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  1. saguaro

    Pupping mid column

    seems like this trait is more common in bridgesii than pachs and perus
  2. saguaro

    Help with LW var Huizache

    hey mate, lophs go red like that from sunburn. That one is still quite small, did you recently transfer it from the seedling tray to direct sun? They require hardening off from the humid seedling stage and gradually being introduced to harsher conditions. I'd generally go for a higher mineral content in the substrate, but that mix should work. When you say 1 part cactus soil, do you mean the stuff you buy at bunnings? I would advise against buying any soil from bunnings in general, there is better value elsewhere and bunnings ones are heavy on the composted pine cause it's cheap but you end up with poor quality acidic soil, they're usually infested with fungus gnats too. Lophs would like a substrate that's slightly on the alkaline side. If it was me I would sprinkle some gypsum around the loph to slowly be watered in over time. Or I'd put some in the container that you bottom water with. Most likely more experienced growers will offer better advice, but if it was me, I would give it more shade until it's bigger and hardened off to the sun. In nature they are commonly shaded under trees or in crevices. I personally wouldn't transplant it to new substrate because I think it damages the root, affecting growth rate and exposing it to diseases. I reckon it will be fine though
  3. seconded, its a clean & healthy culture. will post the results if I get it to work
  4. saguaro

    Chemical shamans dick

    There was a 'CSD' cutting on ebay the other day, it pops up there from time to time. I'm not very experienced at ID'ing but this recent listing didn't look like other pics of this clone I've seen
  5. cheers, that is very helpful
  6. I'm thinking about building a wheelie bin worm farm, anyone got one or ever built one? It's basically a bin with a tap, false bottom, holes for aeration and a porthole for easy collection of castings. You can buy them for >$400, but I'm more inclined to repurpose a clean, second hand bin if I can.
  7. saguaro

    Loph growing pups

    yeah, thats a pup looking good!
  8. saguaro

    Cordyceps Militaris growing

    Thanks lindsay, this is awesome stuff @Darklight This is the cheapest one i've seen so far, $98 for 250g 'Peptone, Bacteriological LR (non-animal origin)'. They also have 100g for $67. https://www.bacto.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=peptone&category_id=0&description=1&model=1&product_id=9871 I was gonna buy some to try growing the cordy too, wanna split that with me Darklight?
  9. would love one !
  10. saguaro

    Wanted Cuttings

    I've heard good things about the SAB and australian tricho facebook pages for finding cacti, that's probably your best bet. other than that you can occasionally see trichos on gumtree and ebay
  11. saguaro

    Monster polypore ID

    if i had to guess, i think it's a young Fomes sp. but it's hard to tell while it's this young.
  12. saguaro

    ID Fungi

  13. saguaro


  14. saguaro

    Seed suggestions

    unfortunately not, I don't grow them but I would like to. I tried to track down seed a while ago but couldn't find any vendors in aus
  15. saguaro

    Seed suggestions

    Ariocarpus, Aztekium and Astrophytum are all pretty cool imo. can be grafted to pere and trichos too