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  1. Pseudo Mexican

    Climate Change For Cacti

    On the bright side, coal plants are in season
  2. Pseudo Mexican

    Succulent?? ID please

    I think it's a Kalanchoe, don't know what species though.
  3. Pseudo Mexican

    DOSED screening in Sydney

    Edit: ill keep my thoughts to myself
  4. Pseudo Mexican

    Found on cow poo

    Panaeolus cyanescens
  5. Pseudo Mexican

    Raised bumps / scarring

    For anyone interested, this is how the wound healed over the course of ~5 weeks:
  6. Pseudo Mexican

    Alcosynth - Safe alcohol alternative?

    It would definitely be revolutionary if it does what is claimed - I'd drink to it. However, considering Australia doesn't permit recreational cannabis use, Alcosynth being legalised for recreational purposes is a long shot. Not to mention our alcohol industry is worth billions and employs hundreds of thousands of people, even if it is one of the most destructive elements in our culture.
  7. Pseudo Mexican

    Alcosynth - Safe alcohol alternative?

    From what I can gather, Alcosynth is either an isotype-specific GABAA agonist or positive allosteric modulator. It doesn't cause hangovers because acetaldehyde isn't a metabolite, and it presumably doesn't have as significant a diuretic effect as alcohol. But what is it? Similar GABAergics (e.g. barbituates and benzos) are relatively dangerous, illegal to use recreationally, physically addictive with severe withdrawal symptoms. I can't imagine this being safe or governments giving this the green light anytime soon
  8. Pseudo Mexican


    Thanks for all replies, I have got some pere now
  9. Pseudo Mexican

    Raised bumps / scarring

    Good point, I don't know why I assumed that's why they exist. If not to deter pests I wonder why cactus alkaloids are more concentrated in outer tissue
  10. Pseudo Mexican


    Thanks for the offer Gimli. I am based in Sydney though
  11. Pseudo Mexican

    Raised bumps / scarring

    Thanks for the info Glaukus and motherfirefly . I have given them a feed and it hasn't spread, although the lumps have turned black and will probably cork as Glaukus mentioned. I'm fairly confident that it was damage from the hose spray When I was trying to figure out what caused it I watched the above vid which shows similar bumps as on mine. It says that chemicals / physical damage somehow react with alkaloids beneath the skin of the cacti and cause the black pustules that ooze and then cork. They also claim that it occurs mainly on Trichos but also other cereus. This seems to suggest that alkaloids are released from compartments by chemical or physical damage, causing necrosis at site of injury. It's interesting because if these alkaloids exist to deter pests from eating the plant, an animal tearing into a cactus would be bound to cause extensive death of tissue which may be a vector for disease. Even an insect bite could threaten the plant. It seems like it's a necessary trade-off from an evolutionary perspective which makes me think the black liquid / ooze has antifungal and antibacterial factors or that the cork forming through this process is important to survival.
  12. Pseudo Mexican


    Hi, I am chasing Peres and am after several cuttings or rooted plants. I have the following to trade: Catha (narrow-leaf & red), B.caapi 'Cielo', P. viridis 'Shipibo' plus a few others, please PM if you wish to trade and are looking for something in particular. I can also trade AUD if necessary. Cheers
  13. Pseudo Mexican

    Raised bumps / scarring

    G'day, I am trying to make sense of a cactus conundrum and would appreciate if knowledgeable cactus growers would shed some light. The following image is of one cactus that had raised bumps which developed into scarring last year: (This happened without apparent physical trauma, insect infestation or disease) Now several nearby cacti have similar marks as those which developed into the scarring in the previous photo: The cacti in the last 2 pictures were hit by spray from a hose which may have caused physical damage, but otherwise they seem to be disease and pest free. The markings are only on the side of the cacti that faced the spray. None of these bumps exude liquid or are turning black etc and no chemicals have been used on or near the cacti. I am curious to know if this is a contagious disease (and if so, what steps to take) or if it is nothing to worry about. Cheers
  14. Pseudo Mexican

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    I'm would also be keen to come for a few hours on Sat. I don't use facebook, is there someone I should PM/talk to for an invitation?
  15. Pseudo Mexican

    Mushroom culture confusion

    By reproductive cycle I meant one episode of sexual reproduction / sporulation as qwertyuiop said. I was curious whether / to what extent the desirable phenotypic traits of a mushroom are preserved despite introducing genetic variation by sexual reproduction. One application could be a way around the culture licenses (if you were so inclined). This piece of info makes it seem unlikely to me: I mentioned sequencing / genetic variation because if a supplier thought you had pirated their culture or breached license and wanted to hold you accountable, sequencing techniques are the only way I know of to determine this (if there are others, I would love to learn). If the sequences are different enough, it would be difficult to prove. On an aside, Aussi Mushroom's license restricts what you can do with "any spawn or cultures subsequently derived therefrom".