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  1. Amulte

    Dear Dislikers

    i couldnt agree more. i was not condoning the actions, was trying to lead by example and encourage to fix the problem
  2. Amulte

    Dear Dislikers

    come on santiago not one person here said they accept it. encouraging one to get over it and make things right is by no means acceptance. ya get more flys with honey than ya do with vinegar, so to speak. the funny thing is that the world keeps spinning. it could be far worse than it is. its deb ones reputation with trades that is tarnished and came out and publicly said it, sure the wording coulda been nicer... but fuck what more do ya want? some seeds? coulda been worse, it could have been food from a child mouth. ive been fucked over on trades and had people make mistakes, the difference is if the perpetrator attempts to rectify the problem and publicly beating them down is only going to disencourage them to make things right. i dont know shit about the situation, just giving an external opinion on the outside looking in. and yes its fucked up but bitching and moaning isnt gonna fix anything. i knew chiral and CT personally (before all that shit with them went down), they were good people when i knew them, but shit happens, people change and THE WORLD KEEPS SPINNING! if its a once off fuck up then simply take caution, if its persistent and malicious thats a different story. and anyway this is the internet! i have never been silly enough to trade with someone i didnt know. if you want to trust a total stranger you cant blame others when they burn you. some people are just bad, thats life, welcome to the human race.
  3. Amulte

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    woop woop woop i think its due time for another newcastle/coastal meet. im just gonna toss a date out there to see if anyone bites... June 19th!
  4. Amulte

    Dear Dislikers

    shit a brick ya not the 1st deb one. personally ive had finacial fuckups due to addictions (my own and other peoples) but it happens. be honest and try to rectify the situation and things will work out. funny thing is the earth is still spinning... it didnt stop.
  5. Amulte

    IRC chat room.

    ahhh nostalgia
  6. Amulte

    3rd annual NSW Camp.

    im sick as a dead rat. dont think ill be making this one
  7. Amulte

    mutilated stingray

    steve irwin activists is my guess. outside of that its a bit excessive. reminds me of the time those kids beat up a sickly roo. fugded up. its on the list of reasons i dont watch TV. stingrays are harmless and peaceful. personally ive encountered shitloads in my time surfing and they ALWAYS fly away before you get near them. they are one of the few ocean creatures that will stay out of your way. why someone would do this is beyond me... unless its shark fisher-people trying to bloody up the water. still unnecessary.
  8. Amulte

    3rd annual NSW Camp.

    ah ha! short notice but i might see if i can get my shit together and get up there for atleast a night. would be great to see some old faces and meet some new ones. also i feel like getting outta town for a bit. i used to be incredibly shy and anxious, but after pushing through it a few times to get to camps like this and ega its dissolved away. its well worth it. if you dont go because your shy you will regret it later, trust me on that.
  9. Amulte

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    DANG i shoulda checked the forum earlier (in the month) im bored shitless but in lake maq and dont wanna public transport in this rain... tho if id have found this ealier i woulda made it. bummer
  10. Amulte

    Newcastle Moments

    Ahhh newcastle, one day ill get out lol!
  11. Amulte

    EGA 10

    hey if anyone is making the drive down from say Newcastle or Sydney way and want my company do please let me know. much love
  12. Amulte

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    yuppers i think so, atleast thats the one im referring to. ill dig up a map this evening unless somone else does it 1st.
  13. Amulte


    i have been in a few abusive relationships, receiving end. until last year being in one with the mother of my child, one night i thought she was putting our son at risk and i bitch slapped her a few times, she was hysterical and scaring me, i didnt want to call pigs on her. i was not thinking straight... i ended up called the police but on myself for assault and going to court over it all, she tried to get the charges dropped but because a child was involved she had no say. after i got bailed out i took myself to the local mental institution (James Fletcher) and spent a bit of time in there aswell just to be sure. i am not a violent person, i find it revolting hence i reported myself to be punished for my actions, but i am also in no way a bad person because of my mistake. i admitted my wrong and did everything in my action to resolve it. this is not justification for my actions but explaination to the situation leading up to it. people all to often judge on the actions ignoring the situation the individual was put in. which in alot of cases does have relevance. anyway, just thought id add my experience. ive been wanting to get it out there so people can judge me .
  14. Amulte

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    anyone got a place with a yard maybe? if not im thinking Hamilton park might be nice and easy for everyone, theres plants, shade, sun, cover BBQ's and SWINGS!!!!!!
  15. Amulte


    walking backwards through the cosmic mirror