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  1. Hey I'm getting a bit overcrowded, have many varieties and clones, bulk PC. Hit me up if you're after anything. Have Knuth, patch, bridge, Peru, tersch, Cuzco scop x psycho0 psycho0 x yowie lance ss02 x juuls giant psycho0 greedo nice blue Peru forgotten name. not really interested in postage unless someone wants a big lot. the TPC X juuls monstrose cuttings I will post if good offer is made, beautiful plant that keeps surprising, has grown greatly and I have multiple cuts now. thanks
  2. Hi, as the title states I am after tabacum and ephedra seed, only if it's legal tho. Will pay or swap cacti if you don't want to sell. thanks, marklar
  3. Marklar

    BIG san pedro in perth

    I might be keen to come grab some depending on price.
  4. Marklar

    birds ruining my collection, please help!

    cheers guys! Ill try a scare-bird first but if they keep coming ill have to dig them up again because i kknow mum wont want shade cloths ran across her backyard! Unless she IS the bird and thats why shes been acting strange lately.....
  5. hi all so ive come back from 6 months away and moved back in with my dad, so i went to my old rental and dug all my cacti up. I put the smaller ones at my dads place so i can help them when they need it, but i put all the big oness out at my mums place(an hour away) because i thought i could just leave them. I went back up last week and they all have been attacked by what i first thought was slugs but then saw little bits of cacti sprinkled all around where they had been ruined, so now i think it is birds. They have been eaten all on the tips and even some arms are nearly eaten through! It took ages replanting them(and got full of spines) and had to borrow a ute. so if anyone has any tricks to keep them away it would be awesome if i dont have to re-replant them back down my way) thanks
  6. Marklar

    Wanting Advice.

    A bit off topic but i Wasreading through and sawyou said ahes "why call an ambulance" or something along thoselines, not sure if you were in need of medical attention or in a bad place but anyway, im travelling in europe atm and after 3 days of (extremely) heavy drinking, the next day i couldnt drink water without vomiting all day and i had the slight thought maybe i needed to go to hospital and within ten minutes i started to go hyperthermic and sweated out the little water i had left in me i was feinting and telling the hostel staff to call me an ambulance wich they hesitated to do at first, i woke up to a friend rubbing my chest telling me i was having a seizure ( wich has never happened to me before) the ambulance was on the way, i ended up having 2 more seizures before they got the meds and drip in my arm. So im just trying to say if you ever think you maybe need to hospital, fuck it just go because things can go bad very quickly
  7. Marklar

    Post a random picture thread

    ive got an ifap photo id card where i look like a chronic masturbator in the photo
  8. it was me who first asked mate and you responded with "how original" and "are you even 18 yet". A pretty irrevelent immature reply if you ask me, how old are you? Because your the one who sounds like the typical young aussie yobbo raised by racist parents and john howard, or are you the racist old man raising your kids that way? The captain cook question and the what mob question are effectively the same and im sorry i have to spell the meaning out to you, are you aboriginal? no? then where do we begin sending people back to where they came from, or do we just turn the boats around? if so is turning away refugees and illeagal immigrents really going to fix overpopulation issues?
  9. does this include captain cook and the endeavor we have to force back to where they came from?
  10. Lucky we have this carbon tax coming in wich is fundamentaly to reduce emissions and the enext step the government brought in was to scrap the solar incentive plan early, i dont follow politics but this piece of retardation to me completely blows their enviromental tax out of the water exposing it as nothing but a money making scheme (not that i thought it would be anything else)
  11. Marklar

    europe trip. recommendations...warnings?

    Oh yeah and definately won't be telling that one to don't think she would see the funny side haha
  12. Marklar

    europe trip. recommendations...warnings?

    I don't know how much of greece I am going to see because I want to sail and scuba through the islands but don't really think I have the time I would like to spend there so will probably go back another time and do it all I'm hoping I don't think I can get an international licence because I lost it over here and eurail looks good, can only get tickets valid over a couple months tho I think? Good idea with the money pouch hadn't thought of anythnig like that yet but also hiding my passport in my bum sounds like a lot of fun and a good idea too! Haha cheers for the replys
  13. Just wanted to add i did a basic firefighting course as part of my training to go offshore and they couldnt stress it enough that we not use the equipment for anything other than a fire, even using a firee hose can get you something like a 5 or even 10 grand fine for yourself and a 50 grand fine for the company. So if theyve really pisseed you off that much and they deserve definately bring tfhat one up
  14. Marklar

    Spore print give away

    pm'd cheers nice giveaway