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    essential oil questions

    Maybe the oil is less toxic but I have never had any effects from the oil worth the risk. 50 grams of whole nutmeg crushed and boiled makes up about 5 strong dosages but the oil and the whole nutmeg is just too toxic to use regularly. If thinking of consuming research Terpien-4-ol, Pinene, Sabinene, Cineole, Camphene, Limonene, Myrsisticin, Alpha Terpenene as they are contained in the nuts. As little as 30grams of the whole nutmeg is enough to kill. When I was 16 a mate and I ate 50grams whole nutmeg washed down with cordial. After 3 hours we thought nothing was going to happen but after the 4 hour mark things got extreme. Red eyes/cotton mouth like nothing else. Extreme stupor/euphoria. Ducks and geese took on in-depth personalities. A stereo someone had blasting in a cow paddock while it was pouring rain was hilarious for hours. This went on for 3 days with about 4 different stages of effects, ending in coma like sleep. Without a doubt the most potent effect I have ever felt. I should mention that also I have tried the German chamomile, cinnamon etc recommendations that ron69 made and I never felt any effects at all. I have tried multiple essential oil suppliers, my Mrs makes soap so she has litre bottles of many oils. Tried everything, nothing worked for me, just my experience. In hind sight I worry about the toxic effects that I felt from consuming essential oils. By toxic I mean I could feel the oils as a slight burn in my stomach, burps sometimes feel like they are corrosive, nausea, diarrhea, headache and just feeling like blood pressure is low or something. For these reasons I would advise caution be taken when thinking of consuming essential oils.
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    Galangal can be confusing. Alpinia galangal is the galangal sold in the asian supermarkets. It's hotter than ginger and considered superior over ginger in flavour. K.galangal is the very short plant (leaves don't really have stems) and has completely different properties. Don't go consuming heaps of A.galangal unless you want to roast you taste buds. It's the hottness found in Green Curry chicken.
  3. Leaves

    essential oil questions

    All this talk of ingesting essential oils does not sound very safe especially if you plan to do it more than once or twice a year. Myself I have tried Sassafras, nutmeg & elemi essential oil and they just don't have much effect worth the risk. I have tried raw sassafras root tea & boiled whole nutmeg's to extract the butter (which is very active but toxic also) and both of these are quite nice and won't give horrible burps and strange effects to your bowels. Be safe.
  4. !! It should be noted that you should not drink alcohol with ink cap mushrooms (Coprinellus) as they will become toxic! Safe hunting
  5. I have eaten these (wine caps/rugosoannulata) alot recently and they taste good, no ill effects. Most of the ones coming up and growing huge are the albino form which has a stronger smell and flavour.
  6. Leaves

    Cow poo Shrooms! ID please

    I have heaps of Wine Caps (Stropharia rugosoannulata) growing out of woodchips around here (SE QLD) at the moment. Been eating them. Most of them have been the albino/alba form which have a more earthy/stronger flavour. If anyone wants prints or some mycelium filled chips let me know.