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  1. Hello SAB. It's been some time since I've enjoyed this wonderful community. I have some items I would like to trade for anything interesting, preferably low maintenance stuff like cacti pups, "Arabian Tea Plants" - Cuttings Narrow or Broad leaf, small fruit or nut trees, or anything already rooted. Also non plant stuff like oxygen concentrators or small electric kilns. I need to clean out some of my old stuff and welcome any offers. I have the following to trade. -"Arabian Tea Plant" -Planthelper cross seeds (this years stock 70+% germination) -"Arabian Tea Plant" -Planthelper cross seeds (last years stock 50-60% germination) - Tested viability this summer, always stored in fridge -San Pedro/Blue pedro cuttings (very standard garden cacti, some thin some fat) -Peruvianus cuttings -Periskiopsis cuttings I would be after mostly smaller specimens that could be posted at my expense and anything you want would be posted at yours. The only thing I ask is please be willing to follow through with the trade, I will be generous in trading and looking to buy some good karma not get a sour taste from a bad trade. If you have nothing to trade don't feel left out I will sell outright at a good price to help others start a collection as I was helped by members here, PM me. I will do my best to remember to check my pm's but bear with me if I don't answer right away (if we arrange a trade I will be sure to check often) -Kind Regards
  2. lost nebula

    WTB loph. williamsii seed

  3. lost nebula

    Free Hylocereus undatus seeds (Dragonfruit)

    I would love a couple add to my garden. Thanks QR for the generosity towards the community. PM'ed
  4. lost nebula

    Free Peganum harmala Seeds

    I could use some if you are willing to ship to Aus? pm sent
  5. lost nebula

    Rooting Catha Edulis

    I used to use this exact method with okay results (50-60% strike rate with cuttings) but have since moved on to using rockwool cubes in a mini greenhouse with an airstone bubbler and have 80-90% success with most catha varieties. Not the simplest of solutions but does the job well.
  6. lost nebula

    Bih Jolokia Chilli Give Away

    Count me in, go lucky number 14
  7. lost nebula

    Autumn Datura give-away

    Yay, I made it in time, thanks LokStok
  8. lost nebula

    red nl catha edulis auction

    Good for you spreading the catha love PH. The more people get this plant and propagate it the better, thanks to you ph cathas may be very easy to find in a few years.
  9. lost nebula

    Free Cacti - TPM X SS02 Crest - FINISHED

    , I love crests. Good on you for the giveaway.
  10. lost nebula

    Bulk PH F2 seed available

  11. lost nebula

    catha 'vienna white' seed raffle

    Comon big money. Go lucky number 25
  12. lost nebula

    WTB Catha Edulis Plants

  13. lost nebula

    200th post giveaway

    I would love one of the mixed tricho seed packs. The book I would like to suggest isMycelium Running by Paul Stamets. Thanks
  14. lost nebula

    Nicotiana Giveaway!

    Got my seeds today, very generous of you, thanks again ErraneousHerbalist.
  15. lost nebula

    Giveaway - Lucky Dip

    I would like a pack of those, thanks waterboy, I really appretiate it.