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  1. saguaro

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Thanks lindsay, this is awesome stuff @Darklight This is the cheapest one i've seen so far, $98 for 250g 'Peptone, Bacteriological LR (non-animal origin)'. They also have 100g for $67. https://www.bacto.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=peptone&category_id=0&description=1&model=1&product_id=9871 I was gonna buy some to try growing the cordy too, wanna split that with me Darklight?
  2. saguaro

    Wanted Cuttings

    I've heard good things about the SAB and australian tricho facebook pages for finding cacti, that's probably your best bet. other than that you can occasionally see trichos on gumtree and ebay
  3. saguaro

    Monster polypore ID

    if i had to guess, i think it's a young Fomes sp. but it's hard to tell while it's this young.
  4. saguaro

    ID Fungi

  5. saguaro


  6. saguaro

    Seed suggestions

    unfortunately not, I don't grow them but I would like to. I tried to track down seed a while ago but couldn't find any vendors in aus
  7. saguaro

    Seed suggestions

    Ariocarpus, Aztekium and Astrophytum are all pretty cool imo. can be grafted to pere and trichos too
  8. saguaro

    Organic certified potting mix

    organic in the sense of carbon-based molecules means something different from organic farming though e.g. glyphosate is an organic compound, but its use its not permitted on certified organic farms. edit: if used at too high a concentration, or wrong pH on certain plants it can damage or kill them. but the same is true for natural stuff e.g. some cacti can die even with nitrogen rich natural soils like manure. I try to garden with as few external inputs as possible. for hungry plants like veggies etc I prefer using worm castings, mycorrhizae (actively aerated compost tea) and compost from food scraps etc but that's just my personal preference. tassiescott's soil mix sounds great
  9. saguaro

    Reward on offer

    Hey Calaverite, I have never heard of this plant before now Can you please tell what its used for and why you want it so much?
  10. saguaro

    Macrolepiota clelandii

    These are popping up around this time. I was walking with a German friend and he was keen to try them, convinced they would be similar to a European parasol. I said that although I've read about people eating them, they're not officially listed as edible. We didn't eat em in the end Being similar to M. procera, if accidental acute poisonings were possible you'd think it would be well documented by now. My main concern with this mushroom is the unknown concentration of mycotoxins such as agaritine. What's the verdict, are these good to eat? Also, does anyone know how a mushroom species becomes 'officially' regarded as edible?
  11. saguaro

    Pereskiopsis spathulata anyone?

    PM me if you're still searching I will send you some
  12. saguaro

    What do you use sulphur for?

    This is from The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda: Every time we came to a peyote plant, he squatted in front of it and very gently cut off the top with his short, serrated knife. He made an incision level with the ground, and, sprinkled the “wound”, as he called it, with pure sulphur powder which he carried in a leather sack. He held the fresh button in his left hand and spread the powder with his right hand. Then he stood up and handed me the button, which I received with both hands, as he had prescribed, and placed inside the bag. “Stand erect and don’t let the bag touch the ground or the bushes or anything else,” he said repeatedly, as though he thought I would forget. IMO you're better off not using it if you don't have to
  13. pretty sure fetish porn isn't ancient literature, but thanks for the laugh
  14. saguaro

    King stropharia

    Does anyone have an S. rugoso-annulata culture they would be willing to sell or trade? please pm me