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  1. Pseudo Mexican

    Mushroom culture confusion

    By reproductive cycle I meant one episode of sexual reproduction / sporulation as qwertyuiop said. I was curious whether / to what extent the desirable phenotypic traits of a mushroom are preserved despite introducing genetic variation by sexual reproduction. One application could be a way around the culture licenses (if you were so inclined). This piece of info makes it seem unlikely to me: I mentioned sequencing / genetic variation because if a supplier thought you had pirated their culture or breached license and wanted to hold you accountable, sequencing techniques are the only way I know of to determine this (if there are others, I would love to learn). If the sequences are different enough, it would be difficult to prove. On an aside, Aussi Mushroom's license restricts what you can do with "any spawn or cultures subsequently derived therefrom".
  2. Pseudo Mexican

    Mushroom culture confusion

    I wonder if there would there be enough genetic variation in the culture after one reproductive cycle that you could claim it's a new strain, even in the face of sequencing.
  3. Pseudo Mexican

    Encouraging pine lovers!

    G'day, Saffron milk cap and slippery jack are mycorrhizal, so you would need a living pine tree (or other compatible host) to welcome them into your garden. This isn't likely to be feasible for a tiny garden. You can definitely make outdoor patches without much difficulty. There is a thread stickied about this:
  4. Pseudo Mexican

    plant sale 4 aa's memorial

    Thankyou withdrawl clinic/planthelper, I have contacted Torsten now. I will be very grateful to receive these plants and am happy the funds are going to a good cause. I also did not meet Christian but read many posts. While I do not post often and have not met many of the members on this forum, this community means a lot. When I started out years ago I received Trichocereus seeds from the corroboree which have grown into plants taller than I am. This forum has an amazing community and I hope in time I can give back to the resource of knowledge, plants and community people like AndyAmine helped create. Cheers
  5. Pseudo Mexican

    Plant sale

    PM'd, PM.
  6. Pseudo Mexican

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Responding to myself - seems plausible if the button was already 4 years old or so: +1. $1500 is an extremely ambitious price, even a third of that would be pushing it (IMO). This seems like a sketchy one.
  7. Pseudo Mexican

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    that guy says he's grown that beast to that size in 7 years from a small button. Seems fast. Does that seem right to those in the know?
  8. Pseudo Mexican

    White Vein Mitragyna Speciosa

    Good luck in your search
  9. Pseudo Mexican

    Lollipop for you

  10. Pseudo Mexican

    EGA Ticket for sale $350

    Another user was offering a concession ticket on this forum, so I emailed EGA on the 31st October asking whether you can use a concession ticket you bought from someone if you don't meet concession criteria yourself but I didn't get a reply. Does anyone have any info on this?
  11. Pseudo Mexican

    mushroom ID request

    Isolated fruiting body found during April in SE NSW, on the border of a Eucalypt forest. Pileus was ~30cm wide. I suspect it is Phlebopus marginatus.
  12. Pseudo Mexican

    Nimbin/Kin Kin - plant swap - 4th March, 2015

    good idea! Saw some red khat plants growing along the main street in Nimbin a couple months back. I wondered if anyone who uses this forum planted them
  13. Pseudo Mexican

    Nicotiana Giveaway!

    The Cosmic Serpent
  14. Pseudo Mexican

    Ants in cactus pot

    hey, I had a closer look at the roots, there were no mealy bugs, but instead I found red spider mites, so I used dilute pyrethrum in the soil. I'll see how it goes