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  1. seanimus

    WTB Caralluma fimbriata

    Hi as the title says I'm after some Caralluma fimbriata cuttings or live plants any help in obtaining some of this Indian Cacti would be greatly appreciated, I dont got much to trade but have the all mighty road scholar $. Thanks in advance Sincerely Seanimus
  2. Thanks vvv gets acacia obtusifolia, Tpach,bridge and HBWR all seed vvv
  3. seanimus

    WTB/T Brugmansia's

    Hey all as the title says I'm chasing a couple of brugsies, and have 20 pach, bridge and super pedro x j3 seeds, 20 HBWR and 10 A. Obtusifolia or the good ol ozzy $ for barter and would really like B.Sanguinea B.vulcanicola or any non white/pink flowered beauties thanks, as I've fallen for them all Thanks, Regards Seanimus
  4. seanimus

    WTB/T Brugmansia's

    Thank for the link, I think I will be putting a sacred sunset on my next SAB order!
  5. seanimus

    Pet dogs.

    This is my boy Harley, he was given to me about a year ago as a Ridgeback X Mastiff
  6. seanimus

    Wirikuta to be destoryed by silver mining company

    I dont think they stopped it yet but I think they might. you can show support here https://www.rainforest-rescue.org/mailalert/655/silver-for-the-global-market-destruction-for-the-huicholes-in-mexico the letter will get sent to the mexican authorities.And here is some more info with links to more petition sites http://intercontinentalcry.org/wixarika-authorities-declare-total-opposition-to-mining-in-wirikuta/.
  7. seanimus

    Wirikuta to be destoryed by silver mining company

    Hey just had a look and the petition has been closed.
  8. seanimus

    I need another help!

    I agree its an Echeveria, if not elegans maybe an E. secunda glauca
  9. seanimus

    My $15 score!

    Hi all, I was at mad murry's yesterday and scored this Mammilaria (I think Gigantea?) and all these cute little buggers that I have no idea what they are, all for 15 bucks . Anyone confirm or deny the mam and anyone know the name of the lil guys thanks muchly in advance! Also scored a fruit off my mums fish hook ferrocactus thanks mum! Cheers Seanimus
  10. seanimus

    My $15 score!

    Cool thanks, the name suits the cute little folk I reckon
  11. seanimus

    P.nexus issues?

    Hey all I've noticed in the last few days since its been a bit warmer that my P.nexus is drooping over during the day at the tip and the leeves have been curling up a little over the winter, I've given it some seasol and a bit of powerfeed but cant think of much else do you guys think it is all goodor does it need special treatment. Thanks in advance, Seanimus
  12. seanimus

    P.nexus issues?

    I think I'll put my head back in my khyber pass.Yes that is what happened and here is a pic of the Nexus, what I stupidly thought was my caapi but must be my nexus which to needs help! Bloody gardening noobs (me) think they no everything, my apologies tarenna! I was expecting more growth from the nexus than the caapi over the winter for some reason, when I first got them the labels had come out and I had it right at first and then doubted myself and didnt want to look like a dumbass by asking (oops to late ) I think its time for more reading and learing thanks for the help guys
  13. seanimus

    P.nexus issues?

    hey no milky sap that I seen, I got it from herbalisitics so I'm confident it's Pyschotria nexus and I think its the rubiaceae family?
  14. seanimus

    P.nexus issues?

    Hey I did see an ant or two the other day hope the little buggers dont hurt her, I've been upping the water and seasol a bit, prob about a litre every couple of days and i will start misting tomorrow thanks for that. Seanimus
  15. Hello All I,m a bit on the new side to Entheogens and the like but have a keen interest that is leaning towards Cacti and Fungi, I have just increased my cacti collection and am expecting a cutting of T. Pachanoi in the next couple of days but I do not know the types of any of the others but suspect a couple to be Trichocereus but am not at all shore any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks here are my babies
  16. seanimus


    Cheers its a good little greenhouse but now that spring is here I need more room! That kk341 was a good score from SAB a month or two ago I'd never heard of it before so naturally had to have it, and the Barrel only cost $60 from a FOF, I getting seriously addicted to cactus collecting! Cheers Seanimus
  17. seanimus


    Its been a while since I've posted so I thought I would throw some pictures of my collection up for anyones perusal. Hope y'all enjoy them as much as me (p.s I hope you like photos!) Regards Seanimus
  18. seanimus


    yep I believe a lot of us have had a taste of the intoductory steps but only the introductory steps and as spudamore says, only the dead will know, but exploration may shed some light and help prepare or inform (may not either) there are infinite possibilities and thats the fun of it all I say. Regards Seanimus
  19. seanimus

    Spacemonk Trades/selling reputation

    excellent trader, easy to deal with and my new babys are beautiful cheers
  20. seanimus

    Seller not responding

    Gotta say I had a tee-shirt with that same fonzs pic a few years back and it happened to say I F%^KED YOUR GIRLFRIEND just thought it was worth a mention cheers Seanimus
  21. seanimus

    yopo and chaliponga trade

    oopsie dasies
  22. Hey all one o my little bubs has graciously flowered for me, I scored this pup from my Mums a while back and it has been through the wars it was origanally potted then my dog snapped it and I repotted it, the base now has 3 little pups and the bit that snapped has flowered! I,m happy but would now like to know what she/he is, any ideas peeps thanks in advance.
  23. seanimus

    MY FIRST FLOWER!!!!!!!!!!!

    tis a beauty and I think its been repotted for around 3 or 4 months and I had it for around 6 months prior to the hollow log snapping it on me but the one at my mums is several years old at least, funny I was upset when he broke it but now Thanks for the help and appreciation peeps I will update my collection photos soon as my collection is growing quit rapido Regards Seanimus
  24. G'day all I was on the thought bowl a wee time back and I got to tkinking what language do we think in? As in if we mainly speak English do only think in English and if so do we restrict our capabilities of communication and limit our all round thinking abilities? Are we able to move beyond this and is this maybe the next stage of evolution or is just another man made limitation and we already have the ability to think and function with a broader range than just the language/s we think in? Just something for you to ponder, but what language are you pondering it in?
  25. Hello people do you think anyone can point me in the right direction to a shaman in south oz or should I save my penny's and try south america. It's probably an ignorant question but I thought I would ask, thanks