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  1. I'm so sorry. He was a cool guy. Sad news.
  2. damn those are some strong corns.
  3. Hello dudes.
  4. Oh man this is awesome. Thank you. So hilarious. So Aussie.
  5. Yo - I'ma be in the blue mountains around Easter 2018. Keen to do some edible foraging (just saffron milk caps & slippery jacks). Let me know if you want to meet up. Cheers, -Cimi
  6. Awesome! Someone else already beat you to it in a PM as well! The site looks awesome tyvm I will definitiely be using it.
  7. Thanks again. That looks like quartz I think.
  8. Thanks Spanishfly. When you say coarse grit, are you referring to any mineral in particular? Where do you get it? Are you referring to shell grit at all? I'm assuming you probably mean particles of about 1mm diameter? Thanks.
  9. Oh dear I was wrong about everything! Even repotting at this time of year. Good to know!
  10. Thanks for the link - very helpful. Yeah I have them in unglazed terra cotta and it really is the best for controlling moisture levels.
  11. Hi guys, my lophs haven't been repotted for a year or two and this spring I really want to do the right thing by them and set them up for long-term health and growth. Previously I had them in a coir / sand / perlite mix with some added charcoal & porous volcanic rock chunks. I would like some recommendations for the best types of soil mix for adult lophs. I will definitely be getting some crushed shells / limestone to mix in as well, and get back into the Seasol. Any fertiliser recommendations are also very welcome. I've recently moved house so unfortunately I don't have access to any good compost or worm castings at the moment. The garden soil here isn't the best, either so any recommendations for how I can make them a good mix are much appreciated. Sadly I haven't had much time for gardening lately and they've been neglected for a while. Thanks guys.
  12. Well yeah - that was the whole point of the article.
  13. Yeah mycelium is the invisible threads of life which runs through us all... Lol Just like cordyceps they are everywhere... Try getting rid of nail fungus and you know what I mean. You are colonised whether you know it or not!