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  1. this story is posted at globalreasearch.ca anyone interested in independant media and non-biased reporting should check this site out
  2. tipz

    Seedling health

    Ok, wondering if someone could reassure me with what looks like a potential problem with my seedlings ? I recieved a few different varieties of cacti seed from sab a few weeks ago. I obtained some coarse sharp sand, and filtered it to the desired particle size. This sand was fully pastuerised and put into a small heated propagation box brought from bunnings ( fully sterilised with boiling water also ) The seed box was placed in a small grow tent under 18 hours of light ( hps 400 ), with the propagation box being a metre from the lamp. Temps during "day" are no higher than 30c and drop to 16c at night. Unfortunately i had a zero% success rate. Just last week some more seed i ordered arrived from a different source. As the propagation chamber still seemed to be sterile i simply sprinkled this seed onto the pre-pepared sand. It is now four days and some very healthy little seedlings are starting to emerge. My problem is that the surface of the sand mix is starting to turn green with what looks like algae ??? I grabbed some fongarid ( a systemic fungacide ) and sprayed the surface and the seedlings with this solution. Is there anything else i can do, or do i not need to even worry ? Also i have neverending problems with spidermite in my room, and am wondering if it is ok to spray with mite-rid when the little suckers inevitably show up ? Any help would be much appreciated ! cheers guys
  3. tipz

    Seedling health

    Most definately spidermites, millions of the little bastards ! i have had gnats but they are not a recurring problem. If i dont stay on top of the mites, i end up with webbing all over my broccoli. Mit-rid is certified on use for organic applications so that should be ok. The main concern was the surface algae... so its reassuring to hear it should be fine. I suppose algae is not a fungus is it so the systemic fungacide was probably unnecessary. Well fingers crossed ! If unsuccessfull i think i may invest in a number of pre-established specimens. Many thanks gogo.. i can now sleep well tonight.
  4. tipz

    Pill Reports

    i have often wondered whether blackmarket economics has a part in any of this ? My thoughts being that meth is highly addictive and its growing number of regular users tend to spend significantly more cash when using the product. If good pills were still around the meth usage and overall sales would (perhaps), be dramatically lower than they are now ? would it therefore make sense that its beneficial for large scale producers to inhibit the availability of mdma ? just a thought
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    an introduction

    thanks for the warm welcome:D
  6. tipz

    an introduction

    greetings SAB just a quick introduction. I have been a long time lurker but have recently registered so as to gain access to all images and perhaps in the future, participate in trade. I am very passionate about my ethnos and have been collecting for some time now. You probably wont here much from me as there is not much more i have to add. The level of intelligence and knowledge present on this forum never ceases to humble me, and i have a lot more to learn. cheers guys - tipz