunshine Coast meet (QLD)....

    I fish there sometimes, flathead, bream, whiting & mangrove jacks sometimes.
  16. I hope the comet survives going around the Sun since its passing a bit over 1 million km's from the Sun's surface, it might put on a show if it does survive.
  17. Dreamwalker, I want Turkey tail for the Killer T cell teaching how to lock on to cancer effects, seen stamets tablets destroy throat cancer in a friends father, just seems like so many people are coming down with the cancer. Anyone from QLD seen trametes growing?
  18. Leaves

    Potent sedative plants...

    Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi), used in India, out performed Piracetam in rats & has a calming & anti-depressent effect effect (MAO-A & B i, GABA, acetylcholine). Might be of interest.
  19. Leaves

    Slug Wars: A New Hope

    I used to get free 5kg bags of powdered pepper from spice masters & that stuff works well for lots of pests but drives off some of the good guys also. I have a problem with moist soil seeking toads digging up my seedlings but people in the past introduced toads into their greenhouses to eat snails & slugs, I have no slugs in sight this year so if you can find some of the smaller toads around try moving them in & keep the delicate plants/seedlings up somewhere the toads can't reach.
  20. Leaves

    Slug Wars: A New Hope

    Cinnamon powder, they & just about everything hates it, fungus included.
  21. Leaves

    Profitable plants

    Ha, specials powers are the annihilation of those evil ringworms & wears a disguise like this -
  22. Leaves

    What are your ethnic origins?

    Family tree lead back to a family shield from 1634 Transylvania, Romania. Scandinavian, Scottish & Irish ancestry also. Many of my ancestors that come over as convicts were hung for stealing handkerchiefs or some bread, what is says on their death certs.