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  1. Update: I ended up spawning shiitake instead because I had some left over from a grow kit. It seems to be colonising well. Moved it out of the laundry into a warmer part of the house to colonise faster. My 2 blue oyster jars look ready to spawn as well. Might have to go buy some more fruiting chambers
  2. Thanks for the tips, Darklight. Pasteurising the cane mulch tonight. Layered it with garden lime and milk powder in a bucket, about half-filled with cold water, topped up with boiling enough to almost cover. Mixed and squashed it down while hot, allowed to soak until it cooled (~15 mins?), poured off excess liquid, stuffed damp mulch into oven bags, twisted them shut and tied securely with oven bag ties. Placed sealed oven bags of substrate into 2 eskies with hot water in the bottom, going to let them pasteurise / cool in there for a day or two then inoc with spawn. Then when the oven bags are colonised I'll dig out the middle of the termite-eaten trunk a bit and stuff it with the colonised sugarcane mulch. The results will hopefully be beneficial to the surrounding garden which has decent shade but is looking a bit dry and dead. Mushrooms will hopefully improve the micro-climate in and near the ground by making it cooler and moister, and breaking down more organic matter into the soil. The result will be increased invertebrate and mammal activity, establishing a better foundation for the overall ecosystem, and improving the garden's resistance to drying out. Mushrooms allow us to rehabilitate and cool the Earth, to create soil and unlock nutrients for plants, and to provide food and shelter for insects and other animals.
  3. Hey guys, I was recently lucky enough to pick up two blue oyster strains on agar from Selby's Shrooms (one he included for free!) These strains are aggressive and tough. I have a somewhat dead corner out the back with a long-dead palm stump with evidence of termite activity in a sunny position. I was thinking of inoculating it with spawn from these blue oyster strains. The jars are colonising nicely. I would either need to shade it or dig it out and place in the shade. I have a pond I can soak it in if needed, but I like the idea of keeping it in the ground so that the mycelium can colonise down into the tree roots and deep into the surrounding soil. Just wondering people's opinions on whether these strains could work on a dead palm stump. Growing mushrooms seems like a great way to repurpose dead tree stumps. Sometimes I feel like going on a drilling spree around town with inoculated dowels. Free shiitakes on every corner. Mushrooms can definitely save the world!
  4. Cimi

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    Yeah I know you're right. Still just feels nice to know they're in there in some form Just buried some bits that fell off my shiitake kit from http://www.aussimushroomsupplies.com/ This woodchip path should sprout something someday! Can't wait to get some burgundy wine cap culture when Selby's Shrooms has it again. Great for garden permaculture and breaking down manure. Has anyone heard about the Findhorn Garden Society in Scotland? Mysterious Universe did some podcasts about them. Really interesting story about a group of people communicating with nature spirits, plant devas, etc, working together to make this crazy amazing garden back in the 60s. Apparently the mushroom spirit in the garden was kind of surly and a bit of a troll, not appearing at first, then choosing to pop up everywhere except where they actually cultivated the mushrooms. Hopefully I will be able to find favour with the mushroom spirits.
  5. Cimi

    This section needs a "show wild finds" thread

    Saffron milk caps in Katoomba around Easter time. We were lucky enough to have them fresh for breakfast for 3 days on our holiday (growing prolifically nearby)! Delicious.
  6. Repotted my lophs into Dr Greenthumbs grit mix. They look great. They will be chuffed when they wake up in the spring <3
  7. Cimi

    Creating an Outdoor Patch for Woodlovers or Subs

    Just been making a woodchip path through my veggie garden (dug out and newspaper-lined). Decided to scrape an old cubensis print I had lying around and make some spore water, poured it over the path (and through to the newspaper). We then had a fair bit of rain. Hoping it takes. The surrounding garden is mulched with sugarcane mulch. It's probably the wrong time of year but fingers crossed. If anyone has any tips or input on this let me know. Really enjoying getting to know the plant spirits in my garden. Outdoor, self-sufficient subs would be awesome. Don't have any caapi in yet but it's a possibility in the future. Thinking about maybe doing some log-grown edibles with inoculated dowels when I can find some suitable logs somewhere on the side of the road. I don't know of anywhere I can get pre-inoculated logs, just the dowels. Hope everyone is having a good winter, peace.
  8. Cimi

    RIP andyamine

    I'm so sorry. He was a cool guy. Sad news.
  9. Cimi

    Psilocybin Mushrooms of SE QLD, Australia

    Go u good thing!
  10. Cimi

    Thanks for the corn

    damn those are some strong corns.
  11. Cimi

    "Long time no see so hello" thread

    Hello dudes.
  12. Oh man this is awesome. Thank you. So hilarious. So Aussie.
  13. Cimi

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Yo - I'ma be in the blue mountains around Easter 2018. Keen to do some edible foraging (just saffron milk caps & slippery jacks). Let me know if you want to meet up. Cheers, -Cimi