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    Very cool!
  2. DeadStar


    From the album: DeadStar Album

    Grown from seed
  3. DeadStar


    I'm not sure Halcyon? It came from a mixed bag o seeds years ago. It has 6 pups on it now
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    From the album: DeadStar Album

  5. DeadStar


    Thanks Eth It brought a well needed smile to my dial
  6. DeadStar

    DeadStar Album

  7. I have found magnesium supplements to help me. I get to bed earlier than normal and get a better sleep also.
  8. DeadStar

    Youtube vids

    Wanda Skyes is one funny lady
  9. DeadStar

    Cactus of the month year day thread? Which cactus is really shining for you right now?

    Noticed these when i was lasts fertilizing. So its currently my favorite of the day
  10. DeadStar

    Anybody sporting cobalt not even slinky? how are they?

    I havent tried that guage on a 6 string but have used a mates 7 string that had them plus a bass string for the low end. They were a bit hard to bend but they sound awesome with great harmonics. There was still a bit of wobble when tuned down lower than b but nothing to worry about unless your recoding.
  11. DeadStar

    Pics from Japanese Plants. Enjoy it!

    Thanks for sharing So much awesomeness
  12. DeadStar

    How do I delete my account please?

    Glad to hear you are going to stay horsie. I do enjoy reading your posts :-)
  13. DeadStar

    Win a free Loph! Post an original artwork

    Congrats zedo and thanks for the comp sharxx
  14. DeadStar


    Nice giveaway waterboy :-) Congrats to the newer members who are receiving these seeds and good luck with germination
  15. DeadStar

    Post a random picture thread

    I put these exact same strings on my les paul copy. I think they are the best strings and gauge ive used
  16. DeadStar

    Beginner grow suggestions.

    How about a brugmansia? They are fairly easy to grow in vic and are simple to propogate. That way you can make future trades with fellow sabers and expand your garden :-)
  17. DeadStar

    How do I delete my account please?

    ??? Whatz with that ???
  18. DeadStar

    Project Coc Hyena if I may ..

    I have no authoritah around these parts but i say if its legal to grow in your neck of the woods, go for it. Plus, You always put up a good grow blog thats worth a read.
  19. DeadStar

    WBs random photos

    Nice cheeky cherries waterboy. Have you got yours in pots or in the ground? I killed mine when i repotted them a few years ago. I might of done it at the wrong time of year?
  20. Hi people :-) Im looking for a hot pink brugmansia cutting. I have Burnt orange or double white cuttings to trade.
  21. DeadStar

    Win a free Loph! Post an original artwork

    Thanks for the comp sharxx :-) Is photography considered art? If not i will delete my entry. Taken with my camera phone
  22. DeadStar

    1 ton dmt bust Germany

    http://m.dw.com/en/drugs-german-police-seize-1-metric-ton-of-substance-used-to-make-hallucinogen-dmt/a-41965135 Kids today and their crazy ideas :-) It doesnt say what the material is, i wonder?
  23. DeadStar

    1 ton dmt bust Germany

    I am gullible like that :-)
  24. DeadStar

    Pain relief plants

    @Smiling i hope you find something that works for your pain. I know how it can effect your whole life. I had to stop taking oxy and lyrica also because i didnt like the space it put me. They were very effective though. Have you seen a physio or tried yoga?
  25. DeadStar

    Pain relief plants

    The only thing that really works for my nerve pain is lyrica. You could try weed or poppys, but some prescribed pharmaceuticals and a good physiotherapist approved exercise routine could do you wonders. @Sallubrious you are a such a wealth of knowledge. Old school Mma, medical procedures, plants and the list goes on.