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  1. Ajawan

    Prune Khat

    what is the life of the catha seeds, one year?
  2. Ajawan

    Planthelper F2 seeds giveaway

    well done, any pics please... and I after seeds too,
  3. Ajawan

    Catha Edulis Auction

  4. Ajawan

    Catha Edulis Auction

    anything left?
  5. Ajawan

    WTB Catha Edulis Plants

    I am following this topic now...:D
  6. Ajawan

    WTB Catha Edulis Plants

    Bought some today, Thanks I am interested in Red, Vienna White and Green., any schedule? when they will appear? also i dont think the email notifcations works, I had it set up for me, and did not get it any notifications, I just checked again the site today and saw it..
  7. Ajawan

    Flimsy Catha

    VERY GOOD, trim it
  8. Ajawan

    Fresh Catha Edulis Seeds

    NIce, do u sell khat as well , I heard they ban recently in UK, and Netherlands,so, u must have lost alot of customers..:D It is legal to export dried leaves to Australia, not sure about the seeds.have seen lots of people selling it in parts of Sydney,Dried Khat
  9. Ajawan

    catha edulis seed give away

    Received them , Thank you PH
  10. Ajawan

    catha edulis seed give away

    Thanks PH, will do, and I reckon it is a good time to plant!
  11. Ajawan

    catha edulis seed give away

    Me too, :D
  12. Ajawan

    catha edulis

    Hi PH, I will order one from each plant, Send u my details via PM Ta Ajawan
  13. Ajawan

    Seeds Australia WAS closing down

    Sorry to hear this, Good luck