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  1. saguaro

    What do you use sulphur for?

    This is from The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda: Every time we came to a peyote plant, he squatted in front of it and very gently cut off the top with his short, serrated knife. He made an incision level with the ground, and, sprinkled the “wound”, as he called it, with pure sulphur powder which he carried in a leather sack. He held the fresh button in his left hand and spread the powder with his right hand. Then he stood up and handed me the button, which I received with both hands, as he had prescribed, and placed inside the bag. “Stand erect and don’t let the bag touch the ground or the bushes or anything else,” he said repeatedly, as though he thought I would forget. IMO you're better off not using it if you don't have to
  2. pretty sure fetish porn isn't ancient literature, but thanks for the laugh
  3. saguaro

    King stropharia

    Does anyone have an S. rugoso-annulata culture they would be willing to sell or trade? please pm me
  4. saguaro

    ID Fungi

    looks like Conocybe sp. not for eating!
  5. IMO, Stone (1974) by Sandy Harbutt is a classic Aussie film
  6. hey, i've got some plants in 68mm pots to trade if anyone's interested What i've got : A. confusa seedlings, P. viridis 'Shipibo', B. caapi 'Cielo', C. edulis red & narrow, Pereskiopsis spathulata I would really like some cacti or cactus seeds but I'm open to all types of flowers, edible plants and medicinal plants. If you have something to trade lemme know Peace
  7. saguaro

    Big white slimy beauties in my garden

    Now that you mention it I can see that they are growing from the woodchips. The straw looks pretty fresh too. Volvariella grows off woodchips too, if the spore print is salmon pink you can be fairly sure thats what it is. Wouldn't foraging count as exercise as long as its just you or one other person max?
  8. saguaro

    Big white slimy beauties in my garden

    looks like Volvariella sp. are growing from that straw! Is the spore print pink?
  9. saguaro

    Agave type id please

    kinda looks like Agave pygmae 'Dragon Toes' to me cool plant :)
  10. saguaro

    Killing yellow stainer colony?

    Even if you go to great lengths to prevent the yellow stainers on your field from sporulating, distant fruitbodies will still sporulate and their spores will be suspended in atmospheric bioaerosols. These will come down with rain on your field. There's not much you can do because they share the same niche.
  11. saguaro

    Completed. Thanks.

    those are some beauties! How many of them do I get for one bog roll?
  12. saguaro

    Can people become immune to shrooms over time?

    I know someone who reckons he 'turned off the visuals' so as not to distract him from directing all his attention during his trips to spiritual growth, or something... It seems people may become immune to shrooms, but shrooms don't become immune to people.
  13. saguaro

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    2nded, nice one
  14. saguaro

    Tabernanthe Iboga Fruit GIVEAWAY

    16! would love to get this growing
  15. saguaro

    ariocarpus and aztekium seeds

    does anyone have some ariocarpus or azketium seeds I could buy or trade for? I am interested in all species